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Therapists in San Francisco

Jana Olias Silverman, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT, ATR-BC
“I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and an art therapist, and I work with children, adolescents, adults and families. I guide my clients through the creative process to the path of liberation from suffering and limitations. The arts offer a medium to express and explore challenges, find healthy ways of coping and experience love and acceptance of self.
(650) 741-4431 x2
San Francisco, California 94118
Jim Christrup, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I help people who are struggling with issues of anxiety, fear, stress, self-criticism, shyness, worry, or depression. I also help couples who are stuck in painful, unsatisfying and destructive cycles in their relationships. Together we work to identify and move out of old unproductive patterns of dealing with problems. My style is interactive and engaged. Therapy is your time to work with what matters most to you. Part of my role as therapist is to help you to untangle the stuck places and guide and support you towards living a more rich, full and meaningful life.
(415) 702-3775
San Francisco, California 94114
John Snyder, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“Even our most self-destructive and self-defeating behaviors have meaning and serve some purpose. Our own self-harm actually made sense at some point because it is usually rooted in previous painful or traumatic experiences, our beliefs about these experiences, and our beliefs about ourselves. At some point, though, we recognize that things have to change. We grow tired of failed relationships, anger, loneliness, dead-end jobs, fights, hangovers, etc. The frustrating part is that the process of change can be painfully confusing and elusive.
(415) 539-0384
San Francisco, California 94129
Tracy Artson, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“I am an experienced psychologist providing psychodynamic, brief and long term psychotherapy as well as crisis intervention to adolescents, individual adults and couples. I have extensive training and experience in working with issues of trauma, depression, anxiety, separation and divorce, loss and grief, life transitions, and relational issues, among others. In addition, I am a trained EMDR practitioner. EMDR is a specialized therapeutic technique for symptom relief and the processing of trauma, whether experienced from the distant past or more recently. Additionally, this technique is highly effective for anxiety, phobias, depression and addictions.
(415) 923-0866
San Francisco, California 94115
Benjamin R Tong, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT
“In my private practice, I work with individuals and couples on issues related to stress, trauma, life transitions and relationship problems. My integrative approach is existential, psychodynamic, and strategic / systemic, with a Taoist touch. I am director and head instructor of a school of Classical Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. A Professor of Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, I also provide case consultation for other psychotherapists. Website:
(415) 767-1721
San Francisco, California 94123
Bruce Weitzman, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
“Many of my clients are successful professionals who are beginning to question whether they are on the right path. Some are searching for a more creative or spiritual way of life. Others crave relationships of greater substance. Still others seek clarity of purpose. Most feel limited by notions of what they have to be or do for the sake of others. You may have something in common with these people.
(415) 294-5083
San Francisco, California 94102
Laura Fannon, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“My work with individual adults at all stages of life recognizes the transformative power of even the most challenging life transitions. These opportunities may take many forms: fears about mortality and aging, grief and loss, questions about career and calling, spiritual and existential crises, shifts in sexual identity and orientation, and relationship problems. I also do couples counseling (straight and GLBT), including premarital counseling, and am a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator. I work with adult family members (siblings or parents/adult children) to help them resolve longstanding problems in their relationships.
(415) 323-0925
San Francisco, California 94103
Loni Fillmore, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“We live in a busy, stressful world. Trying to juggle all the aspects of your life can be exhausting and emotionally draining. It is all to easy to take caring for yourself off the growing to do list. Today you are one step closer to a more accepting, compassionate, genuine you. My goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Having a space to speak freely and be heard with care and attention can provide you the opportunity to achieve the balance you desire.
(415) 877-4963
San Francisco, California 94131
Gabriel Glatstein, Psychological Associate  in San Francisco
“Often in life we find ourselves in the midst of difficult and painful experiences. Our attempts to avoid the unavoidable, to control the uncontrollable often manifests in more difficulties for us. Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, psychiatrist, and author states, "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." At the core of my therapeutic approach is this belief, that many of life's challenges cannot be escaped, but we can change our relationship to them through acceptance, contact with our present moment experience, and choosing a response consistent with our physical experiences and values.
(714) 709-4718
San Francisco, California 94110
Peggy Handler, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Do you long for a deeper sense of peace, wholeness and connection to life? Do repetitive patterns prevent you from having a fulfilling life and satisfying relationships? Any issue or symptom, such as addiction, depression or anxiety, or an underlying sense of disconnection, fear or doubt, is a message from your unconscious that something inside Is out of alignment. Together we will explore the symptoms and their meaning, to help you connect more to yourself and life. This collaborative effort is likely to facilitate significant change in your life, allowing you to live your life rather than it living you.
(415) 630-5753
San Francisco, California 94114
Melissa D'Amore, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
