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Medical Detox Therapists in Berkeley

New Start Recovery Solutions, Treatment Facility  in Berkeley
“At New Start Recovery Solutions we refer to world class specialty behavioral health care organizations that offer personalized residential treatment for individuals, families and professionals. We use an approach that is highly individualized with an array of options customized in a plan specifically for you. We believe in order to recover successfully, you need to replace old habits with new healthy ones. We can help the family get started by facilitating a family intervention to break through any barriers to get the process of recovery started, finishing with the development of a continuing care plan after treatment is completed. We believe the solution is within us-sometimes we need help to bring it out.
Medical Detox
(530) 419-5755
We serve:
Berkeley, California 94702
Clear Minds LLC, Treatment Facility  in Berkeley
“Clear Minds is your local Ultra Rapid Opioid Detox center. By combining the traditional detox experience with recent cutting-edge medical technology, we are able to provide a quick and convenient detox treatment lasting only 4-6hrs. Our advanced detox techniques target and remove receptors related to physical and psychological cravings. With the advent of new drugs and anesthesia techniques, we are able to administer safer and lighter doses of anesthesia when compared with traditional methods. This process, lasting 4-6 hrs, cuts off 99%+ of the time needed in a traditional 28-day detox program. Our treatment philosophy is based upon the concept of abstinence. To help stop cravings, you will be given an opioid antagonist (lasting for 30 days) to assist you with your recovery. Your safety and discretion is our top priority. This is why our physicians stay with you on your first night of detox. We will be there for you as you transition into a new life. Call Now (707)483-7227 for detoxing from: Vicodin, Oxycodone, Heroin, Methadone, Opana, Opium, Dilaudid, Morphine, Loratab, Percocet, Norco, Roxy, Tramadol, Fentanyl, oxycontin, Codiene, Darvocet, Demerol, Hydrocodone,...etc.
Medical Detox
(707) 416-2647
We serve:
Berkeley, California 94708
Lucy Collier, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Berkeley and Oakland since 1996. I have also taught and supervised at John F. Kennedy University's Center for Transpersonal and Holistic Counseling, as well as at local agencies including Earth Circles, Holos, and Blue Oak. In my practice I offer a non-judgmental therapeutic relationship where individuals, couples or families can find self acceptance, access insight and intuition, and cultivate an attitude of kindness toward the self and others. Recovery from trauma, working on communication and relationships, and coping with depression or stress from major life transitions are common themes.
Medical Detox
(510) 403-8133
Berkeley, California 94709
Gaylesta Northern California LGBT Psychotherapists, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
“WELCOME to Gaylesta: The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Psychotherapists Association of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We provide mental health services including therapist referrals, education, and consultation. Our members offer a wide range of specializations, allowing us to serve as a unique resource both the LGBTQ communities and to other service providers. Explore our site to find a therapist, learn more about us, or become a valued member.
Medical Detox
(510) 922-0049
Berkeley, California 94705
Meire Santos, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, PsyD, LMFT
“My approach to therapy emphasizes self knowledge, empowerment and insight helping move towards a more integral, meaningful and gratifying life. It is with passion and kindness that I witness the healing transformation a person goes through in the therapeutic relationship. Originally from Brazil, I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese working with clients who speak these languages. Three theories permeate my work: the Integral theory of Ken Wilber, Psychodynamic theory, and Hakomi. I integrate into the analysis the physical, mental, emotional, and social parts of the self (Integral) in a mindfulness-based, body inclusive, and experiential perspective (Hakomi).
Medical Detox
(510) 606-8607
Office is near:
Berkeley, California 94706
Lisa Twilling Ph.d., Psychologist  in Berkeley
“I am a licensed psychologist with more than 15yrs. experience in general practice. I help people who seek relief from dealing with life's challenges (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress, substance abuse, stress management, relationship difficulties, etc.). I also specialize in Medical Psychology and work with people who are struggling with health issues(e.g., adjusting to a medical diagnosis, managing an illness or chronic pain, coping with a loved one who suffers with an illness). Please contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss your specific situation and goals.
Medical Detox
(415) 659-9212
Office is near:
Berkeley, California 94701
Bayside Marin, Treatment Facility  in Berkeley
“Bayside Marin provides residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment in one of northern California's most serene and luxurious settings. Bayside Marin's multi-disciplinary team of physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and other treatment specialists works to ensure that all clients receive the utmost in personalized care in a nurturing and empowering environment. Bayside Marin's comprehensive holistic approach to addiction recovery addresses the biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs of each client in an atmosphere of comfort and support.
