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Couples Therapists in Portland

Louise Gordon, Counselor  in Portland
“If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships or you feel you are not living the life you were meant to live, I can help you. Perhaps you want to resolve indecision in some area of your life. Or you realize that you need help with anxiety or depression. Some people seek counseling when they have a problem controlling their behavior, such as drinking or arguing. Whatever your reason for wanting to change, please don’t wait to get yourself living the life you envision. Many people have experienced the changes you seek and I am looking forward to being a part of your success.
(503) 489-4285
Portland, Oregon 97219
Karen Stallwood, Psychologist  in Portland
“Therapy is the most important gift you give yourself, and I encourage you to choose a therapist who is a good match for your needs. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, work-related stress, and abusive relationships--just to name a few. My approach to treatment is primarily present focused, because I believe that unresolved issues from our past end up repeating themselves in our current relationships. Together we will explore the ways that your thoughts, feelings, and actions affect your mood and the way you experience the world.
(503) 704-3300
Portland, Oregon 97227
Jeff Whritenour, Psychologist  in Portland
“I assist couples and adults with relationship difficulties, parenting, personal and professional life transitions, stress reduction, anxiety/depression, and grief. I use a combination of Mindfulness and Relational therapies because they support my belief that satisfying relationships within our self and with those we love provides the basis for a meaningful life. When our sense of connectedness to others is absent or threatened, life can feel very unsatisfactory. The effectiveness of Mindfulness based therapy is also supported by a large and growing body of scientific evidence.
(503) 567-4975
Portland, Oregon 97209
Nate Bagley, Counselor  in Portland
“I work with young children, teens, individual adults, couples and families and specialize in abuse/trauma treatment, depression, anxiety, sexuality issues, parent coaching, and play therapy. As a Therapist I: ·Use play and art with your young children to help them find relief from their worries and anger; ·Make space for teens to feel comfortable and safe talking to about what is really bothering them; ·Help couples find common ground, work through hurts and learn effective ways to communicate; ·Sit, listen, and provide the care, safety, support, and tools you need to heal, grow, and overcome depression, abuse, or anxiety.
(503) 446-2267
Portland, Oregon 97214
Emily Berry  in Portland
“Sometimes we can become so overwhelmed by the various struggles of life, we start to feel lost - like we don't know ourselves, what we want, or which direction to go. I am a collaborative, empowering therapist that provides a calm and safe space away from the chaos to help you discover a more fulfilling path that's right for you. I work with clients to tackle a variety of issues including anxious thoughts, self-doubt/self-criticism, hopelessness/depression, big life transitions, destructive relational patterns, grief/loss, trauma, issues with intimacy and sexuality, addiction, personal growth, and much more.
(971) 338-4091
Portland, Oregon 97214
Marla Feinberg, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
“I come to this work with a great deal of life experience and an open, accepting attitude. I can help you to heal and change long standing patterns of behaviour that are in the way of your achieving the kind of life you want to be living. I offer relational body oriented talking therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, and would love to accompany you on your journey. Please visit my website for more information.
(503) 446-3278
Portland, Oregon 97205
Jason S. Blei, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, CMHS, MEd
“Wanting something more is necessary for personal growth. Yet, when our relationships become entrenched in power struggles and when dysfunctional patterns repeat themselves this is when competing needs become locked at the expense of personal growth. Sometimes we sacrifice for others to make them happy, but at a cost to the relationship and ourselves. That is when our wants can lead to self-rejection and anger that keep the people we care about at arms' length. The harder we try to express the things most important to us, the more we are misunderstood by those closest to us.
(503) 308-4198
Portland, Oregon 97267
Amy Freeman  in Portland
“I offer practical-minded counseling that actively seeks solutions, while honoring soul and spirit. Special areas of focus include treating anxiety and depression, helping clients find ways to live more joyfully and healthfully, and integrating counter-culture identities into everyday life. I have worked to help clients experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss, parenting issues, relationship challenges, professional or career issues, and life transitions. I work from the premise that therapy is a give and take process of exchanging information. Together, we will look under the surface of conscious awareness, and collaborate to find solutions to the areas of life that you feel need attention.
(503) 839-2659
Portland, Oregon 97213
Barry W. McVay, Counselor  in Portland
“I specialize with individuals and couples who desire to heal emotional problems associated with lack of trust, intimacy difficulties, ineffective communication, anger, silence and distance, sexual matters/addictions or infidelity. My services are COMPASSIONATE, RESULTS-ORIENTED, AFFORDABLE. I focus on helping people deal, heal, and grow through the inevitable seasons of change inherent to our lives. My approach is collaborative with the client, helping you reveal who you are, what you seek, supporting you in critical examination of the challenges you face. Together we create goals, develop strategies, and engage in ongoing interaction that moves you toward meaningful paths of change.
