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Suicidal Ideation Therapists in Seattle

Kavita Avula, Psychologist  in Seattle
“My practice is focused on wellness and health. I empower my clients to discover what is blocking them from happiness and feeling grounded. This occurs through the insight-oriented process of looking at old, persistent and problematic relational patterns. I help people to re-work their relational dynamics such that they get more out of life and establish more fulfilling relationships. Resolving symptoms is just the beginning of a process of growth. My clients cultivate a more profound sense of themselves and develop a greater sense of self-worth. This leads to concrete and meaningful changes in their lives.
Suicidal Ideation
(202) 600-9756
Seattle, Washington 98103
Amy S Davis, Psychologist  in Seattle
“Whether you are feeling stuck, struggling to find meaning in your life, or undergoing transition or loss, I understand what you may be going through, and I can help. I see my role as a fellow traveler along life's path, not the expert on your life. Therapy works best when there is gentle confrontation in an atmosphere of trust and compassion. I see my role in helping you make more satisfying life choices. I believe it is the relationship between us that ultimately allows for growth and healing,
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 455-7188
Seattle, Washington 98115
Tracy Kalloway, Counselor  in Seattle
“Would you like more happiness in your life? Less drama? More stable relationships? I can help. I provide comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy for teens and adults who have problems with emotion regulation, tolerating distress, self-harming behaviors and suicide ideation. As a comprehensive DBT therapist I provide skills groups, 24/7 phone coaching, and individual therapy to my clients. Contact me today to find out if DBT might be the key to developing the life you want to live.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 452-2716
Seattle, Washington 98103
Joan Golston, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, DCSW, LICSW
“In my experience, things can start getting better fast, long before the problem is solved. Rated in the top 1% of psychotherapists on LinkedIn, I'm warm, practical, experienced & hard-working. I'll help you tackle problems related to trauma, difficult childhoods, bad bosses, relationships of all sorts that just don't work well, and the distress of having repeated disappointments in life. I'm interested in helping make real change, and not just developing interesting insights (although they can be useful too.)
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 489-3306
Seattle, Washington 98122
Shannon Solie, Counselor  in Seattle
“Shannon provides therapy to individuals, couples counseling, and groups/classes in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. She specializes in working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer identified people and their allies, as well as, people working to regain intimacy after life changing medical diagnoses. Poly-friendly and knowledgeable. All are welcome. She is trained in sexuality education and has a range of knowledge in psychology from bio-psychology to existential paradoxes. Consultations and limited sliding scale services available
Suicidal Ideation
Seattle, Washington 98122
Justine Joslyn, Counselor  in Seattle
“With offices in downtown Seattle and Bainbridge Island, I offer a unique blend of life coaching and counseling, called Self Empowerment Therapy. This method assists with both recovery and life goal achievement. I help you transform self-limiting beliefs that empower you to make positive changes in relationships, career, wealth, and creative performance. Our time together will provide healing from past hurts through focused, compassionate understanding. You'll receive assistance with clarifying your life desires. From there, if you choose, we target increasingly ambitious goals, at your pace. Phone and Skype sessions available.
Suicidal Ideation
(253) 248-4533
Seattle, Washington 98101
Jenn Frechette, Counselor  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MA, LMHCA, LMP, CCST
“One of the most difficult steps to take in beginning therapy is making the first call or sending the first email to a potential therapist. You've probably already done a lot of work on your own trying to address your problems or even just shake a bad feeling with little or no luck. Having done my own personal work, I too have felt the pain and frustration of tough times such as these. My hope for you in visiting my site today is that those first steps are made easier.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 504-2355
Seattle, Washington 98119
Maria Turner-Carney, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LA-ICSW
“My practice, Feminist Therapy of All Genders welcomes anyone seeking therapy. I have extensive experience working with people exploring all kinds of identity puzzles such as gender, sexuality, race, class, and disability, and also specialize in working with ]adults ages 18-35. Feminist Therapy for All Genders uses a feminist and anti-oppression framework to help people address and heal from trauma and oppression we face in our everyday lives. I offer a mindfulness-based approach to provide you with holistic therapy that encourages mind, body, and emotional awareness.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 948-4115
Seattle, Washington 98122
Brian Pendergast, Counselor  in Seattle
“My practice is geared towards working through issues related to emotional/relational violence and trauma caused by abuse (physical, sexual, emotional). I also work with clients who have found themselves depressed and/or anxious due to some of these problems in their history. I believe in helping you find new ways of relating to yourself and others that foster wholeness, peace and honesty. My approach is couched in a mixture of kindness and truth, the goal being for you to see yourself more clearly with a greater sense of love and esteem, leading to increased contentment in life and relationships.
Suicidal Ideation
(253) 655-2317
Seattle, Washington 98109
Ginger Moriarty, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“I have nineteen years experience as an individual and family therapist. I am dedicated to creating a collaborative atmosphere of openness, honesty, and compassion where people gain awareness about themselves, their emotions, and their relationships in order to meet their desired goals for positive and lasting change. I approach my work with groundedness, warmth, humor, playfulness, and straight-forward reflection. I believe the most productive therapeutic setting is one that is tailored specifically for each individual personís needs and preferences. Some of the therapeutic styles from which I will draw upon are Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Developmental, Systems, and Mindfulness.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 866-6056
Seattle, Washington 98115
Anthony Rella, Counselor  in Seattle
