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Domestic Violence Therapists in Portland

Hipsia Keister  in Portland
“IMPORTANTE: Elaboro cartas, evaluaciones o constancias que son requeridos para trámites de Inmigración. También trato a personas que sufren de: depresión, ansiedad, trastornos alimenticios, aculturación, violencia doméstica, entre otros. Clínicamente considero maltrato doméstico: agresiones físicas, psicológicas, sexuales o de otra índole. Los síntomas que una persona pueda presentar surgen como consecuencia de los acontecimientos vividos y no de un desequilibrio anterior, son por una parte el... continua abajo>>
Domestic Violence
(971) 264-2845
Portland, Oregon 97214
Tracie R Chambers, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Greetings and congratulations! The fact you are looking for assistance to enhance your life and relationships is a testament to your strength and courage. I find it an honor and a privilege to work with you to develop and achieve your goals towards experiencing a more healthy, meaningful and enjoyable life. I believe in a client-centered approach to therapy and tailor my sessions to your unique needs and goals, while building on your strengths. Counseling may feel uncomfortable at times, but that is a sign of growth and I will partner with you to overcome your challenges and help you conquer your fears.
Domestic Violence
(503) 980-1631
Portland, Oregon 97217
Jessica Tolleson  in Portland
“Are you feeling down? Anxious? Stuck? Maybe negative thoughts or worries are impacting your work or even your relationships? At times it can feel like these patterns will never change and yet therapy provides a safe space to process thoughts, feelings and patterns. I create a safe environment through mutual trust and understanding. This opens a space for self-exploration, growth and development. I believe that, in working collaboratively, we can identify problems and personalize your treatment direction. With the right skills, each individual has the capacity to accomplish their goals.
Domestic Violence
(503) 536-1225
Portland, Oregon 97205
Diana Groener, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LPC
“I aspire to help alleviate suffering in my fellow human beings. Some of you are facing new challenges, some are working through more chronic issues. I am honored to be your guide to building greater connection and meaning in your life. I work with individuals and couples on issues of sexuality, intimacy, and emotional expression. I also work with first responders on issues of vicarious trauma and burnout. I can help you reduce the conflict and stress in your life, developing greater resilience in the process.
Domestic Violence
(971) 229-1797
Portland, Oregon 97225
Deborah Lyda High, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“The act of doing therapy is a bit like tending to a garden; it takes diligence and care to achieve growth! It sounds challenging I know, but the outcomes and successes of working on yourself and your relationships far outweigh the negatives. We all have gardens that need occasional weeding and replanting, and when we are not taking care of ourselves, we can experience feelings of depression, anxiety, restlessness and frustration. In choosing to work with me, I will guide and encourage you by providing the necessary tools and resources that allow you to create a healthy and bountiful garden of your own.
Domestic Violence
(503) 564-1904
Portland, Oregon 97227
Sabra P. Larsen, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Life's challenges may overwhelm your ability to cope and leave you confused and distressed. As a skilled therapist, I can assist to make this time fruitful rather then just a time to get through. I provide a safe comfortable place to focus on your experience of life. You will receive kindness, respect and genuine caring. My approach is client directed,with compassionate inquiry and creative exploration, using collaborative problem-solving to assist you in restoring your balance and moving in a positive direction; often with deeper insight and a greater capacity for joy and contentment.
Domestic Violence
(503) 388-9290
Portland, Oregon 97232
Maureen A O'Donnell, Counselor  in Portland
“I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, the aftereffects of trauma, and life-transitions. If you are feeling hopelessness, despair, anger, or lack motivation, you are probably suffering from depression. Excessive worry and fears are signs of anxiety. Symptoms of trauma can include: panic attacks, anxiety, hyper-vigilance, anger, depression, and dissociation.
Domestic Violence
(503) 880-0966
Portland, Oregon 97212
David C Manfield, Psychologist  in Portland
“I am a therapist with over thirty years clinical experience. Over the years I've worked with and helped hundreds of individuals and couples through a wide range of difficulties. My style is respectful, interactive and dynamic. I've learned that there are a lot ways to help, to heal and to promote personal growth, and that no particular approach fits every person or situation. For example, for individuals with problems arising from recent traumatic events or from childhood trauma or neglect, whose parents may have been inconsistent or worse, I often combine EMDR with cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic strategies.
Domestic Violence
(503) 446-5093
Portland, Oregon 97209
Angelina Ramos-Marchand, Psychologist  in Portland
“My work with patients focuses on increasing awareness of patterns in relating to self and others. Within the context of the therapeutic relationship, we work together to explore the combination past and present factors interact to shape and sometimes limit perspective. This increased self-awareness enables patient's to respond in new ways to emotional and relational patterns. As a psychologist, I work to empower my clients by helping them to build upon their strengths and to develop an accurate sense of self, and better communicate interpersonal needs and resolve obstacles to change.
Domestic Violence
(503) 664-1446
Portland, Oregon 97214
Christine Reeh Vosburg, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“I believe that each of us have great capacity for personal growth. Psychotherapy can be a powerful and effective modality in the process of better understanding ourselves and in working toward change.
Domestic Violence
(503) 822-6686
Portland, Oregon 97209
Maile McCluskey, Counselor  in Portland
“This can be the first step for significant life change. Deciding to pursue counseling can be a diffcult and overwhelming decision. But taking the first step is a healthy choice that can lead to significant life change. With four years as a counselor at OHSU, I have extensive experience in helping clients heal from trauma, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. I work collaboratively with clients to provide a professional and caring environment to promote healing, change and increase in quality of life. For more information, I invite you to visit my website or contact me for a free consultation.