Medical Detox
(888) 743-7982
We serve:
Berkeley, California 94701
Shine A Light Recovery Support Systems, Treatment Facility  in Berkeley
“Shine A Light Recovery provides expert assistance to individuals who are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse. We refer to prominent residential treatment facilities as well as highly specialized therapists and psychologists. At Shine A Light we can provide support, whether it is through the initial detox process or on a day-to-day schedule of sober life coaching or case management. Our team of professionals can develop a treatment plan, provide support initiating recovery, and teach individuals how to sustain a strong foundation of recovery. Call us today to help you navigate the road to recovery.
Medical Detox
(877) 227-7073
We serve:
Berkeley, California 94704
CHI Recovery by Conscious Healing Innovations, Treatment Facility  in Berkeley
“Rehabs and doctors across America are failing in the treatment of addiction disorder. (Read CASAcolumbia's results from a national five year study to understand why: see "Closing the Gap Between Science & Practice." The research explains why our methods are failing...and they clearly outline what science has demonstrated WORKS in the treatment of Addiction Disorder. The answer is not rocket science--it is health science. For generations people have been going to rehabs (often again and again,) to no avail. The first week the patients sit in a room while the Counselors (recovering addicts and alcoholics) tell them that addiction is a disease. What follows is a lot of talk about the 12-steps...never again addressing or treating the disease of addiction! ADDICTION IS A DISEASE AND TO EFFECTIVELY TREAT IT YOU MUST TREAT THE BODY AND THE MIND. Our program does just that. Everyone is treated for 6-months following the protocols detailed by scientific evidence: you'll have an MD, acupuncturist, FAR-infrared therapy, psychopharmacology, nutritional supplements, gym membership, comprehensive psych therapies by professionals...and so much more--combined, holistic, and comprehensive care proven to work! We've got your back.
Medical Detox
(707) 387-9174
We serve:
Berkeley, California 94704
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Blue Oak Therapy Center, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
“I work with all types of eating disorders: Bulimia, Anorexia, Binging, Overexercising and Body Image issues. I welcome individuals who have a painful, out of control relationship with food. If you find yourself not being able to stop eating and then throwing it up; if you find yourself frightened to share just how crazy your behavior around food has become, then I can offer a way to get out, to tap into your healthy self and get back in control.
(408) 641-4041
Berkeley, California 94705
Anne C Wilford, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“I feel the theraputic experience is a rich and exciting way for someone to reach their full potential. We all have feelings at times that "something is missing". These are real feelings and will be explored through our relationship. I believe everyone is unique. I don't have a "cookie cutter" approach to treating people. We will get to know each other and deal with the issues together. I work from a psychodynamic viewpoint.I feel everything that you have gone through as a child, young adult, and adult is connected. Our job will be to put the puzzle together.
(510) 771-7950
Berkeley, California 94703
Susan Raeburn, Psychologist  in Berkeley
“Choosing a therapist involves mind, heart and spirit as well as commitment, time and money. With over twenty-five years of practice, I know that doing the work of psychotherapy is a unique privilege, so thank you for your interest in my practice.
(510) 404-8802
Berkeley, California 94704
Bay Area Center for ADD/ADHD, Psychologist  in Berkeley
“At the Bay Area Center for ADD/ADHD we work collaboratively as a group to provide the most effective treatment possible. We have psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and an educational therapist to help develop the best treatment for you. Who provide up-to-date evidence-based, effective treatment.
(415) 236-3165
Berkeley, California 94707
Sumana Kaipa, Psychologist  in Berkeley
“I am a licensed clinical psychologist with specialized training in neuropsychological, psychological, and psychoeducational evaluations. I provide assessments for school-aged children, adolescents, and adults across the age spectrum. Common reasons for evaluations include assessing whether an individual has ADHD, learning disabilities, dementia or issues with decision-making capacity, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse problems.
(510) 689-1051
Berkeley, California 94705
Jill Horowitz, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Berkeley
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BCD, Profess, Clinica, P
“I provide a very safe setting for people to reveal their hopes, anxieties and deepest fears. Whether you're coming with a current crisis or after years of trying to help yourself or get help, out of our sensitively uncovering together what underlies your issues and the impasses, new ways of seeing, feeling and being emerge. Through my many years of experience, education and training, I've been able to help many people substantially improve the quality of their lives and relationships. (Potential clients/ patients often ask if I stay silent!---I don't! We will do the work together!)