“You are suffering and understand that something needs to change, or change has been thrust upon you because of life circumstances. You seek more confidence, trust in self, and integrity by finding the wellspring of wisdom within you. You want to break free of the consequences of oppression, trauma, grief, abuse, self-hatred, or shame.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 719-9339
Seattle, Washington 98104
Christy Skimming, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW, CCTP
“I have 19 years of experience in mental health and healthcare. My clients are individuals and couples facing the most difficult of life circumstances ranging from a cancer diagnosis to end of life issues, divorce, and job/financial loss. I understand the impact of such life changing events. Each of us has the ability to cope with what seems like the impossible with some guidance and support. My role is to walk beside you, offering insight and perspective, as you navigate life's journey. I will honor your values, goals and choices in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 735-4101
Seattle, Washington 98103
Stacey Weber, Counselor  in Seattle
“With the right therapist, therapy can help you to break through painful feelings & patterns that have been obstructing you from a better quality of life and relationships. I work with adults, couples, adolescents, and children to help heal emotional wounds, develop healthy coping strategies, and create meaningful change. I believe therapy is a unique, creative collaboration in which healing and growth are made possible through the context of a relationship where you can feel unconditionally safe and respected. As a result, I place great focus and importance on our relationship and creating a warm atmosphere of acceptance, trust, and support.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 981-5247
Seattle, Washington 98107
Patrick James Hart, Counselor  in Seattle
“Mental Health Counseling in Seattle | Psychotherapy Private Practice: Psychotherapist and counselor for problems of depression and anxiety. Therapy for panic disorder, generalized anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, simple phobia, anger management, stress reduction, social anxiety, phobias and avoidance. I help individuals, couples, and families by providing skills based therapy to help you effectively manage your moods, emotions and behavior. I'll help you learn the competencies to resolve unwanted life defeating habits. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Learn effective personal solutions for life adjustment and lasting behavior change. Thanks for your interest in my practice! I'm just a phone call away!
Suicidal Ideation
(253) 642-7941
Seattle, Washington 98103
Erin Wood, Counselor  in Seattle
“Making changes in our lives can be scary, but change is often easier given the right support. With this in mind, I work to help you feel safe and empowered to explore your wants and needs for change. Therapeutic strategies are not one-size-fits-all, so we will work together to find the right fit for you.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 735-3511
Seattle, Washington 98102
Darchelle D. Worley, Counselor  in Seattle
“I provide psychotherapy to individuals who seek help for depression and anxiety, who want to grow a stronger sense of self, and who are motivated to work through and find relief from a variety of troubling issues and past or present traumas. Painful experiences can keep one overwhelmed, confused, and stuck in defeating patterns and vicious cycles. These patterns and cycles can then prevent meaningful, life-giving relationships with oneself and with others. They can keep you from uncovering and developing your potentials and from pursuing your goals. They can keep you from feeling fully alive, or even keep you from wanting to live.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 258-7465
Seattle, Washington 98115
Joe Sawyer, Counselor  in Seattle
“We are created, live, and change within relationship. It is in relationship that we experience love and comfort, as well as pain and confusion. It is often this pain and confusion that leads people to seek therapy. In therapy, you experience a relationship that is centered on your growth and well being, providing a context for both exploration and experience. My goal in therapy is to help you live a more full and healthy life, both in relationship to others and to your self.
Suicidal Ideation
(509) 293-4093
Seattle, Washington 98103
Hez Wollin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LSWAIC
“Welcome! Through a supportive and open practice, I foster space for you to facilitate healing and joy in your life. My practice is informed by the knowledge that our early and familial relationships influence our ability to connect and find meaning in our experiences. In our work together, we will process difficult feelings and create new personal narratives. In therapy, we can explore: gender issues, LGBTQIA issues, trauma and loss, coming out, family of origin issues, depression, and anxiety. I provide supportive and affirmative counseling for trans* and gender queer clients.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 455-7204
Seattle, Washington 98122
Joel Bell, Counselor  in Seattle
“I work with people who struggle with mood disorders. Often when people struggle with their relationships and experiences, or have been diagnosed with a mental health problem, a kind of fracture occurs between themselves and their real experience. Together we host the best expression of your authenticity--in spite of the labels that would diminish your unique experience. We discover meaning and make decisions about what you want.
Suicidal Ideation
(206) 455-7161
Seattle, Washington 98107
Lynn Buell, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, MSSW
“Sometimes, due to painful life experiences, a person is knocked off track in his or her development. Unconscious factors create patterns of behavior that limit one's ability to experience happiness and freedom in areas of relationships, work, and leisure. Our work together will produce breakthroughs in the limits you knowingly or unknowingly impose on yourself based on past experiences. I am profoundly moved and humbled when I am a part of this process.
Suicidal Ideation
(253) 200-9303
Seattle, Washington 98102
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Suicidal Ideation Therapists
If you have suicidal thoughts and you're in Seattle, please call a Seattle Therapists from the list above or, simply call this number 1-800-273-8255 to chat to someone now.

Suicide is a tragic event with strong emotional repercussions for its survivors. Especially for parents of suicide victims, since so many suicides occur amongst young people and teenagers.

Learn more here about teenage suicide and suicide in general. Or contact a Therapist in Seattle who can help with counseling you or a family member or loved one who may have suicidal thoughts or suffer from suicidal ideation -or you just plain fear may take their life.

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