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Suicidal Ideation Therapists in Seattle

Kavita Avula, Psychologist  in Seattle
“My practice is focused on wellness and health. I empower my clients to discover what is blocking them from happiness and feeling grounded. This occurs through the insight-oriented process of looking at old, persistent and problematic relational patterns. I help people to re-work their relational dynamics such that they get more out of life and establish more fulfilling relationships. Resolving symptoms is just the beginning of a process of growth. My clients cultivate a more profound sense of themselves and develop a greater sense of self-worth. This leads to concrete and meaningful changes in their lives.
Suicidal Ideation
(202) 600-9756
Seattle, Washington 98103
Tracy Kalloway, Counselor  in Seattle
“Would you like more happiness in your life? Less drama? More stable relationships? I can help. I provide comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy for teens and adults who have problems with emotion regulation, tolerating distress, self-harming behaviors and suicide ideation. As a comprehensive DBT therapist I provide skills groups, 24/7 phone coaching, and individual therapy to my clients. Contact me today to find out if DBT might be the key to developing the life you want to live.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 452-2716
Seattle, Washington 98103
Amy S Davis, Psychologist  in Seattle
“Whether you are feeling stuck, struggling to find meaning in your life, or undergoing transition or loss, I understand what you may be going through, and I can help. I see my role as a fellow traveler along life's path, not the expert on your life. Therapy works best when there is gentle confrontation in an atmosphere of trust and compassion. I see my role in helping you make more satisfying life choices. I believe it is the relationship between us that ultimately allows for growth and healing,
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 455-7188
Seattle, Washington 98115
Marvin Thomas, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW, BCW
“Do you want more love and creativity and vitality in your life? I bring 40 years of experience in working with thousands of people both as couples and individually. Together, you and I will create a solution that is unique to your needs.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 538-2739
Seattle, Washington 98125
Counselor, MEd
“I have been in practice a long time, and work well with a variety of people. Here are some with whom I have been most successful: 1) children and teens, with or without their families (birth, foster, adoptive, or blended); 2) couples, whether straight or gay, married or not, monogamous or open; 3) young women ages 15-25, who need help stepping firmly into adulthood; 4) people who have been sexually abused; 5) those who want to include spirituality or religion into their therapy (and I do not proselytize any particular faith).
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 557-6191
Seattle, Washington 98102
Stefani L Shaffer, Counselor  in Seattle
“Relationships deeply form us and often, the roots of our unrest are discovered in how we relate to ourselves and others. Within the therapeutic relationship I will seek to develop a relationship that unfolds the ways you relate to yourself and other The hope is for us to be open, real and vulnerable to the effects that humans have on us, including the human that is sitting across from us. Relational psychotherapy offers presence rather than analysis, empathy rather than sympathy, and the face of another human being, rather than the face of a detached professional.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 801-0612
Seattle, Washington 98103
Sharon Eiler, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Joy is your Birthright! Reunite with your genuine self, where joy, competence, and relationship come easily. My approach is grounded in science, spirited by intuition and designed to joyfully enliven the wisdom of your body-mind. Clients express gratitude for the ease and effectiveness of my unique approach. Through guided, therapeutic "meditations" designed to create wellbeing, we soothe your "triggers" and enliven your being. Your emotional responses become reliable, making decisions and relationships flow more easily. Then, you can handle the bumps of life--and thrive. I'm experienced in this process, and am honored to facilitate your unique journey.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 745-4892
Seattle, Washington 98104
Susan Fenton, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, DCSW, LCSW
“I have been doing psychotherapy since 1983 and in private practice since 1990. I believe, and the research seems to confirm, that hurts and unhealthy patterns which were created in complicated or dysfunctional early relationships, can be changed and improved. A warm, positive, and attuned relationship can help us move through and past those patterns. Therefore, the atmosphere in the room where therapy occurs is primary. The milieu that allows, grows, encourages change is relational. I try to create a safe, warm, relational environment for you to do the work that you need and want to do,
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 557-6758
Seattle, Washington 98112
Charlotte House, Counselor  in Seattle
“Empowerment begins with knowing how to sense something within other than the pain you carry. With Talk and Body Awareness therapies you will learn how to touch that pain from a place of strength instead of coping. Together, you and I uncover your unique ability to meet and "digest" wounded parts, allowing you to feel more authentic, alive and full of self-worth. These body-centered skills allow you to make everyday life a therapeutic experience. I use this integrated approach to recovery from childhood issues because the results are deep, gentle, and lasting.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 557-6874
Seattle, Washington 98103
Jill Cole, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, DSW, LICSW
“I am a licensed clinical social worker (with a doctorate from Columbia University) with over 40 years of practice experience with children, families, couples, and adults. My approach to our work is "psychodynamic" and I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship. I am open to consultation, crisis intervention, short term therapy, and more intensive, insight oriented treatment. The "ideal client" is the one who is willing to work hard. So am I!
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 226-6873
Seattle, Washington 98121
Susanne Drisko, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, MHP, CMHS