(510) 848-8083
Berkeley, California 94705
Anya Hankin  in Berkeley
“Through one-on-one coaching, I work with creatives, educators and change-makers -- folks who either cultivate or desire purpose-driven careers and need some support in the process. I approach each relationship as unique, and I structure our sessions around your specific needs and goals. Traditionally, we begin our work by spending time clarifying what those goals and needs are, and then develop tailor-made strategies to achieve them. We will work together to move through places where you feel stuck and will create an action plan that is unique to you.
(503) 567-9580
Berkeley, California 94702
Rivka Geoghegan, MFT, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
“I have been working with clients for ten years, helping them make significant changes in their lives. I work with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-judgement, family and relationship issues, marriage and sexuality, past trauma and spirituality. There are many things in life that can be difficult, and I help people see and understand the meaning and purpose in their experiences. I believe that change comes from awareness. If you cant see what is causing you suffering, you cannot tend to it. I help you know yourself and your circumstances so that you can feel empowered as opposed to victimized by life.
(510) 972-1719
Berkeley, California 94703
Nancy Sarah Rothschild, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
“As a long-time practitioner, my way of working has evolved from a more traditional dynamic approach to a deep interest in the bridge between mind/body spiritual traditions and contemporary psychology. I have much varied experience working with both men and women who struggle with the challenges of loneliness and living a conscious, fulfilling and spontaneous life. If you are feeling stressed, or if anxiety or depression have you wrestling with problems that never seem to resolve, perhaps it's time to turn for help to a compassionate and engaged therapist.
(510) 730-3867
Berkeley, California 94702
Mindfulness Centered Psychotherapy, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
“Do you find yourself getting stuck in old thoughts and feelings that create challenges in your relationships or career? Would you to feel present, clear and peaceful? It takes courage to go to therapy and work on issues that challenge you. Rather than giving you advice, we would look at how you're putting your experiences together, and how those create repeating patterns in your life; this is with the hope of getting enough information, willingness, and inspiration to try out new options and develop new patterns that are in greater alignment with your authentic self.
(510) 496-6029
Berkeley, California 94705
Kim C Venezia, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Berkeley
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
“I strive to co-create a safe, compassionate place to explore past relationships and experiences that have molded you and the past patterns that may have held you back from the happiness and peace you deserve. I can help you identify what you want to do differently in relationships and in life. My approach to therapy is deeply relational. I offer the warmth and connection to allow you to gain insight, self-knowledge & self acceptance. Whether you are carrying feelings of sadness or anxiety, the work that we can do together will show you that the changes you want are possible.
(510) 497-0499
Berkeley, California 94705
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Medical Detox Therapists
Medical Drug or Alcohol Detox in Berkeley

Discontinuing alcohol or drugs can create painful withdrawal symptoms; it is often is unsuccessful and results in the person having to resume taking the drug or drinking alcohol.

You may need an inpatient medical drug detox or alcohol detox program in Berkeley, if you or a loved one has become dependent on a drug or has withdrawal symptoms. The need to stop the addiction can be varied. For instance, you may find you must have the drug or drink alcohol because of the way the drug or alcohol makes you feel. Or the drug you are taking is not handling the problem for which it was originally prescribed but you have painful withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop taking it. Or the drug is causing unwanted and unsafe side effects for you.

These professionals can refer you to a medical detox program in Berkeley or near Berkeley designed specifically for you that will enable your Berkeley drug detox or alcohol detox to be more comfortable and safe; The Berkeley drug detox facilities or addiction treatment programs in Berkeley have formulated IV's containing natural supplements to ensure you are hydrated through the process. They provide medical supervision and medication to handle drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms; education on how the drug or alcohol was affecting your body and how the drug detox or alcohol detox will allow you to more comfortably and safely complete your withdrawal.

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Therapists in Berkeley have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in Berkeley you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in Berkeley and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in Berkeley or family therapy in Berkeley.