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Therapists in San Francisco

Bruce Edward Hearn, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“If you're seeking help in dealing with overwhelming emotions, relationship difficulties or life choices, I'm glad you've found me. People I have worked with have struggled with bad feelings about themselves, have suffered from anxiety or numbness, or felt uncertain of their next steps. We will create the space for healing and find new avenues for growth and development. If this is what you're looking for and you feel we might connect, please get in touch. I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation.
(415) 408-7958
San Francisco, California 94104
Leah A. Cochrane, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MS, LMFT
“How often have you found true love, only to end up alone, full of self-doubt? You're not alone there. And you don't have to do it again. You can become like the person you seek, become the parent you wanted, the friend you'd value. In my work I help you understand what you want and what the barriers are, your deepest beliefs, your preferences, what past damage keeps you guarded and in pain, and I teach you advanced communication and empathy skills. Together we work to help you to become what you hope to have.
(415) 802-0757
San Francisco, California 94118
Audrey Adelson, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“You are probably looking for a therapist because something is not going right in your life. Perhaps you are feeling depressed or angry in a relationship or at work? Perhaps someone else suggested you seek help? Whatever the reason might be, I will work with you to understand more fully the dynamics of the current situation as well as about past situations that may be contributing. We can work together to develop goals that feel realistic and ways to overcome obstacles to success.I've worked as a therapist for over 25 years with a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds.
(415) 799-3189
San Francisco, California 94114
Gregory Clinton, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“Ever get frustrated by repeating certain patterns and ways of coping that keep causing problems in your life, even when you know better? And no matter what you keep telling yourself--or others try to tell you--things just don't really change? My approach to therapy focuses on these problematic dynamics in which we can find ourselves hopelessly stuck. By paying close attention to our thoughts and feelings, and working together in a safe and open therapeutic partnership, I can help you open up new ways of managing yourself and your relationships with others.
(415) 692-5691
San Francisco, California 94114
Paul Foster Brock, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Do you or someone you love struggle with alcohol, drugs or another compulsive behavior? Do you or your family need help navigating a relative's substance abuse problems? Did you grow up in or currently live in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional environment? Are you an adult but sometimes feel more like a child? Do you wonder why your relationships are not fulfilling? Do you have a difficult time determining what 'normal' looks like (behavior, relationships, etc)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I may be able to help.
(415) 969-2932
San Francisco, California 94114
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, MFT
“In my practice I work with many complex psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, etc. My specialty is the development of the intuitive function. Not widely known, intuition is one of the psyche's most valued assets. Primary in the processes of innovative, flow experiences or learning a language, intuition is an unconscious process that bridges unknown, unconscious knowledge to consciousness. It operates on a spectrum from simple tasks like riding a bike to telepathy or premonitions. The intuitive function is also known as the first sight, guiding split second decisions when needed.
(415) 801-0591
San Francisco, California 94111
Meryl Leavitt, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MFT
“My passion and specialization is working with children and their families, which I have experience with in both school and private practice settings. Do you have children who are bullied at school or are the bully? Do you have children who are failing their classes or seem uncharacteristically anxious or depressed? Are you going through a separation with your partner and wonder how it is affecting your children? If you are, I can help. Other prevelent issues in my work with both adults and children include: grief and loss, substance abuse, anger management, family reunification, divorce, and romantic relationships.
(415) 868-5901
San Francisco, California 94122
Ilene Ava Serlin, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“I'm a very experienced psychotherapist with over 30 years experience in many settings. I'm warm and compassionate, but also practical. I work from a growth model that helps you access your own wisdom and make a commitment to change. My background in the arts and Jungian psychology attunes me to the dreams and imagery that can inform you about your life course, but I also help you bring these dreams into action. My experience with mind/body can help you prepare for and recover from surgery, develop resilience, stress reduction, confront mortality and life changes, find meaningful work, and appreciate relationships.
(415) 931-3819
San Francisco, California 94123
Natalie Spautz, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA, MFTi
“Feeling stuck? Feeling dissatisfied with work, love or family? Uncertain about how to make a change even though you know it's needed? I hear these experiences from many people I work with. Therapy can facilitate transformation for people who want new, more fulfilling experiences in life and love. Many of us simply did not learn how to best be ourselves while being in relationship to others, ask for what we need and reach for what we want. If you're looking for new ways to connect to yourself and others, let's meet and see how working together feels.
(415) 275-8289
San Francisco, California 94115
“I use an interactive approach tailored to best meet each individual's needs. I utilize traditional psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and Dialectical Behavior theories to create long lasting emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. This combination facilitates both long-term therapy as well as short-term strategic problem-solving.
(415) 992-8494
San Francisco, California 94131
Barbara J Thomas, Psychological Associate  in San Francisco
“So, you are browsing for someone to help you. There are many here who can, myself included. Effective therapy is first and foremost about good fit. Can we collaborate on a solution for you? Do I care enough to hear what you are saying and feel what you are not ready to say? Am I patient enough to give you time to share in your own time and in your own way? Am I willing to be directive when you most need it, even though you may not want that? In a word, "Yes."
