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Alcohol Abuse Therapists in Essex

Area auto widened to Baltimore County - only one Therapist was found in the city of Essex, MD.
Dr. John Steinberg, Treatment Facility  in Lutherville
“As the medical director at The Bergand Group, it is my philosophy that all initial assessments and evaluations are conducted by the group's Board-certified medical professionals, including myself. This is a truly unique feature for substance abuse providers in the area. We provide our clients with confidence that they are receiving the highest possible level of care. Our doctors have over 25 years experience each in treating substance abuse and related mental health issues. The Bergand Group was not only founded by these doctors, but our treatment programs were born from their exhaustive experiences in the field. Each one of our clients receive treatment and attention in both group and individual settings from our doctors.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 305-7569
Lutherville, Maryland 21093
Elliott Driscoll, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Towson
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C, MBA
“If you choose to call please be prepared to work to achieve results. This may mean having the courage in individual therapy to disclose difficult things, willingness to try other approaches to solve problems such as EMDR, DBT and/or group therapy.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 305-7330 x33
Towson, Maryland 21204
Into Action Treatment - Maryland, Treatment Facility  in Owings Mills
“I am no stranger to drug and alcohol addiction. After fully recovering over six years ago, I have dedicated my life to seeing others successfully complete the recovery process and start living their dreams. My life mission is to lead by example and pass the lessons I learned on to others as my sponsors passed on to me. I created a treatment center as the home base for this mission and our ultimate goal is to see that all addicts go through the entire program & become liberated from this disease. We vow to walk our clients through the ups and downs as friends, counselors, & confidants in the most compassionate but disciplined manner allowable. There are many reasons we stand out from other treatment options and the longer you look into our program the more they will start to reveal themselves. I am always available to a person in need so please dont hesitate to contact me directly. Andrey Rossin, CEO
Alcohol Abuse
We serve:
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
The Bergand Group, Treatment Facility  in Lutherville
“At the Bergand Group, all initial assessments and evaluations are conducted by the group's Board-certified medical professionals, a truly unique feature for substance abuse providers in the area. This provides our clients with confidence that they are receiving the highest possible level of care. Medication management is also provided by the on-site medical staff. Our doctors have over 25 years experience each in treating substance abuse and related mental health issues. The Bergand Group was not only founded by these doctors, but our treatment programs were born from their exhaustive experiences in the field. Each one of our clients receive treatment and attention in both group and individual settings from our doctors. We are pleased to provide the highest level clinical care to every client that walks through our doors. What does experience mean for you? Experience means that The Bergand Group is a unique practice that offers both Psychiatric and Internal Medicine components both with addiction medicine training. We also employ a variety of senior clinicians who specialize in a variety of issues. Trauma recovery is also an essential component in its treatment plans and offers a unique equine therapy program for those who may benefit from such intervention
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 202-0419
Lutherville, Maryland 21093
Center for Mental Health, LLC, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Towson
“I started the Center for Mental Health, LLC, an out-patient substance abuse and mental health treatment program, in 1998 to help individuals and families who struggle with alcohol/drug addiction disorders. If you think you have an alcohol/drug problem you are not alone and should call me to schedule an evaluation. If you received a DWI/DUI or an alcohol/drug charge then this program is ideal for you. We are a State licensed program and we have national reciprocity. This program will provide you with all the legal documentation, evaluations and progress reports required by the courts.
Alcohol Abuse
(443) 840-9994
Towson, Maryland 21204
Paul Giannandrea, Psychiatrist  in Lutherville
“For 20 years, I was a full-time faculty member at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine teaching medical students and training residents. I have 32 years experience in private practice assisting persons with substance use disorders, major psychiatric disturbances and behavioral addictions, including sexual addiction and gambling. As a Board certified psychiatrist in Addiction Medicine, Addiction Psychiatry and Adult Psychiatrist, I deal with the negative consequences of a variety of disorders alone and in combination, as well as relationship issues not related to addictions. I am particularly trained and experienced in the use of medication for these problems and their symptoms.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 709-3180
Lutherville, Maryland 21093
Gabriel Newman, Psychologist  in Lutherville
Verified by Psychology Today
Psychologist, PhD, Bd, certifi, BCIA, ABDA
