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BlueCross and BlueShield Therapists in Austin

Victoria Dorsey Drewy Professional Counseling Svcs, Counselor  in Austin
“Are you struggling in your personal relationships? Does it feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Does it seem that you and your spouse are speaking different languages? Today, you have made the first step towards a solution. My speciality is working with individuals and couples who are experiencing transition & crisis. What once made sense in your relationship no longer works and you're wondering why. I assist individuals and couples navigate a transitional phase in life and in thier relationships. Begin the process of healing today by contacting me to set an appt. or consultation.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 786-5890
Austin, Texas 78723
Micki O'brien, Counselor  in Austin
“My therapy style combines cognitive-behavioral, relational and family systems theories to encourage personal growth, alleviate depression/anxiety and increase well-being. I use a support/challenge model to facilitate self-exploration of both the present and the past in order to overcome emotional pain and trauma, develop self-acceptance, and increase mastery of life skills. Practicing communication skills and mindfulness techniques are often a focus of my counseling sessions because I believe they have a positive impact on your self-worth and relationships. I enjoy working with women and men, as well as couples, families and groups.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 865-4677
Austin, Texas 78703
Sandra Cano Cormier, Psychologist  in Austin
“I am a licensed psychologist and licensed specialist in school psychology. My practice serves adults, adolescents, children, and families. I use a problem-solving, collaborative, pragmatic approach which is helpful in achieving positive results quickly. My specialities include treating youth and adults with anxiety, depression, and trauma histories, as well as child and adolescent concerns such as ADHD and defiance. I am available to support veterans who are experiencing PTSD and adjustment issues related to returning to civilian life. Additionally, I work with older adults who might be experiencing depression, adjustment difficulties, or other mental health concerns.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 262-9712
Austin, Texas 78748
Donna L Pfeffer, Counselor  in Austin
“Getting your child back to a safe, happy, and productive place when things aren't going well can be quite a challenge. Sometimes, you need support, structure and feedback to help with this difficult task. I work with families, adolescents, teens and young adults. I often partner with adolescents and their parents to help facilitate a better working relationship at home. I also work with adolescents individually to help with difficulties that may stem from various concerns at school or socially.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 265-2425
Austin, Texas 78759
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BCD
“I am a Board Certified Clinical Social Worker who has been practicing in the Greater Austin Area for over thirty-five years seeing adults, couples, families, children and adolescents. I help people to help themselves. My approach is psychodynamic and eclectic. I begin where the client is. I specialize in working with people who are struggling with their relationships, their decision-making, their families and how to cope with issues. The therapy process begins with an initial appointment with a diagnostic evaluation. Then, the client and I identify specific issues and goals the client is interested in addressing in therapy.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 452-8948
Austin, Texas 78731
Savannah Tucker, Counselor  in Austin
“I completely get where you're coming from: stress from work, relationships, school, and understanding ourselves, feeling stuck, and where we want to go next! As professional, parent, and clinician, I understand what it means to balance personal and professional goals and to break down conflict so that relationships in all aspects can be healthy and fulfilling. Hi, I'm Savannah, and I look forward to meeting you. Together, we can start the process of gaining a better future and working through life's challenges through use of positive psychology and healthier perspective.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 709-6475
Austin, Texas 78735
Cliff Hamrick, Counselor  in Austin
“Do you feel like the obstacles in your life are too big to overcome? Do you feel depression, anxiety, or anger are ruining your chances at happiness? Do you feel overwhelmed by life itself? Is your relationship lacking the love you remember? Too often, people feel helpless in the face of the obstacles in their life. I want you to feel empowered to conquer and master them. My goal is to help clients learn how to manage their own mental health issues and to become lifelong custodians of their own happiness and wellness. You can overcome whatever is facing you.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 400-2195
Austin, Texas 78704
Jeremy Capello, Psychologist  in Austin
“My name is Jeremy Capello and I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist. I received my PhD. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008. I help people find ways to successfully manage life's obstacles. These may include dealing with medical/health concerns, daily stressors, life transitions, grief and loss and exposure to traumatic life experiences. By acknowledging and examining the impact of your life events we can work together to re-frame perspective, honor experiences and find a voice that will give you the courage to build strength and resilience in the midst of change.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 772-5397
Austin, Texas 78704
Kitty Walker, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Losses are inevitable, and some can be brutal. Every change in life involves a loss of some kind. I provide tools for moving through losses and other life challenges toward a state of resilience and empowerment.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 649-0026
Austin, Texas 78731
Claudia Brewer, Counselor  in Austin
“Besides raising my daughter, working with clients is the most rewarding and challenging endeavor of my life. I have been doing both for almost as long as the other and feel that much of what has contributed to my ability to be such a good therapist stems from what I have learned as a parent. Establishing trust and rapport is the most important part of therapy. The relationship between a therapist and client must be safe, respectful, validating and nonjudgmental. It provides a needed space for the client for self revelation, exploration, and awareness.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 228-8899