“Are you looking for support around making changes in your life or gaining some personal insight? Or are you interested in improving your general sense of wellbeing? Maybe you have run in to barriers to acheiving goals in some area of your life such as your health, or relationships? Or perhaps you just feel stuck. If so, I can help. We all experience struggle at times. Entering therapy can be the first step in a process of gaining better understanding of yourself and the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that may be preventing you from living the life that you want to live.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 819-3258
Seattle, Washington 98119
Yona Margolese  in Seattle
“"There are not enough male role models for our teenagers today!" I have worked with teenagers and their families struggling with issues like suicide, depression, despair, loneliness, guilt, family conflicts, porn addictions, and relationship issues (and others) and have assisted them in working through their challenges to help them find the solutions that worked uniquely for each family member. I do not have one way of "doing therapy", rather, I connect with each person and find out what will work best for him/her and for the family! Each person has within themselves greatness, it just needs to be discovered!
Suicidal Ideation
(425) 903-3304
Seattle, Washington 98118
Christy Skimming, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW, CCTP
“I have 19 years of experience in mental health and healthcare. My clients are individuals and couples facing the most difficult of life circumstances ranging from a cancer diagnosis to end of life issues, divorce, and job/financial loss. I understand the impact of such life changing events. Each of us has the ability to cope with what seems like the impossible with some guidance and support. My role is to walk beside you, offering insight and perspective, as you navigate life's journey. I will honor your values, goals and choices in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 735-4101
Seattle, Washington 98103
Joshua Aaron Ginzler, Psychologist  in Seattle
“My mission is to help people & families understand their emotions so that they are less likely to be reactive & more likely to be responsive in life. During my earlier career as a research psychologist at the University of Washington I focused on working with youth & adults facing issues of homelessness & substance use problems. As a result I also studied & work with treatments for suicidality, personality issues, & a wide array of stress related disorders.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 963-9679
Seattle, Washington 98103
Kaelyn Langer Mendonca, Counselor  in Seattle
“Are you feeling anxious, sad, confused, and/or overwhelmed? Have you lost a sense of joy in your life and feel hopeless about your future? My goal as a therapist is to support you in finding joy, hope, and healing through understanding and acceptance. I have almost ten years involvement working in mental health, including residential treatment, psychiatric inpatient, community mental health, university counseling center, and private practice experience. I work primarily from a psychodynamic perspective, using supportive, client-centered therapy coupled with mindfulness and spiritual psychology.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 981-3255
Seattle, Washington 98103
Ryther, Treatment Facility  in Seattle
“We've designed our services to address the individual needs and unique developmental aspects of adolescents using drugs and/or alcohol as well as those with co-occurring mental health issues and their families. We offer drug and alcohol assessments as well as psychiatric, substance abuse and mental health assessments. Assessments include urine analysis that meet school and court requirements. Our programs include Level 1 Outpatient Counseling, Level II Intensive Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment, Ryther's Co-Occurring Outpatient Program and Level 3.5 Co-Occurring Inpatient treatment program for males age 12-17, with an average length of stay of 30 days.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 641-9138
Seattle, Washington 98115
Stacey Nagle, Counselor  in Seattle
“Welcome! I work with adolescents and adults. My approach is eclectic and humanistic, with a anti-oppression focus. I believe safety and trust between client and therapist is key to successful therapy. It is my intent to give you a safe place to explore yourself, free from judgment, oppression and harmful messages. When working with clients I am sensitive to how racism, sexism, homophobia, bi-phobia, transphobia, etc. affect each individual's mental health and identity. I believe there is nothing wrong with you and that you are already equipped with the potential and resources necessary to heal and grow.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 745-5040
Seattle, Washington 98103
Crystal DeLoach, Psychologist  in Seattle
“I work with women, men, adolescents, and couples struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, relationship difficulties, and/or working toward personal growth, self-exploration, and relationship enhancement. I also have advanced training in helping people work through the emotional and psychological issues related to medical problems including infertility, high-risk pregnancy, peripartum loss, postpartum depression, cancer, adjustment to parenting, and other issues.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 496-0393
Seattle, Washington 98121
Changing Stories Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Seattle
“Are you or a family member struggling with grief or loss? Do you feel stuck in your journey as a human being? Are you haunted by regrets? I believe that extremely impactful events are often swept under the rug by our fast-paced lives and sometimes it requires a safe and slowed down space to look back in order to move forward. I work with a variety of theories--especially narrative--and teens, families and adults in Spanish and English.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 535-1958
Seattle, Washington 98104
Rhoda Schlatter, Counselor  in Seattle
“I have worked with a variety of issues ranging from sexual abuse to family addictions to suicidal ideation as well as a variety of mental health disorders. My strengths and focuses are: teenagers, parents, transitions into adulthood, TCK's, and LGBTQ.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 745-3047
Seattle, Washington 98115
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Suicidal Ideation Therapists
If you have suicidal thoughts and you're in Seattle, please call a Seattle Therapists from the list above or, simply call this number 1-800-273-8255 to chat to someone now.

Suicide is a tragic event with strong emotional repercussions for its survivors. Especially for parents of suicide victims, since so many suicides occur amongst young people and teenagers.

Learn more here about teenage suicide and suicide in general. Or contact a Therapist in Seattle who can help with counseling you or a family member or loved one who may have suicidal thoughts or suffer from suicidal ideation -or you just plain fear may take their life.

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