“First, you need an attentive ear listening. Second, you should have the reassurance of scientific rigor and competence working for you. Our team has brought fast relief to many suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, post traumatic stress, depression, and insomnia. For those struggling with mysterious illness, chronic pain, stubborn seizure disorders, and resistant migraine, we will stay the course with you to recovery. For cognitive impairments deriving from accidents (TBI, stroke) or lifelong challenges (autistic spectrum, Asperger's, learning disability), the dementias... WE CAN HELP! Too many have been told there's not much help for them, by the uninformed.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 346-5664
Lutherville, Maryland 21093
Stanley N Karanja, Counselor  in Towson
“Utilizing a strength based approach to change my services are focused on adolescents, marriage and families. I aim at combating adolescents' issues with the goal of rescuing them from their hurting behavior, reconciling them with family and community and restoring them to their potential. Troubled marriages and families will be equipped to settle their conflicts, tackle baggages and communicate better through enhanced couple dialogue. My philosophical model is based on the recognition that all individuals have potential to thrive. Working collaboratively with you I hope to brighten your life with appropriate tools to work your goals to recapture your potential endowment.
Alcohol Abuse
(443) 406-2271
Towson, Maryland 21204
Emily A Sears, Counselor  in Towson
“Alcohol or drug use can impact our lives in ways we never expected. What we thought was fun and social, or helping us cope, has somehow created problems. Maybe you're having concerns about your use? Maybe a family member or friend has expressed concerns? Maybe academics are suffering? Maybe you've gotten into trouble? These concerns along with others such as emotional well-being, coping skills, decision making, relationship issues can significantly impact our lives. If you are interested in therapy, I use a collaborative approach to help you understand yourself better and support you in reaching your goals.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 999-0689
Towson, Maryland 21204
Bernard Gyebi-foster, Counselor  in Catonsville
“At Impact Counseling Solutions, I seek to encourage, empower, and embolden clients to address any pressing issues in a healthy, safe, and welcoming manner. My aim is to provide clients all the tools necessary to address all their personal goals. I have more than ten years experience in providing counseling to clients in a myriad of clinical settings. Coupled with my experience as a psychotherapist, I also serve as a Residential Clinical Director at Tuerk House, a substance abuse recovery center. For the last three years, I have been working in private practice.
Alcohol Abuse
(765) 507-2451
Catonsville, Maryland 21228
Inspiring Minds Mental Health Services, LLC, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Pikesville
“Everyone experiences challenges such relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, hurt, difficult decisions, change, and much more. I am committed to inspiring you to effectively manage your emotions and develop methods that enable you to cope with life. I specialize in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy & Solution Focused Therapy. I will work with you to change any thoughts or mindsets that result In unwanted behaviors or emotions. Also, I will help you explore solutions for your life concerns.
Alcohol Abuse
(443) 305-9923
Pikesville, Maryland 21208
“We have over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples and families. We have been honored to be a part of a therapeutic process of change with truly wonderful and courageous people. Choosing a therapist can be challenging, We know people are looking for solutions and tools to mitigate and resolve emotional pain. We have training and experience in evidence based treatment options as well as a high level of personal accountability to help each person move towards health and wellbeing. In addition to the formal training and experience, We never underestimate the effectiveness of good common sense and laughter.
Alcohol Abuse
(443) 957-4182
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Cathryne Lynn Maciolek, Psychologist  in Towson
“Making a decision to begin the journey of therapy takes courage, commitment, and the willingness to change. It is not an easy decision, but well worth the effort and with much to gain. I will provide you with a safe haven to explore obstacles impacting your ability to succeed and make lasting changes in your daily life. My approach is collaborative, strength-based, and multidimensional. I use a myriad of approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, family systems, and mindfulness-based techniques.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 734-2978
Towson, Maryland 21286
Dawn Lewis, Counselor  in Baltimore
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MS, LCPC, NCC, DCC
“Top 6 Reasons to See a Professional Counselor: 1) To manage a crisis where you feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do next. 2) To make progress on a long-standing issue that you (or you & your mate) haven't been able to fix yourself. 3) To get an expert & more objective perspective on your problems than what you hear from friends & family. 4) To talk safely and confidentially, without fear of judgment. 5) To get clarity, resolve problems, learn new concepts & coping skills and experience healing. 6) To get referrals to a network of other professional & services you might not know about.
Alcohol Abuse
(443) 840-9935
Baltimore, Maryland 21204
Jan Nolan, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Towson
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C, CPC
