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Life Coaching Therapists in Oklahoma City

Draper Consulting and Coaching, LLC,   in Oklahoma City
“Life can get a little crazy. Between work, family, school, & other pressures we all experience stress & sometimes, situations can cause us enough stress that we may benefit from the help of a professional. Help is hard to ask for sometimes. But it's important to be able to ask for help; to recognize it's OK and even smart to have a neutral, supportive, & experienced person in our corner. Having someone to talk through things, bounce ideas off of, & gain professional "advice" can help tremendously, and can get us back to where we want to be...happy, healthy, and living life to the fullest.
Life Coaching
(405) 283-2651
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73154
“I have 38 years of experience with patients age 7 to geriatrics with a particular emphasis on adolescents including assessment & therapy of depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, eating and sexual disorders, personality disorders.With young children, I work with the children & the parents to implement behavior modification at home. I work with local and state agencies doing psychological evaluation and therapy with professionals in several careers particularly clergy & law enforcement. As a partner in a multi-disciplinary medical/surgical clinic for 27 years, I have treated the psychological needs of patients with a wide range of medical symptoms and diagnoses.
Life Coaching
(405) 253-4468
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
Mike Etzler, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Taking new clients in Edmond & OKC Sat- and Ft Sill/Lawton on Thu & Fridays! My personal counseling approach is to provide people with caring, respect, honesty, integrity and empathy. My goal is for clients to finish counseling feeling heard, cared for and loved. Stress and trauma can be made worse by our own beliefs. Therapy can help identify and correct those harmful beliefs. Caring friends have helped my family and me to face life's biggest challenges. Remember, you can survive even the worst of times, and there is nothing too difficult for you to handle. Let's reason together and find your answers.
Life Coaching
(405) 445-6532
Office is near:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
Kristin R Alex, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“My approach to mental health counseling is very simple, one that encompasses unconditional positive regard and that encourages self-exploration throughout the therapeutic encounter. The client is considered the expert of his/her own life who may need support when challenges or obstacles become overwhelming and/or problematic (maladaptive). Through this therapeutic collaboration clients learn to identify how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors may positively or negatively impact their daily experience. If problematic belief patterns are identified, the client will co-create a treatment plan aimed to reduce the negative symptomatology while enhancing the client's self-esteem and overall well-being.
Life Coaching
(405) 458-7438
Office is near:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106
Vicki Harris Wyatt, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, PhD, LPC, LADC, CSAT, CMAT
“Your well-being is the reason I am a counselor. I provide individual, group, couples and marriage counseling along with a variety of other individual therapies. I provide a compassionate and realistic approach for men, women and couples needing help with love, sex and relationship addictions. Please visit for more information. I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with certifications in DUI assessments, Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist (CMAT), Neurofeedback/ Biofeedback, Interactive Metronome (IM) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
Life Coaching
(405) 622-4669
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
Tamera J Sweeton, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MA, LPC-OK, LPC-MO, LMFT-KS
“It is my belief that every individual is unique - having within them the power to enjoy a healthy, well-proportioned life, evenly balanced in mind, body, and spirit. I work with individuals & couples to bring about powerful healing and lasting change. In my therapist role, I seek to create a safe, supportive environment and trusting relationship to support one's search for their authentic self. My approach to therapy emphasizes collaborative exploration of the client's struggles, and is combined with a passion for helping others heal, and a focus on encouraging personal growth to discover one's fullest potential.
Life Coaching
(405) 659-6518
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73142
“Life is one continuous flow of change, change, change. Some of us adapt to it better than others. Being out of one's comfort zone is a sure sign that we are growing or about to grow! I love working with people who are brave enough to face the challenges that change brings whether it is change in age, relationship, job...addictive focus...self esteem. I see myself as a partner of my cients. My job is to make the transitions smooth and valuable. Thanks for the opportunity to accompany you on your journey!
Life Coaching
(405) 281-9948
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159
Amanda Brandon, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“I have openings available! Do you feel like your life is out of control? Have you found yourself wondering what you can do? Sometimes it just feels like life is more difficult than it has to be. Whether it's anxiety/depression, relationship conflicts, financial problems, or parenting difficulties, your concerns can be addressed in a friendly, comfortable environment. Sometimes children exhibit difficult behaviors such as poor school performance or avoidance. They may be experiencing divorce reaction and low self-esteem. You don't have to face it alone. Counseling can help your child process difficult feelings and learn more effective ways to express themselves.
Life Coaching
(405) 445-6193
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Bruce Lochner, Psychologist  in Oklahoma City
“I help people rebound from difficult situations and reclaim purpose, meaning and pleasure in their life. I help them resolve their inner conflicts so that they may gain psychological freedom and enjoy all of what life has to offer them. Resolving inner conflicts removes barriers to relationships that form the basis for a coherent personal identity, relationship intimacy, and success in business and personal life. My method involves using the therapy relationship to bring about in my clients an understanding and mastery over unconscious fears and beliefs that produce debilitating symptoms that profoundly affect their lives, yet thwart their goals.
