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Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Therapists in Fairfield County

Laura Schacter, Counselor  in Westport
“I am a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist and Yoga Teacher. I am passionate and devoted in helping Adolescents, Adults and Families find a peaceful path to a greater quality of life with the application of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Creating a Life Worth Living. I believe in treating the "whole person" emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I believe in meeting the client where they are and working together from that place toward peace. "You are the sky. Everything else-it's just the weather" Pema Chodron
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 285-3114
Westport, Connecticut 06880
“I am a clinical psychologist and have been in practice in Stamford Connecticut for 25 years. I see adults in individual and couples psychotherapy and seek to help people at critical times in dealing with family, relationship, or occupational concerns. I help people deal with their anxiety and depressive feeling and give them ways of thinking that renew their sense of hope and control in their lives. If there are seemingly insurmountable conflicts in a relationship, I help people better communicate how they feel and help them see the obstacles they are facing that are getting in the way of having a more fulfilling experience.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 350-0552
Stamford, Connecticut 06904
Lapde So, Counselor  in Westport
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, LPC, MPhilEd, MSEd, NCC
“I became a psychotherapist to help support others through life's challenges. From relationships to family to career, life can be a roller coaster of events. I believe that creating some space in your life, even just one hour a week, can be very beneficial to your health and well being. As the saying goes when flying on an airplane, "...make sure to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before attempting to help others around you." This is crucial. If you are not well, how can you help take care of others around you?
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 635-0019
Westport, Connecticut 06880
Nadine Padowicz, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Fairfield
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“In the past seven years I have become quite adept at working with clients who have trauma histories. Trauma can be major or it can be minor. I find that all human beings have experienced some form of trauma in their lives and this trauma often contributes to our current dysfunctions. I use a method called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) with almost all my clients. This is a physiological method that is both quick and effective. So whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction, ect. I can help you both rapidly and dramatically.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 275-9918
Fairfield, Connecticut 06825
“For over 25 years I have worked with a wide range of clients in individual, couple and family therapy. I have also run groups such as Relationship Issues, New Moms, and Divorce group. I enjoy working with couples who are both motivated to address interpersonal and/or parenting issues that are causing distress at home or school. I have also had the pleasure of successfully working with many women and men on an individual basis. Common issues were: low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, difficulty with communication, decision-making, juggling work and home life or feeling isolated, alcohol/drug problems, and problems with extended family members.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 312-7956
Fairfield, Connecticut 06824
Mary Cordeau, Counselor  in Stamford
“Using active listening, reflection and empathy, I work with clients to help them understand and overcome their emotional struggles. I use a holistic approach to foster emotional wellness taking into consideration all of the biological, social, and psychological needs hindering clients from emotional growth. I believe that my balanced approach which employs different forms of therapeutic intervention helps me to better meet the individual needs of my clients.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 584-9209
Stamford, Connecticut 06906
Boost! Child and Family Services, Inc., Counselor  in Westport
“Boost! Child and Family Services offers support to typical and atypical children of all ages and their families through individual counseling, group therapy, school consultation, crisis intervention, etc. We also have a clinical psychologist who can test and evaluate the kids we see as well as an educational consultant for tutorial and executive function coaching sessions. Our philosophy is that at various junctures of life, every individual can benefit from a Boost!
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 779-6408
Westport, Connecticut 06880
Susan K Cook, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Stamford
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MA, CADC
“Would you like your partner to do more of some things and less of others? As a board certified clinical social worker with over 40 years experience in the field, I've learned that having anxiety and depression limits ones ability to feel at ease and enjoy satisfying relationships. These feelings can make one feel inadequate, uncertain and lonely. On occasion they can lead to abusing substances in order to treat depression and lift anxiety. I have trained at Columbia, University of Connecticut and Long Island University and have degrees in clinical social work, psychology and a state certification in substance abuse.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 968-6180
Stamford, Connecticut 06903
Susan B Simerman, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Stamford
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
“My goal is to facilitate healing, growth and change in your life within a safe, caring environment. With my extensive experience, I will help you work through your issues and guide you toward creating the happy, healthy, fulfilling life you desire. Working together, I will assist you in discovering the core issues which may be blocking your growth and causing stress and unhappiness in your life. Gaining perspective and solution-oriented strategies, I assist you in making powerful and permanent life changes!
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 296-3034
Stamford, Connecticut 06905
Molly Morgan, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Norwalk
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, RYT
“Hope, resilience, renewal, expansion. We all have a fundamental need to heal and to grow. It is a sign of your strength and striving for health that you are seeking support from a professional. With a safe, affirming therapeutic relationship as our base we can harness the power of your strengths to work through what may be stopping you from living your full potential.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 633-4293
Norwalk, Connecticut 06851
“I provide professional counseling and life coaching services for children and adults in individual, couples and family settings. I am experienced in working with a wide range of mental health issues and life changes. I have additional specialty training to assist clients who are recovering from traumatic experiences.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(860) 253-2412
Danbury, Connecticut 06810
