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Gambling Therapists in University District - Columbus, OH 43202

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Jye Breckenridge, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LISW-S
“People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons. Some feel stuck in distressing patterns that prevent them from feeling satisfied, connecting with others, or from finding direction in their lives. Others want help with specific emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety, or are seeking to come to terms with a painful personal history.
(614) 468-5009
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Jennifer Farkas, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LISW-S
“I am pleased to provide a welcoming, safe and empathic environment in which clients can learn and grow through self discovery and personal development that emphasizes their strengths rather than their problems. I utilize an eclectic variety of treatment approaches to problem solving based on client needs and provide counseling to all ages.
(614) 664-8198
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Beth Scherer, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LISW
“Are you too alone, with too many unmanageable thoughts and feelings. All of us get into life situations which are difficult and sometimes feel impossible. Sharing the burden can be helpful and useful. Sometimes people have grown up with extreme hardships. If this is you, you may not have as many skills or resiliency as others. If you are tired of going it alone, feeling too upset, if you have had multiple traumas which are a daily interference, consider reaching out to me. I will be with you to address what is troubling you. Improvement and Growth are paramount.
(614) 808-0223
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Ruby J Linhan, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW-S
“All of you is welcome here-- the parts of you that you love and the parts you struggle to love. I care more about your goals and dreams than I do about diagnostic labels. As a body-oriented Gestalt therapist I want you to discover what you need in each moment and how to meet those needs. I want you to learn to express your feelings in ways that nurture your relationships. I specialize in complex childhood trauma and see people with many other concerns, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, gender identity, men's issues, self-harm.
(614) 385-0470
Columbus, Ohio 43202
April Cunningham, Counselor  in Columbus
“I am not currently taking any new clients due to maternity leave. I will resume with my practice in December 2014. Please email for a list of appropriate referrals.
(614) 356-8370
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Harry Warner, Counselor  in Columbus
“"Live right, (they/she/he) reminded (their)self, and have faith that good things will flow from you even if you never learn of them." (Irving Yalom, 1999). Every person has worth and the innate ability to heal, grow, and/or change. Yet, life does not exist without barriers. My hope is to help you remove obstacles to a better life. Whether it's anxiety, depression, interpersonal/identity problems, or plain old stagnation, I would like to help. I use a an integrative model of therapy that incorporates existential, interpersonal, and holistic wellness to assist you in meeting your goals.
(614) 980-0278
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Stephanie Wells, Counselor  in Columbus
“I am a licensed practicing clinical counselor, & mother of a 6 year old with 18 years of experience working with children, adolescents, & families in a variety of settings. I enjoy making a comfortable, easy environment for clients to take refuge.
(614) 541-2454
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Alexander Counseling Services, LLC, Counselor  in Columbus
“Three simple rules of life: 1. If you do not GO after what you want, you'll never have it. 2.If you do not ASK, the answer will always be no. 3. If you do not STEP forward, you'll always be in the same place. Your past does not have to define you, destroy you, deter you, or defeat you; allow it to strengthen you. - Steve Maraboli.
(614) 702-7379
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Ebonee D Hughes, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MFT
“As a Marriage and Family Therapist I like to provide my clients with comprehensive and unique care that is tailored to their personal and relational needs. I thrive on building and rebuilding the foundations of relationships while exploring the life role that you play. I enjoy working with ALL couples, families, and individuals as I provide a comfortable atmosphere for you and your needs.
(614) 541-2404
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Peak Performance Hypnosis,   in Columbus
“Have you ever known what you needed to do, but didn't do it? You know what you want, and you might even know how to get it, but you just can't seem to make yourself start taking action? I help solve that problem.
(614) 918-4515
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Sasha Ribic, Psychologist  in Columbus
“I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. I specialize in working with emerging adults, ages 15-25, and individuals coping with various life transitions, self-harming behaviors, anxiety symptoms, disordered eating habits, self-esteem concerns, and women’s issues. Additionally, areas of interest include grief/trauma counseling, depression, LGBTQ related topics, and eliminating self-defeating behaviors. My work is collaborative and interactive with an emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, as well as, client strengths and resiliencies. I strive to be a socially responsible practitioner, who respects and celebrates human diversity and difference.
(614) 454-4342
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Heather H Rawlins, Counselor  in Columbus
“I will not be able to meet with new clients until the end of March. Best of luck in your search.
(614) 654-4887
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Lisa Lubkeman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW
“I have over 25 years experience working in the mental health and eating disorder fields. I believe in therapy that is focused, meaningful, productive, and evidence based. It is my honor to work with you as you strive to function and feel better; while becoming more effective in your day to day life. I have been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, Dialectical Behavioral Treatment, Interpersonal Treatment, Motivational Interviewing, and Crisis Intervention. I see adult clients 18 or older as well as geriatric clients for individual therapy. I am GLBT sensitive and practice an open and affirming practice.
