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Anxiety Therapists in Austin
Fears, Phobia

Charles J Eckerman, Counselor  in Austin
“I am a solution oriented therapist who utilizes an interactive, collaborative approach dedicated to empowering you to make changes that enhance your life. As a teacher and a coach, I facilitate your learning the skills to improve your relationships, manage your emotions, and achieve a better, more satisfying and enjoyable life. I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and gained clinical experience in the treatment modality working in two psychiatric hospitals in Austin.
(361) 238-0979
Austin, Texas 78759
Merry Fiske Anderson, Counselor  in Austin
“Counseling can be an exciting process of discovery, learning, healing and growth. My aim is to help you know and become more of who you truly are - whether by learning relationship skills, finding emotional healing and resolution, or growing in your spiritual life. Everyone is different in what they bring into counseling and what they leave with - but my hope is to see everyone find greater self-awareness, understanding, heart-felt healing and hope. If a Christian faith is central to your life, this type of counseling can help you grow spiritually, as well as emotionally and relationally.
(512) 649-0129
Austin, Texas 78759
Audry Steele, Counselor  in Austin
“Are you feeling stuck or confined by a life situation or experiencing recurring difficult thoughts and feelings that prevent you from moving forward? Would you like greater peace of mind and ease in your relationships, work, or parenting? Therapy is an effective form of treatment for anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and other life challenges.
(512) 619-5714
Austin, Texas 78705
Lisa Nanyes, Counselor  in Austin
“Seeking therapy takes courage. At times our problems can be overwhelming and can feel like a burden to ourselves and others. My therapy style and my belief is that you have the answers and having someone help guide you can lead to healing. Everyone has the potential inside of them to change. Together we can work to reduce the stress and heaviness that you feel and make changes to find a life you seek.
(512) 861-8853
Austin, Texas 78722
Kathleen M Clark, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BCD
“One style does not fit all ! Having practiced for over 40 years as a psychotherapist, I work with each client to develop a personalized toolkit with which to tackle and resolve problems. You, as the client, set the depth of your therapeutic intervention. You may choose to focus on one issue or your entire approach to life. Choose strictly behavioral or cognitive techniques. Develop an understanding of your personal life traps and how to deal with them (schema therapy). One of my specialties is schema therapy , which combines cognitive , behavioral , and psychodynamic techniques .
(361) 444-2995
Austin, Texas 78731
Mayda Olleros, Counselor  in Austin
“We all go thru periods in life in which we feel lost, or unable to move forward because of life's circumstances, and we need help, but we don't know where to find it. At these times, getting a professional to help us sort the issues is vital. When we reach out, we are taking the first step in the healing process... But the second step occurs if we have professional support to heal our emotional wounds. Accepting help, and dealing with our issues takes great courage, and finding a helping soul, leaves us refreshed, and with a renewed sense of purpose.
(512) 843-0408
Austin, Texas 78704
Hannah Hassell, Counselor  in Austin
“People come through my door for many reasons. Some come because they are grieving the loss of a loved one. Some have experienced trauma and are seeking help for their depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and nightmares. Some have been physically or mentally abused and are suffering the consequences of harsh treatment. Some are in bad relationships or may be dealing with an addicted loved one. All come in hopes that they will find relief and healing.
(512) 948-3314
Austin, Texas 78759
Jane Barnholdt, Counselor  in Austin
“Together, let's explore what is troubling you and discover the way to solutions, healing and making changes in your life. Our collaborative relationship will incorporate your strengths, proven therapeutic methods, and my 20 years of counseling experience. I use straightforward problem-solving strategies as well as mindfulness and creative techniques that reduce worry, frustration, confusion about your direction in life, and difficulties in your relationships.
(512) 861-2247
Austin, Texas 78701
Thomas Smithyman, Psychologist  in Austin
“Overcome your anxiety disorder with focused, research-based treatment. I'm a licensed clinical psychologist, and have trained as an Anxiety Specialist. I believe in actively treating anxiety using the latest research findings and clinical interventions, because frankly, I don't think listening and nodding is enough. My goal is to help you understand how your anxiety works, and take steps to face it and overcome it. I offer a free initial phone consultation to see how I can help.
(512) 948-3941
Austin, Texas 78757
Krista Kilbane, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Are you looking for someone that can offer assistance in managing those times in your life when stress takes over? Reaching out for help takes courage and there are times when all you need is someone to motivate and support you. Other times you might be struggling with anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. No matter what the change is you desire, you have taken the first step, the most important step. Now let's take the next step together.
(512) 593-1445
Austin, Texas 78703
Shelley Hughes, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“There are times when life can feel overwhelming or we feel stuck or just don't know how to move forward. We may be in emotional pain or physical pain or both. We may be confused, depressed, anxious or feeling a combination of all of various feelings. I believe that people aren't designed to go through these times alone and healing is facilitated when we are able to have safe, attuned and empathic support.
(512) 523-5647
Austin, Texas 78731
Elizabeth Dossman, Counselor  in Austin
“A variety of approaches and techniques can be productive in the self-discovery process. My first priority is to create a comfortable setting regardless of geography that makes each individual at ease in sharing his or her significant life experiences. A feeling of respect, non judgmental attitude and positive regard will be felt when meeting with me. With this atmosphere set, the ability to develop new perspectives, coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills will prosper. I will help you transform your thinking in a way that enables you to find new purpose, deeper meaning and a more authentic relationship.