Domestic Violence
(503) 567-6206
Portland, Oregon 97205
Samuel Stem, Counselor  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, PsyD, LPC, CADCIII
“I am a Kink-knowledgeable, GLBTQ-friendly, insight-oriented practitioner. I work with clients concerned with substance use/abuse, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, life transitions and emotional regulation concerns. I offer an initial free consultation to help you decide if I may be a good fit, as well as a generous sliding scale. Located in downtown Portland, close to public transit, with weekend and evening hours available.
Domestic Violence
(503) 444-8917
Portland, Oregon 97232
Marisol Westberg, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT
“I am a board certified sexologist and marriage and family therapist. I maintain a private practice with a focus on sex therapy in Portland, Oregon. I have been a therapist for 10 years. I am sex-positive and specialize in sex therapy that is inclusive of alternative relationships and erotic minorities. My areas of expertise are intimate relationships, pleasure, infidelity, sexual desire discrepancies, lack of desire, difficulties with orgasm, pain and discomfort in sex, alternative sexualities and lifestyles, sexual abuse and violence. My approach in therapy is one that is positive, validating, and nurturing.
Domestic Violence
(203) 286-4546
Portland, Oregon 97214
Cammy Bentz, Counselor  in Portland
“I do therapy because it is satisfying, intimate, honest, and creative, which is how our lives can be, too. Critical to creating a gratifying life is to be surrounded by people who model this for us, somehow. Good therapy can provide that role-modeling. As a therapist, my goal is to create an atmosphere of safety, respect, and being heard--the wellspring from which "doing it differently," whatever that might mean, can come. Whether you're a teen, adult, couple or family, if you're struggling in some way, I'll meet you where you are.
Domestic Violence
(503) 374-9624
Portland, Oregon 97209
Pacific Premier Group, PC,   in Portland
“We are a small group of clinicians who are committed to providing the highest quality of mental health care. Locating our practices together allows our patients and clients ready access to skilled and conscientious clinicians from different disciplines. Our current clinicians: Dr. Paul Conti - psychiatrist and consultant; Jamey Burris-Fish - psychiatric Nurse Practitioner; Dr. Juliet LaMonaca - psychologist; Dr. Lindsay Heydenrych - psychologist; Jessie Harris - counselor/therapist; Steve O'Sullivan - counselor/therapist; Sonali Patel - therapist
Domestic Violence
(503) 438-4151
Portland, Oregon 97204
Aaron Pomerantz, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
“With over 10 years of experience in the mental health field, I consider myself to be an interactive, collaborative, and relational therapist. My therapeutic approach is to provide a safe and supportive professional relationship, in which we can explore and target personal life challenges. I emphasize a focus on attachment patterns, multicultural factors, and systems-based thinking in my work with individuals, couples, and families.
Domestic Violence
(971) 319-9750
Portland, Oregon 97210
Vivian Coles, Counselor  in Portland
“Do you want to make room in your life for joy, confidence and hope? My approach is informed, compassionate, and heart-centered. Finding body-centered techniques beneficial to the body, I pace therapy with your body's wisdom. I work to resolve traumatic stress patterns, transforming them to nurture your unique, individual unfolding. I utilize a developmental, humanistic approach, integrating my psychotherapy training. My desire is to be available to adults and children to assist them in opening doors they have been unable to open alone, helping them assimilate difficult material at their own pace.
Domestic Violence
(503) 489-4221
Portland, Oregon 97219
Kim Christiansen, Counselor  in Portland
“Whatever your reasons for seeking therapy or counseling, I assure you when you step into my office, you will be treated with respect, compassion, and validation. I believe everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. And that is typically where we start the therapy process - with acceptance of where you are now. The work I do with my clients is collaborative - we create a treatment plan together, with goals you want to work on. We achieve these goals by building skills, improving understanding and insight into how these behaviors got started in the first place, and increasing resources in your life.
Domestic Violence
(971) 264-2486
Portland, Oregon 97202
“My style is caring, person-centered, and respectful of each ones cultural beliefs. I am down-to-earth, and happy to provide therapeutic counseling strategies, or simply a listening ear for individuals, single parents, families, and couples.
Domestic Violence
(503) 303-8667
Portland, Oregon 97211
Deanne Fahy, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LPC, LMFT
“Feel unhappy? Stuck? Overwhelmed? Feel like the same problems keep showing up? Therapy is a safe place to explore your relationships with people (family, friends, partner) or things (food, money or alcohol). I provide short-term solution-oriented counseling or long-term in-depth psychotherapy to help you gain insight and overcome your personal challenges. I believe healthy relationships are crucial to personal happiness and provide the basis for harmony at home, at work, and in the community.
Domestic Violence
(503) 446-1035
Portland, Oregon 97205
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Domestic Violence Therapists
If you're looking for help with domestic violence in Portland or for a Portland domestic violence Therapist, these professionals provide confidential support for spousal abuse or for individuals and couples in a violent relationship. They include domestic violence Therapists and domestic violence psychologists who conduct domestic violence counseling. A Therapistcan help with children as victims of domestic violence, support for battered women and referrals to shelters in Portland. Therapists can help identify the signs of domestic violence, the differences between men and women as victims of domestic violence and the distinctions of passive aggressive behavior. If you think you may be a victim of domestic violence in Portland, please seek help soon and learn how to stop or prevent it escalating further.

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