(614) 524-0364
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Christy Carlson, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PsyD
“People usually come to therapy due to a crisis. Most of the time, the crisis involves their relationships with others. This can mean partner/spousal relationships, work relationships, family relationships or the lack of satisfying relationships. I have years of experience helping people understand the patterns, often deeply etched, that are contributing to these difficulties. When you are able to be aware of your own inner patterns, you have options to interact with the world in more satisfying and productive ways.
(614) 428-0817
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Matt Dunatchik, Counselor  in Columbus
“I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who recently graduated with a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Dayton. I believe we all have the capacity to change and to experience the fullness of life. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, but the majority of my direct experience has been working with young and emerging adults. I know that beginning the process of psychotherapy can be full of emotion yet there is power within the choice to begin. I will walk with you through your journey with compassion, empathy, and an understanding that healthy change is possible.
(248) 671-6392
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Emily Bucher, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LSW
“I am a licensed (clinical) social worker. It is my goal to work with you in a collaborative manner to help you reach your goals. I work from a strengths-based, interpersonal, and feminist approach, as well as, incorporating elements from dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and prolonged exposure. I will provide a safe environment for you to discuss your concerns, experience healing, and meet your goals. There are several areas in which I have experience in, including: women's issues, trauma survivors, depression, anxiety, family of origin concerns, alcohol and other drug concerns, stress management, and self-esteem concerns.
(614) 441-8423
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Mike Schaefer, Counselor  in Columbus
“Approaching life's changes is often accompanied by high levels of distress and feelings of being lost. I like working with persons in transition because of the tremendous opportunity for real change and growth that I have seen take place. I can help you tap into your inherent wisdom so you can walk with confidence on your own path. I work with individuals and couples during mid-life transitions, career changes (or a growing need for one), relationship changes, ongoing mood problems, excessive anxiety, and stresses associated with changes in religion/spiritual outlook.
(614) 470-5322
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Lisa Fallara, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LISW-S, ACM
“Is it time to consider a new direction? A new path? A new destiny? Imagine a future much better than your past. Imagine better communication. Imagine seeing real light at the end of the tunnel. Have you ever wondered what life might be like.... Don't sit in defeat get the support and assistance you need to manage life's challenges. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, the experience of trauma, adjustment, relationship difficulties, addiction, poor self-image, or overall barriers to wellness, our goal is to work with you and to help you find solutions to what feel like impossible tasks.
(614) 528-4241
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Stephanie Clouse, Psychologist  in Columbus
“I provide a warm, supportive environment for you to create the change you want in your life. I have always felt honored to walk with clients down difficult paths that they may encounter in their lives. My goal is to genuinely connect with you to promote resilience, build on strengths, and increase your sense of well-being. I specialize in working with young adults and adults who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, LGBTQ issues, family issues, identity, or couples issues. If you are considering counseling, please call me for a brief consultation to assess your needs.
(614) 468-8975
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Nichole L. Harris, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Columbus
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LPCC-S
“Are you having life stress, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety or depression? Need assistance with parenting, having transition issues, or just need someone to talk to and get insight and awareness to difficulties you may be experiencing? I believe everyone should have at least ONE PERSON they can talk to without judgments, opinions or telling you what you SHOULD DO. I enjoy working with individuals to meet them where they are, identify their strengths and utilize those strengths to improve functioning and bring about the change one desires.
(614) 423-4155
Office is near:
Columbus, Ohio 43202

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Gambling Therapists
A compulsive gambler or a or pathological gambler is someone who is unable to resist his or her impulses to gamble. The urge to gamble becomes so great that tension can only be relieved by more gambling.

There is a very fine line between problem gambling or 43202 gambling addiction and gambling too much. The critical sign of problem gambling is often hidden from awareness, with denial. Many gamblers in 43202 typically do not know they have a problem. Admitting you have a problem, or may have a problem, is the first step to recovery.

Treatment options include individual and group psychotherapy, and self-help support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous (a 12-step program for gamblers). Abstinence principles that apply to other types of addiction are also relevant in the treatment of compulsive gambling behavior in 43202.

Recently, medications such as antidepressants, opioid antagonists, and mood stabilizers have been shown to be beneficial in combination with gambling treatment by a 43202 gambling Therapist or gambling Therapists in 43202 or those experienced with gambling behaviors in 43202.

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in University District - Columbus have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in 43202 you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in 43202 and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in 43202 or family therapy in University District - Columbus.