Carla Pileggi Caviola, Counselor  in Old Greenwich
“My clients & their goals is what sets the course for their growth journey, which I am honored to join. As I provide empathy & warmth, I also tailor effective interventions & strategies so my clients can move forward with agility. I provide culturally sensitive therapy & consistently work with people of various cultures & ethnicities. I am also specialized in supporting women/infants & families during pregnancy & the postpartum period. This includes women with emotional complications such as depression and anxiety. I work with individuals, couples & families in the English, Portuguese and Spanish languages.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 916-0986
Old Greenwich, Connecticut 06870
Noelle J. Zeller, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Fairfield
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Are you struggling with making a relationship work? Do you have an issue that you are really upset about and can't figure out the solution? Did you recently experience a break up and want to understand why? I can help. I have been in the social work field for over eight years. I have worked in a variety of places including hospitals, residential and outpatient settings. My philosphy is to figure out what doesn't work and fix it so that we can become happy and healthy people. I work with individuals, couples and families. Please make an appointment for a free consultation.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 633-4962
Fairfield, Connecticut 06824
Melanie Puza Pearl, Psychologist  in Ridgefield
“Children's developing brains and the many supports naturally built into their lives (parents, siblings, teachers, etc.) make them perfect candidates for intervention when they are experiencing difficulty. If you are concerned about your child, as a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist, I can identify strengths and needs and develop a plan for intervention that addresses multiple influences within your child's life, including home and school. I am most adept at working with children with developmental delays/disorders, anxiety, learning difficulties, behavioral issues, and executive functioning deficits (such as attention difficulties).
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 930-1623
Ridgefield, Connecticut 06877
Margaret Canada, Counselor  in Stamford
“I provide individual counseling for adults seeking professional help with emotional trauma,relationship concerns, domestic abuse, divorce, life transitions, bereavement, stress and women's issues. I believe healing and transformation comes from a process of emotional support, changing attitudes and personal growth. In a confidential, caring, safe environment my goal is to establish a trusting relationship with my clients and encourage them to trust in themselves. .
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(860) 412-6963
Stamford, Connecticut 06903
Billings Fuess, Psychologist  in Ridgefield
“I have practiced for over twenty years as a clinical psychologist. I am trained as a cognitive behavioral therapist. My therapeutic orientation is brief solution focused treatment. I have experience with the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, adjustment disorders, phase of life issues, marital conflict and childhood disorders.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 490-2174
Ridgefield, Connecticut 06877
Marina Klimova  in Westport
“In my practice, I see a range of clients (individuals, couples, families, and adolescents) with various degrees and types of issues. I believe there is no "one size fits all" approach with clients, and I utilize different modalities. However, I always look at the relational component of the issue presented and assess my client's attachment style. From cradle to grave, our attachment style impacts everything from partner selection to how our relationships evolve to, sadly, how they sometimes end. Unmet attachment needs often fuel power struggles and complicated relationships between both parents and children and spouses.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 493-0241
Westport, Connecticut 06880
Greenspon Art, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in New Canaan
Verified by Psychology Today
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MSW, LADC
“For over 30 years, I have been helping people improve their well being in a compasssionate, caring and non- judgemental way. If you are stuggling to deal with life's challenges and change and using alcohol or drugs to make life easier, I may be able to show you some more hopeful and satisfying ways to make your life better. I view my clients as dignified individuals, and each person is a unique to me. If you're feeling down or confused or have some questions about how you might cope more effectively and are open to some heartfelt give and take, let's have a chat.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 577-5407
New Canaan, Connecticut 06840
Diana Mille, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Easton
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, MA, LMFT, AAMFT, Approve
“As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and EMDR Clinician, I specialize in working with individuals, couples and their families who experience psychological and emotional trauma and PTSD. I work with diverse populations experiencing trauma and a wide range of trauma-informed mental health issues (e.g., anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, chronic pain and eating disorders) as well as those affected by community disasters.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 989-4566
Easton, Connecticut 06612
Thomas Blackwell, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Stratford
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Are you overwhelmed with worries? Are you looking for relief from the emotional pain that you have been experiencing? Let me help you. I want to help you like I have helped so many others for past 17 years. It's your right to have peace of mind. Call for an appointment in order to take the next step. Bridgeport, New Haven, Norwalk, Stamford, Waterbury, and Danbury residents are also welcome.
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
(203) 361-3537
Stratford, Connecticut 06614
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Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Therapists
Cognitive-behavioral therapy stresses the role of thinking in how we feel and what we do. It is based on the belief that thoughts, rather than people or events, cause our negative feelings. The therapist assists the client in identifying, testing the reality of, and correcting dysfunctional beliefs underlying his or her thinking. The therapist then helps the client modify those thoughts and the behaviors that flow from them. CBT is a structured collaboration between therapist and client and often calls for homework assignments.

If you're looking for CBT therapy in Fairfield County or for a Fairfield County CBT Therapist these professionals provide cognitive behavioral therapy, cbt group therapy, cbt therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. They include CBT therapists, CBT psychologists, CBT psychotherapists and CBT counselors.

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in Fairfield County have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in Fairfield County you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in Fairfield County and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in Fairfield County or family therapy in Fairfield County.