(415) 801-0882
San Francisco, California 94102
Zeynep Kagan, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MS, MA, MFTI
“Therapy is about developing a new kind of relationship with one's experience. Much of our pain, suffering, and struggle stem from resisting the experience, judging it, and denying it. My work is dedicated to helping you embrace the challenges and find meaning in them by helping you slow down, enter the experience, and discover your potent spark. We have our answers within and by looking inside, our suffering finds meaning and transformation, our vision finds clarity and awakening.
(415) 484-4515
San Francisco, California 94114
Daryl-Anne Goldman, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“In my 26 years of private practice I have seen how anxiety and depression interferes with peoples' lives and causes a great deal of frustration and shame. I work with anxiety and depression that is new, i.e. connected to current life events, as well as the kind of anxiety and depression which is recurrent and harder to change. I try to get the BIG PICTURE and see how other issues and problems may be affecting your anxiety and depression, such as undiagnosed ADD, learning disabilities, chronic illness, family dynamics, insomnia and food issues.
(415) 337-4519
San Francisco, California 94103
Alexandria Leedy, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“Feeling overwhelmed with life? Bombarded by critical, fear-based, or guilt-ridden thoughts and feelings? I can help. I specialize in helping women remove obstacles that inhibit authentic self-expression and personal growth -- enabling them to freely pursue their dreams and goals. I offer a warm, collaborative approach to treatment and believe change can happen. I see growth as an implicit function of human development. People are always striving to grow, connect, and relate to others in deeper more fulfilling ways. In essence, to live richer, more rewarding, and healthier lives.
(650) 209-7785
San Francisco, California 94123
Debora Fletcher, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“As an experienced clinical psychologist, I help people with a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, career stresses, blocks in creativity, and coming to terms with difficult and traumatic life situations. I also provide parenting consultation. I firmly believe that lasting emotional change is possible. I try to help clients gain insight into themselves and their problems and acquire better tools to deal with them.
(415) 440-2826
San Francisco, California 94115
Robert B. Levin, MD, Psychiatrist  in San Francisco
“Psychiatry is the medical specialty that treats psychological/emotional disorders, but I try to see beyond medical "diagnoses" to the existential issues of who we are in this world and how we wish to live our lives. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to the patients who choose me for their care and in my office you will receive both help with your explicit goals and guidance. Another high priority is to do the work as efficiently as possible - to minimize your costs in time and money.
(831) 471-5249
San Francisco, California 94103
Michael Pastor, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Francisco
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, MFT
“For over twenty-five years I have helped clients with a wide variety of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma and loss. I work with individuals, couples and families. Communication is a key word in my conception of psychotherapy: I aim to help clients communicate better with important people in their life but also to get in touch with their own blind spots that make it difficult to really know what they think, feel and want. I create a supportive therapeutic environment in which clients can engage in self-exploration and problem solving at their own pace.
(415) 992-8834
San Francisco, California 94115
“We are experienced licensed psychologists with extensive training in a variety of effective and evidence-based techniques. We are supportive, solution-based and interactive. Finding the right therapist is important. We will offer you a referral to the associate that is the best fit for you. Our philosophy is to work collaboratively and tailor our interventions to your personal needs. We incorporate a variety of practices that will enhance your personal well-being and life satisfaction and create meaning and balance in your life. Our clients are active people who are seeking to improve their relationships, work life, and physical and emotional well-being.
Kirsten Miley Howell, Psychologist  in San Francisco
“Respect, safety, and genuineness are the essentials of a good therapeutic relationship and the basis of my practice. I provide a warm environment that includes listening and support but also is direct and potentially challenging at times to help you reach your goals and find greater emotional well-being. By exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in this non judgmental environment, together we can increase your self awareness, solve repetitive problems, find new ways of handling relationships, and develop tools to help you navigate through life’s challenges.
(650) 383-8929
San Francisco, California 94115
“My approach is to understand you deeply and individualize our work by finding what is most effective for you. All people are unique and their life circumstances are particular to who they are. Through collaboration, we figure out what is what is most beneficial for your wellbeing and also what is realistic for your lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you and exploring what you wish to change through an initial free half hour phone consultation. My two offices, downtown San Francisco and on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, are accessible by public transportation.
(415) 237-6065
San Francisco, California 94105
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How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in San Francisco have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in San Francisco you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in San Francisco and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in San Francisco or family therapy in San Francisco.

How to find a specialist?
If you're looking for specialist counseling in San Francisco, such as a child psychologist or sex therapist, try to refine your search with our left nav bar.

What method of therapy is right for me?
When it comes to treatment methods, there's no "right way". A couples counselor or a family counselor may use different treatment methods depending on the one that works best for you.
How to use my insurance?
Many therapists accept health insurance. Check to see if your insurance is covered. Feel free to discuss this when you contact the therapist.