Austin, Texas 78738
Gary Szucs, Counselor  in Austin
“When I do my work, I am always asking myself the question, "What is it that this particular person needs in order to grow?" If I can provide you with an environment that helps you experience growth you will feel better. Personal development is what makes us happy and gives us hope. Most people come to therapy because they are hurting, stuck, and don't know what to do next. I will do my very best to help you find your unique self that you have either lost or not yet found.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 481-7667
Austin, Texas 78746
Linda Eldredge, Psychologist  in Austin
“Have the challenges of life left you feeling frustrated, angry, depressed, anxious, stuck, or overwhelmed? Have your usual strategies to resolve problems not been working as well lately? Have you been questioning the meaning or direction of your life? Have you had difficulty with depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, poor boundaries, work, trauma, disabilities, or life transitions? Have you dreamed of enriching the quality of your life? Psychotherapy can help you with your challenges, relationships, and choices. Through psychotherapy, you can learn who you are and the power you have, develop new skills, free yourself from burdens, and follow your bliss.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 607-7700
Austin, Texas 78759
Laura Caslin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“You may feel stuck and ready for a change. You may have used your intelligence, motivation or creativity to succeed in the past, but something isn't working as well right now. You may feel disconnected in your relationships and overwhelmed by your emotions. Maybe you're very hard on yourself or have difficulty making decisions. I can help you learn to trust yourself, increase self-compassion, and improve your relationships. Therapy is a process of getting to know yourself and your strengths. Together, we can help you decide what you really want and develop steps to meet your goals.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 337-4887
Austin, Texas 78702
Sean Redeker, Counselor  in Austin
“My role as a therapist is to facilitate growth and change by assisting my clients in realizing and exploring the primary concerns in their lives. My job is to help them get "unstuck," so that they can choose other ways to live. I offer tools that can help them communicate better, establish necessary and healthy boundaries, enjoy relationships more, manage anger and fear healthily, and ways to self-destructive and self-harming behavior. Perhaps, most importantly, I offer assistance in improving the self, which can enrich and increase the joy in my client's lives.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 649-8144
Austin, Texas 78750
Cristi Henk, Counselor  in Austin
“Making the decision to seek counseling is the first and most difficult step in this process. I offer a warm and relaxed environment to my clients- a place they can feel safe and protected. I believe having a natural connection with your therapist is the most important aspect of the counseling process- it is within the therapist and client relationship that healing and growth occurs. I am compassionate, respectful and nonjudgmental. I combine my positive energy with a grounded, realistic approach.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 262-9586
Austin, Texas 78746
Anne L Minor, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LICSW
“Transitional experiences can be challenging, whether forced upon us or welcomed. While it is often easier for us to recognize the stress of a job loss, death of a loved one, or end of a relationship, even positive changes can challenge our coping skills. The goal of my practice is to strengthen and empower individuals and families as they face life challenges and enhance quality of life. I am committed to providing evidenced based counseling in a supportive environment to children, teens, and adults. I have more than twenty years of experience and training in the field of mental health.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 961-6089
Austin, Texas 78731
Sarah Rivers Deal, Counselor  in Austin
“CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. As Viktor Frankl once said, "Suffering ceases to be suffering the moment it finds meaning." My approach is designed to help you experience the present moment more fully, gain awareness of what you value and what you are doing to express those values, create significant meaning and connection in your life, and aid in developing a responsible plan of action. In addition to talk therapy, I will engage you with experiential activities that encourage you to be active in the process.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 900-4677
Austin, Texas 78705
Glenn Olds, Psychologist  in Austin
“Curiosity, authenticity, creativity and self-acceptance; these are qualities I personally value and that I strive to provide in my work with clients. I take an active and down-to-earth approach in which I help clients explore new ways of managing their emotions and relating to others. Life is often so hectic, therapy provides an important opportunity to slow down and reflect. It also helps us create meaningful change when we are stuck or unfulfilled. Acknowledging that people seek counseling for a variety of reasons, I take a flexible approach, offering both empathic support as well as a
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 649-9426
Austin, Texas 78703
Marilyn Ryan Oakes, Counselor  in Austin
“I provide an environment in which a therapeutic relationship can develop that will allow clients to explore, express and examine various aspects of themselves. In so doing, the clients gain a heightened awareness and a deeper understanding of themselves that brings a new perspective to their daily lives.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 461-9244
Austin, Texas 78747
Susan Bushong,   in Austin
“Couples, sex and food problems are my specialties. With over 25 years training and experience as a therapist, I treat couples with intimacy, sexuality, communication, and infidelity problems. I treat eating disorders, excessive pornography use, over drinking, anxiety and depression. I do skype sessions. I am a certified weight loss specialist and certificated in problematic sexual behaviors. I am extensively trained in body focused action approaches, hypnotherapy, brief solution focused therapy, and many couples approaches including Gottman and Imago.
BlueCross and BlueShield
(512) 337-3357
Austin, Texas 78745
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