(503) 451-3979
Portland, Oregon 97239
Janet L Martin, Counselor  in Portland
“Are you feeling confused, sad, anxious, angry, or all of these? In your relationship do you feel like you try hard to communicate, but little seems to work? Do you wonder if it is your partner or you? Or perhaps you are feeling sad or numb. You sleep and eat more or less than usual and have problems with concentration, memory, and fatigue. Perhaps you feel anxious.You live with worryand panic feelings and find you cannot relax, sleep well and worry constantly. Perhaps you grew up in a chaotic or abusive environment and experience many of these issues.
(503) 438-4251
Portland, Oregon 97205
Mark Saindon, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship? Do you feel like you are stuck or struggling to get along with your marital partner or significant other? The quality of your relationship impacts the way you feel each day. When your not getting along with your partner it can cause a lot of negative feelings that are difficult to ignore. And, it gets to the point where you know you have to do something about it.
(971) 236-5275
Portland, Oregon 97205
Jesse Johnson, Counselor  in Portland
“Are you feeling satisfied in certain parts of your life, and ready for more in others? Maybe you're in a committed relationship and you're feeling stuck?! I work with everyday people in search of real-world awareness, skills, and resilience with very human challenges like insecurity, anxiety, and fear. Only you really know what it's like to be you, and I get how challenging that can be! Together, we can find out what matters most to you in life, and create more of it!
(503) 444-9735
Portland, Oregon 97212
Megan E Miller, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
“My primary objective when clients begin counseling is to create a safe, nonjudgmental environment for them to speak openly and honestly about their lives and identify the direction they would like their lives to take. I believe therapy is a place to process experiences but also for clients to move towards healthy life changes. My therapeutic style is influenced by CBT, motivational interviewing, narrative and solution-focused therapies. I also integrate the NVC communication model to work on identifying feelings and needs and develop skills to communicate those to others.
(503) 476-9446
Portland, Oregon 97214
Alix Land, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
“My practice is focused on helping people have healthier, more productive relationships, whether with a significant other/spouse, friend, family member or co-worker. I believe that relationships form the foundation of our lives, and when those relationships feel threatened, nothing else seems to matter. I work with both individuals as well as couples, providing a safe, relaxed environment, where clients are free to express themselves and try out new ideas without judgment.
(503) 549-4208
Portland, Oregon 97205
Brian Knapp, Counselor  in Portland
“Are you having trouble with the difficult people in your life? Would you like your partner to do more of some things and less of others? Are there people in your life you'd like to say no to? I help my clients discover clarity in these difficult life situations and resolve their emotional conflict and confusion. Do you want to make your home a happier place, or find your way back to love? Are you sad and worried all the time? Through talking together we can alleviate painful symptoms and improve relationships and increase self esteem.
(503) 406-3669
Portland, Oregon 97212
Katie Woodward, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Seeking support takes courage. I'm glad you're here. I provide compassionate, effective counseling for individuals, couples and families. I work specifically with people making a life transition, struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, or hoping to obtain balance, peace and happiness. I also offer individual and group therapy for those involved in adoption and third party reproduction.
(503) 336-9674
Portland, Oregon 97232
Tonya Boyd  in Portland
“As a therapist, my goal is multifaceted. I want to help you develop an expanded awareness of your deeply held values and beliefs, show you the path to healing your past wounds, provide you with tools to skillfully face life's challenges, and assist you in developing the courage to live with authenticity and purpose. I bring a warm, genuine, and compassionate approach to the work I do with adults, adolescents, couples, and groups. I use a variety of approaches, strategies, and tools, each tailored to the individual needs of my clients.
(503) 713-6896
Portland, Oregon 97214
Terrie A. Lyons, Psychologist  in Portland
“I work with clients to look more deeply to touch the roots of their fears, doubts, and depression. By fostering trust in the client/therapist relationship I seek to help clients uncover patterns which are no longer adaptive and create new paths from those old fear filled places. I see the foundation of creating meaningful lives to be based in love and attachment, meaningful work or interests, a connection to the spirit (in what ever form that may take), and the interaction between mind and body. My clients and I work where ever their foundation is shaky.
(503) 221-8764
Portland, Oregon 97201
Natasha Laumei  in Portland
“I practice from a client-centered, integrative foundation. This means that I consider each client's unique needs, experiences, and situations when developing our working relationship. I work from a place of deep empathy, understanding, intuition, and humor; I also draw from an extensive array of therapeutic theories and tools to create a relevant and productive environment for personal growth and positive change. I offer clients non-judging compassion and support, collaborative guidance, and a strong therapeutic relationship to help us identify clear goals for therapy and work towards creating deep-rooted transformation, empowerment, and sustainable wellbeing within your life.
(971) 319-9754
Portland, Oregon 97214
Myra Sicilia, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MS, NCC, LPCi
“How much time do you spend thinking about relationships? I don't mean just romantic ones-I mean all kinds: relationships with our friends and families; with that special someone; with ourselves; and with the world. I'm Myra Sicilia a Professional Counselor, and I spend A LOT of time thinking about relationships. Because in my experience, healthy, fulfilling relationships are the foundation for everything we long to successfully achieve in our lives.
(503) 925-5487
Portland, Oregon 97214
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