Life Coaching
(405) 455-8042
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Kristen Cole, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Oklahoma City
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MS, LPC
“My goal as your therapist is to provide an honest and encouraging atmosphere to help you navigate through life's highs and lows. I will help you build upon your own unique set of strengths in order to confront problems and overcome obstacles. I will listen to you in a nonjudgmental manner and we will work to smooth out the worry and confusion that life can throw at you. Working together in a relationship of trust and sharing I can help you set a new course in life where you can achieve self-fulfillment and awareness.
Life Coaching
(405) 384-4536
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103
Rebecca Thompson, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“At some point, we often find ourselves struggling to get past a problem, whether that problem is with an important relationship, or an inner emotional struggle. I enjoy working with others to understand how one came to be in such conflict and how one can move past old ways of coping to newer healthier ways. I believe working from a relational perspective is an important way to create an atmosphere of trust. I strive to help my patients better understand their thoughts, feelings, and actions. The more we know about ourselves the more freedom we have to make better choices in work, play, and relationships.
Life Coaching
(405) 361-5227
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Sophilia Lark-Woodbury, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“In general, my professional experience focuses on the facilitation of personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span, including an in-depth analysis of various psychological, emotional, vocational, social, educational, and developmental factors that contribute to overall functionality. Specifically, I work to help others improve their well-being, alleviate their stress, and resolve core conflicts surrounding interpersonal, educational, occupational, social, psychological, and spiritual problems. I primarily utilize preventive, developmental, and remedial interventions to help children and their families gain insight into their life issues and increase their ability to solve problems and make adequate choices.
Life Coaching
(405) 445-6566
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Traci A. Hill, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“I believe we all need assistance at times on our life's journey... someone to help us explore the possibilities within ourselves. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 18 years experience in outpatient mental health. I have overseen programs and provided direct services to individuals and groups, including those challenged by: severe mental illness, drug/alcohol and other addictions, love/relationship/family challenges, stress/anxiety, sadness/depression, grief/loss, trauma/abuse issues, adjustment challenges, phase of life concerns, gender identity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, low self esteem...
Life Coaching
(405) 455-8193
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Mattax Christian Counseling, Pastoral Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“My practice is based on one simple philosophy: ANYONE can change ANYTHING at ANYTIME. I believe that all problems can be improved; sometimes dramatically! I base this on my decades of experience as a pastor, educator and counselor. To bring about change I have a basic formula: WILLINGNESS + FAITH + EFFORT + TIME = CHANGE. It's my job to guide you through each phase of this formula. The simplicity of this is applicable to any issue whether for an individual or a couple. I would consider it a privilege to work with you to bring about positive change.
Life Coaching
(405) 689-5536
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
Genesi LLC, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“We employ Licensed Professionals, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Youth and Adult, also Drug and Alcohol. Our counselors hold emphasis on cultural awareness. Also our counselors are dedicated to the community and strive to make a positive change by addressing individuals and families with experience based proven therapeutic technique. We provide flexible and convenient sessions in the office, at home and at school.
Life Coaching
(405) 703-8755
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139
Tosha Guess-Sanneh, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“My name is Tosha and I have a passion to help others who desire positive change in their lives. I believe that self motivation can empower anyone to make changes in order to improve their lives and circumstances. I believe in order to invoke the life changes in the areas of mental health, professional/vocational, interpersonal and spiritual as it relates to both the family and the individual one must be ready to receive the information required to change and I am committed to assisting those who are ready for that change. Welcome to the talking cure!
Life Coaching
(405) 463-4230
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
Danette Mccorkle, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Oklahoma City
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Are you feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship or an unfulfilling job? Stuck in the pain of dealing with addiction, loss, past traumatic experiences or the lack of purpose in your life? Struggling with these issues alone leads to more fear, anxiety and depression because we end up going around in circles inside our own heads. We feel lost and confused. We may talk with well-meaning, sympathetic friends. But more than sympathy and support are usually needed. We need a trained professional to help us sort out our situation, explore our options and lead us back to ourselves.
Life Coaching
(405) 445-6539
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Kelcy Eckels, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Conquer anxiety and find more meaning in life. I help people cope and thrive when faced with life adjustments, anxieties and personal challenges. I have experience helping with anxiety, stress, grief, self concept, adjustment as well as relational issues. Many of us can benefit from some extra support when faced with challenging life situations of the past, current or future. I understand and respect the bravery that it takes to reach out for help.
Life Coaching
(405) 896-5718
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Charity Danker, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
“Have you been struggling with your relationships? Would you like to reconnect with your loved ones? Do you want to learn to love yourself? Could you benefit from communication skills, or relaxation techniques? Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself feeling persistently sad, anxious, angry, and unable to face daily routines. I provide an open-ended context for you to imagine how life could be different or better, while becoming independent and setting healthy boundaries. I primarily work with LGBT, heterosexual, polyandry, and open marriage couples/individuals.
Life Coaching
(405) 261-5147
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132
Jerry R Moore, Counselor  in Oklahoma City
Counselor, LPC
“A long and positive career in counseling Marriage, Children, and Family System issues using Christian Based Counseling for those who seek improvement and Change Through God. This Therapist also has a long and positive career counseling Individuals, and personality problems as well as other serious issues that do not allow the person to truly grow and enjoy life through positive interactions both in the workplace and on an individual level. This Therapist also has positive results counseling those with problems of self mutilation also known as "cutting" and other issues concerning emotionally painful trauma and self-esteem issues.
Life Coaching
(405) 757-2513
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73157

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