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Anxiety Therapists in Scottsdale
Fears, Phobia

Stacey Bruen, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“Therapy has the ability to allow one to process, grow, and heal. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who is also Nationally and Board Certified. I have been in private practice for over 14 years where I focus on individual, child/teen, family, and couples counseling. I am also passionate about effective parenting. I enjoy assisting parents to effectively guide and assist their child/teen to choose healthier responses and behaviors through an often challenging transition.
(480) 948-1123
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
Pamela Chambers, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“I have learned that the main thing that holds people back from being all that they can be is fear. We all have reasons as to why we can't accomplish this, have a job that we hate or why we are in a relationship that makes us miserable. Underneath it all, is fear. I will be a failure and won't be loved. Or, the fear that you will be more magnificent than you ever thought possible. I enjoy working with people to look at fear differently and create the breakthrough they desire. Don't settle for less than you deserve.
(480) 800-4387
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
“In my work with clients, I blend 3 treatment approaches:Ericksonian, Existential/Humanistic and Cognitive/Behavioral. In combination, these approaches emphasize utilization of client strengths, being present in the moment with each client and finally, promoting flexible, authentic framing/reframing of client life experiences.
(520) 549-2147
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
Shelly Reed, Psychologist  in Scottsdale
“Dr. Shelly Reed is a licensed psychologist who has experience treating clients in residential, academic, hospital, community, medical and private practice settings. Dr. Reed treats individuals and couples dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, self-injurious behavior, and cultural issues through CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), behavioral medicine (hypnosis, pain management, biofeedback), motivational interviewing, and spiritually oriented psychotherapy.
(480) 719-2643
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Carly Looper  in Scottsdale
“Through pain and suffering one can find peace and happiness. I offer individual, family, and group therapy in an accepting and non-judgmental environment where the therapeutic approach will be centered around the client's individual needs and strengths. I use a series of Mindfulness-based approaches to addressing the needs of clients including CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy). I have completed a year long residency focusing on the above modalities along with three years of experience providing therapy to adults, adolescents, couples, and families.
(303) 816-8303
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
True2U Counseling LLC, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“Welcome to True2U Counseling. I am Jessica Weest, a licensed Professional Counselor located in Scottsdale, Arizona. I've been a therapist for more than four years, and I possess a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. I am proud to offer you an individualized therapy experience that will enable you to focus on positive choices, self-exploration, and ongoing personal growth. Your success will be my success, which keeps me motivated, excited, and effective. So it must be obvious that I am passionate about adult counseling.
(480) 405-7805
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Jenna L Sexton, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“Is there something holding you back from the life you want? Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward, or limited? You can break free from damaging thought patterns and limiting beliefs - and you can finally live the life you deserve. I will guide you through the process of achieving permanent change.
(480) 386-9794
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
“I am a cognitive behavioral therapist, and my focus is to help clients identify and define problem areas and to learn specific ways of dealing with these. I have been using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in my work since 1997; it is extremely helpful in dealing with trauma. I also use hypnosis. I work with individuals 18 years and older and with couples. Most of my clients are dealing with anxieties/phobias, depression/mood disorder, trauma, grief/loss or divorce.
(520) 704-6928
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Angela G Bowers, Psychologist  in Scottsdale
“My training and professional experience has been with clients of all ages. I work primarily as a cognitive/behavioral therapist. This means that I am practical, goal oriented, and that the work is research based. I have special training in clinical hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation, as well as yoga. I often blend cognitive work with other modalities. I give specific recommendations and frequently assign "homework". I believe people who are motivated can make tremendous changes. I feel priviledged and honored to work with clients who are facing tough life challenges. I love my work!
(480) 447-9230
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Hillary Ganz, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“I work with clients to: Reduce Self Defeating Behaviors - Reduce Depression and Anxiety -Increase Interpersonal Effectiveness- Increase Ability to Manage Intense Emotions - Explore Values and Work through Relationship Struggles. I use a variety of therapeutic strategies such as Mindfulness-based Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I have extensive training working with Borderline Personality Disorder, (including individuals who may self-harm).
(602) 492-3893
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Darsi Axford, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“My style is compassionate yet direct, and I have personal life experiences that give me an insight and empathy level that quickly facilitates trust and rapport. I believe we all have the answers within, and I am here to help guide you to find and trust your own best answers, move through blocks to success and take action towards your most desired goals.
(480) 607-1400
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Timothy M Tays, Psychologist  in Scottsdale