“I am able to help those who are feeling exhausted from the demands of their current life circumstances, concerned over their capacity to move through these circumstances with what they now believe about themselves, conflicted over their personal or professional relationship(s), troubled by family members who are struggling, suffering from a psychological or physical dependence on an addictive substance or behavior, living with chronic or situational depression, anger, anxiety, Adult ADHD, PTSD, and those whose personality traits make life more complicated than it needs to be.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 415-1699
Towson, Maryland 21204
Cara Ebling, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Hunt Valley
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C
“I am a licensed certified social worker specializing in adult psychotherapy. I graduated from James Madison University with a major in Psychology and earned my Masters of Social Work from University of Maryland, Baltimore and am a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Through my extensive experience working with people of all different backgrounds and varying levels of emotional struggles, I have compassion and value building a supportive and personal relationship with my clients.
Alcohol Abuse
(443) 746-0546 x7
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt, Treatment Facility  in Baltimore
“The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt is a small residential psychotherapy facility for patients seeking a comprehensive evaluation and intensive treatment experience. The Retreat offers a multi-disciplinary treatment approach to a variety of psychiatric conditions that can be treated safely and effectively in a voluntary, unlocked environment. Individualized treatment involves at least five elements: comprehensive diagnostic assessment, psychopharmacological interventions, individual and group psychotherapy (including psychodynamic psychotherapy and dialectical behavior therapy as well as experiential, expressive and movement therapies), and careful discharge planning and after care. Each patient works individually with a psychiatrist who is an expert psychotherapist, and who leads the patient's individual treatment team. Each patient meets for individual psychotherapy three or more hours a week with his or her psychiatrist, and in addition, has individual sessions with family therapists, clinical social workers, art therapists, recreational therapists, and movement therapists. Psychiatrists are integrated into the group therapy programs on The Retreat, co-leading a variety of the groups, from psychodynamics to psychoeducation. They are not simply consultants, but an integral part of the treatment team, lending their high level of expertise and experience to all levels of the patient's treatment.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 846-0926
Baltimore, Maryland 21204
Matteo Ricci, Counselor  in Lutherville
“Seeking help when we are struggling is difficult but often necessary. With a goal directed approach, I help my clients develop and process measurable goals and coping skills for managing symptoms and life stresses.Though therapy is a process, many of my clients have reported improvement within a short amount of time.Think of therapy as an investment in your self. I am honored that, on many occasions, these clients later referred their loved ones and close friends for help as well.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 561-1114 x5
Lutherville, Maryland 21093
Vicki Wasserman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Towson
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, -C
“In my practice, I provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to explore and understand underlying reasons for our behavior. I help people, just like you and me, who struggle when life gets complicated/confusing/overwhelming, Sometimes just a reality check or feedback can make all the difference. This may be the time and place to start this journey to empowerment through knowledge.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 296-7277
Towson, Maryland 21204
Stephanie Marinelli, Counselor  in Catonsville
“It takes courage to contact a therapist and to enter threapy, My goal in working with you is to help you move toward a life of overall wellness. Life throws so many challenges at us, some are easier than others to handle with a companion walking the road with us. I will travel that road with you as long as you wish. As I am accepting more insurance plans now, I am able to make it more feasible for us to work together.
Alcohol Abuse
(410) 394-9431
Catonsville, Maryland 21228

Alcohol Abuse Therapists
Alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, is the most severe form of alcohol abuse. It is a chronic disease characterized by the consumption of alcohol at a level that interferes with physical and mental health and with family and social responsibilities. An alcoholic will continue to drink despite serious health, family, or legal problems.

If you're looking for help with alcohol abuse in Essex or for an Essex alcohol abuse Therapist, these professionals provide confidential support for alcohol abuse or for individuals and couples in a relationship where alcohol is a disruptive factor. They include alcohol abuse therapists, alcohol abuse psychologists and Essex alcohol abuse counselors. They can help with alcoholics in Essex, drug alcohol abuse, teenage alcohol abuse, substance and alcohol abuse and treatments for alcohol abuse in Essex. Therapists can identify the signs and causes of alcohol abuse, discuss intervention and refer victims to alcohol abuse treatment centers. A Therapist may also discuss 12 step programs in Essex or joining AA ( Essex Alcoholics Anonymous).

Alcohol abuse causes problems for the family and loved ones of alcoholics--they may also need help and support, which these Essex Therapists can provide.

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in Essex have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in Essex you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in Essex and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in Essex or family therapy in Essex.