(512) 410-1283
Austin, Texas 78746
Jessica Buss, Psychologist  in Austin
“My goal is to help you discover your true self and lead a life worth celebrating. While difficult situations or experiences are an inevitable part of life, you and I can work together to resolve and overcome your challenges. I am committed to creating a safe, welcoming, supportive place where you are treated with kindness, acceptance, and respect. You are given permission to be just as you are, while working toward the growth and happiness. I believe every human being is deserving and capable of self-confidence, inner peace, self-love, and healthy living.
(512) 994-2417
Austin, Texas 78738
Elaine St Marie, Counselor  in Austin
“Are you struggling with life? Often we struggle because we don't like or appreciate what is happening to us. We want things and people to be different than they are. We want to be different too! What if we could calm our anxieties and ease our depression by accepting reality rather than fighting it? Even better, what if we could change how we view reality by considering other perspectives? I work with clients to help them accept what cannot be changed and to see differently those things that are bringing pain and suffering.
(512) 649-0083
Austin, Texas 78731
Maryrose Galluzzo, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSSW, LCSW
“People begin therapy for many reasons. Some need to respond to unexpected changes in their lives, relationship problems, depression or anxiety, while others seek self exploration and personal growth. I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process in which we work together to make sense of the concerns that have brought you in, and work towards mutually established goals. Those goals could include reducing anxiety or depression, finding clarity around a difficult situation or relationship, or gaining confidence and self esteem.
(512) 861-6475
Austin, Texas 78705
Austin/Texas Counseling, Counselor  in Austin
“I specialize in working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, shame, marriage / relationship issues, sexual issues, distorted perceptions, communication issues, and anger. More specializations: impulse control and addiction infidelity sex addiction and deviance cultural conflict work-related stress feelings of guilt and shame problems related to being a nerd Client specializations: Asians/Asian Americans Chinese immigrants and other immigrants who speak some English high-tech workers Victims of bullying / intimidation I combine proven cognitive-behavioral methods with psychodynamic methods and a solutions-focused tilt to help clients free themselves from chains of the past and successfully engage the present.
(512) 394-8125
Austin, Texas 78759
Callye Lawrence  in Austin
“Feeling stuck and like you want more out of life? Are you dealing with anxiety, or finding yourself going around in circles repeating the same unhealthy patterns? Join the club. I work with teens and adults to help them cultivate a more meaningful and purposeful life. My clients find that, after our work together, they have reduced anxiety, feel more in control of their life, and are better able to deal with the things outside of their control.
(512) 982-9818
Austin, Texas 78731
Deanna Graves, Counselor  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MA, LPC, CFLE, CART
“The decision to begin counseling can be difficult and finding the right therapist can be overwhelming. I provide a supportive counseling environment where clients can feel safe to explore the challenges in their lives and begin to make the changes to live happier, healthier lives. I strive to meet every client where they are emotionally and to always base our work on respect and collaboration. My goal is to help each client regain a sense of strength, control and satisfaction in his or her life.
(512) 402-6796
Austin, Texas 78746
“Therapy Austin is a Central Austin agency providing counseling to adults and couples at reduced fees during evening and weekend hours. The counselors at Therapy Austin offer compassionate and collaborative service. Our goal is to provide you practical help with the problems you are facing. At Therapy Austin, you will have a supportive team of people working for you. All of our counselors are under the supervision of seasoned practitioners, giving you the assurance that you are getting the best therapy we can offer. If you need affordable services at flexible times, you have found a great resource.
(512) 649-0110
Austin, Texas 78756
Brent Turnipseed, Psychiatrist  in Austin
“I help patients work through a variety of problems that bring them to treatment: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, and relationship problems. I provide care as a general psychiatrist and as such, am able to help patients with various other common problems.
(512) 872-3138
Austin, Texas 78731
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Anxiety (Fears, Phobia) Therapists
If you're looking for help with anxiety in Austin or for an Austin anxiety Therapist these Therapists provide anxiety therapy and general anxiety treatment. They include anxiety Therapists, anxiety psychologists in Austin, anxiety psychotherapists and Austin anxiety counselors. They can help with anxiety disorders, social anxiety, anxiety attacks, shyness, social anxiety in Austin, anxiety depression and anxiety panic. They can help with Austin anxiety Therapist, anxiety counseling in Austin or counseling for anxiety and overcoming anxiety. Anxiety specialists who provide anxiety therapy in Austin may help you with anxiety Therapist in Austin.

If your anxiety can be better explained as a feeling of fear and you're looking for help with fear Therapist in Austin, these Therapists provide fear therapy and treatment for fear disorders, social fear and fear attacks in Austin. They provide fear treatment, fear counseling in Austin or counseling for fear and overcoming fear. They can help with fear of flying, fear of commitment, insecurity and coping with fear.

Anxiety is often expressed as phobia. For help with phobia in Austin or for an Austin phobia Therapist these Therapists provide phobia therapy, including exposure therapy, and phobia counseling. There are many defined phobias include agoraphobia, which are attacks of intense fear and anxiety often in places where it is hard to escape (also claustrophobia), social phobia and emetophobia (vomiting).

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in Austin have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in Austin you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in Austin and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in Austin or family therapy in Austin.