“I am a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona. I specialize in treating anxiety disorders (e.g., obsessive-compulsive, phobias, panic, trauma, social anxiety) and depression. I integrate cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT), which is particularly effective and long lasting with anxiety, with an interpersonal psychodynamic approach, depending on each individual's needs. I also treat impression management (e.g, acting like a "chameleon”). I also am trained to work with postpartum depression and anxiety.
(480) 281-1478
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
From Within Counseling, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“As your therapist, you have my commitment to guide and support you to a more developed sense of self. My job is to assist you in strengthening yourself. Have you thought about setting goals? What about accomplishing them? Let us work together so you can nourish your spirit, attend to your soul and grow emotionally. The process of therapy will enlighten you to find your best self!
(480) 409-2312
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
Marci W Harris, Psychologist  in Scottsdale
“The relationship is very important to me and a good fit is utmost. I enjoy and feel privileged to share in the lives of each of my patients. I view therapy as a mutually creative process and after more than 25 years in psychology, I continue to be inspired by the challenge. It is most rewarding to share in the lives of individuals working toward positive growth.
(480) 788-9894
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250
Maynard William Bell, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“In my first career (28 years long), I served as a congregational rabbi, and a good one, I think. This life experience informs my values and my care and concern for people, but does not stand in the way of my appreciation of human diversity and my ability to connect with people of varied cultures. I am a compassionate therapist, with a gentle and nurturing style of client care.
(480) 696-5053
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
Diana Sussman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Scottsdale
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Feeling depressed or anxious? Having difficulties in your marriage/relationships? I am committed to helping you to make positive changes to cope with your problems as quickly and effectively as possible, with all the tools at my disposal.
(480) 382-3977
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Deborah E Dyer, Psychologist  in Scottsdale
“My orientation in therapy is primarily cognitive behavioral. My approach with my clients is practical, goal-oriented, solution-focused and strength-based. In therapy I work to support my clients to achieve their goals by finding new insights and creating positive change. I believe that in today's busy world working towards a balanced life is imperative, so I have a mind-body approach to my work.
(480) 409-2427
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Beverlee Laidlaw Chasse, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“As a Integrative psychotherapist, over the last 27 years in practice, I have developed a fusion of state of the art treatment modalities that allow me to look at your current difficulties from a big picture vantage point. By considering affective, cognitive, behavioral, physiological and environmental factors that maybe contributing to your difficulties I am able to tailor make your individual treatment, utilizing the best of different psychotherapeutic techniques to fit your unique needs,circumstances and personality. My job is to help you tap into your natural healing mechanism, and assist you to explore, repair and transform into the Optimal You.
(480) 646-3910
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Heather de Soler, Psychologist  in Scottsdale
“Have the stresses of daily life including relationship issues, on the job issues, college life, or physical health become overwhelming? I am part of a group practice specializing in total stress reduction, offering a variety of services aimed towards inner peace and tranquility. Our full range of services includes: anti-aging remedies, holistic energy healing, massage and facials, reiki, chiropractic and naturopath medicine. Our philosophy views emotional and physical health as continuously interwoven aspects of our behaviors and moods. I employ alternative therapies such as EMDR and "Brain Rewiring" techniques to move individuals to a balanced and more deeply understood self.
(480) 719-1279
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Gary Breuer, Counselor  in Scottsdale
“Road blocks often present themselves when old patterns are no longer helpful and it is time for a fresh perspective so that you can more easily resolve the concerns that have presented themselves. As a result, you can enjoy a better quality of life for yourself and your relationships. Each person has their own unique set of strengths and I will help you to identify yours, build upon them, and likely discover hidden or new ones.
(480) 758-2552
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
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Anxiety (Fears, Phobia) Therapists
If you're looking for help with anxiety in Scottsdale or for a Scottsdale anxiety Therapist these Therapists provide anxiety therapy and general anxiety treatment. They include anxiety Therapists, anxiety psychologists in Scottsdale, anxiety psychotherapists and Scottsdale anxiety counselors. They can help with anxiety disorders, social anxiety, anxiety attacks, shyness, social anxiety in Scottsdale, anxiety depression and anxiety panic. They can help with Scottsdale anxiety , anxiety counseling in Scottsdale or counseling for anxiety and overcoming anxiety. Anxiety specialists who provide anxiety therapy in Scottsdale may help you with anxiety in Scottsdale.

If your anxiety can be better explained as a feeling of fear and you're looking for help with fear in Scottsdale, these Therapists provide fear therapy and treatment for fear disorders, social fear and fear attacks in Scottsdale. They provide fear treatment, fear counseling in Scottsdale or counseling for fear and overcoming fear. They can help with fear of flying, fear of commitment, insecurity and coping with fear.

Anxiety is often expressed as phobia. For help with phobia in Scottsdale or for a Scottsdale phobia Therapist these Therapists provide phobia therapy, including exposure therapy, and phobia counseling. There are many defined phobias include agoraphobia, which are attacks of intense fear and anxiety often in places where it is hard to escape (also claustrophobia), social phobia and emetophobia (vomiting).

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
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