“I help individuals who are seeking support through significant life changes or are suffering from past wounding to heal and to deepen self-awareness.
(415) 539-0216
San Francisco, California 94123
Janet Natale, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, ATR, CHT
“Are you going through challenges regarding your life's purpose, and or are going through a crisis situation such as relational, life transitions, career, addictions, spiritual, emotional, and grief/loss? I will support you in the process of self-discovery so you can sort out your feelings, heal, and get clearer about yourself and your life goals. I will help you in living the life you want to live and were meant to live - with joy and purpose. Various therapeutic methods will be used such as Dialogue, Creative Arts Therapy, Dreams, Metaphor, Nature, Guided Imagery, Journalling, Story-Telling, and Hypnosis.
(510) 996-5602
San Francisco, California 94122
Delfina Piretti, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT, REAT
“I generally work with high functioning people at important junctures in life where the suffering is great. Asking for help is often a powerful step of surrendering the ego's attempts to resist change. Symptoms are often a sign that something is trying to wake up inside of you. When you turn your attention inward and get intimate with your inner life you can start to find the energy to heal, to grow and to change.
(415) 799-4167
San Francisco, California 94118
Jacinda Y. Marshall, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“I provide comprehensive psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and families, for a wide range of psychological concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma, identity development, multicultural concerns, stress, and relationship style differences. I work from a strong social justice, strength-based/collaborative perspective and utilize evidence-based and practice-based techniques. Throughout, this therapeutic process, I provide a safe, supportive environment in which to form and nurture a therapeutic working relationship and discuss concerns that may be, at times, emotionally painful. I use warmth, compassion, empathy, creativity, flexibility, and sometimes a sense of humor in this therapeutic process.
(415) 967-5187
San Francisco, California 94102
Jennifer Sharpe, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA, MFTi
“I am dedicated to providing a safe and dynamic environment for deeper understanding, healing and transformation. I offer specialized, high-quality psychotherapy to individuals and couples. Whether you are seeking support in a time of hardship, or looking to explore your personal identity, I will work with you to create a unique approach that speaks to you. I specialize in addressing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, supporting personal growth, aiding life transitions, developing interpersonal skills, intimacy, and coping with loss and grief. Together we can find your innate inner wisdom and sense of wholeness.
(415) 639-9371
San Francisco, California 94114
Bruce Edward Hearn, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“If you're seeking help in dealing with overwhelming emotions, relationship difficulties or life choices, I'm glad you've found me. People I have worked with have struggled with bad feelings about themselves, have suffered from anxiety or numbness, or felt uncertain of their next steps. We will create the space for healing and find new avenues for growth and development. If this is what you're looking for and you feel we might connect, please get in touch. I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation.
(415) 408-7958
San Francisco, California 94104
Peter N Sholley, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
“I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, grief, chronic pain, disability, and life transitions. I have openings in my practice for children, adults and couples, for brief or long-term work.
(415) 697-3136
San Francisco, California 94114
Scott Balderson, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
“My therapeutic approach is grounded in traditional western psychology and is also greatly informed by Eastern traditions. My style is interactive, supportive, and collaborative. I am trained in the Hakomi Method of therapy which will help you look beyond how you have typically thought about your situation and your life. You will learn more about yourself from a deeper emotional perspective. This style of therapy is gentle yet directive and often provides new and profound insight and awareness. The therapy proceeds very organically at the pace that is right for you.
(415) 347-5961
San Francisco, California 94114
Jennifer Lowell, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“I work with individuals and couples, and treat a range of issues including depression, anxiety, loneliness, emotional intimacy, self esteem, and relationship struggles. I also specialize in treating adults and adolecents with eating disorders. I have worked with eating and body image disturbances for 15 plus years. I am passionate about helping people develop a comfortable relationship with their bodies, food, and exercise through a non-diet approach.
(415) 689-9960
San Francisco, California 94118
Robin Eve Greenberg MFT, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
“I feel honored to provide an environment where the inner life can emerge. People seek therapy at a vulnerable time in their lives. I offer a warmly related environment where suffering can be approached gently, and new possibilities can emerge.
(415) 830-9404
San Francisco, California 94118
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How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in San Francisco have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in San Francisco you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in San Francisco and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in San Francisco or family therapy in San Francisco.

How to find a specialist?
If you're looking for specialist counseling in San Francisco, such as a child psychologist or sex therapist, try to refine your search with our left nav bar.

What method of therapy is right for me?
When it comes to treatment methods, there's no "right way". A couples counselor or a family counselor may use different treatment methods depending on the one that works best for you.
How to use my insurance?
Many therapists accept health insurance. Check to see if your insurance is covered. Feel free to discuss this when you contact the therapist.