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Couples Counseling Therapists in Alberta (AB)

“My clients are people struggling with life transitions, stress, grief, anxiety and depression. I help couples heal relationship wounds, reconnecting with love and friendship. I work with people impacted by sexual, physical and emotional trauma, sudden death, childhood neglect or abuse, and motor vehicle accidents; as well as survivors of war, disasters or criminal assault. I have experience with police and military with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Operational Stress Injuries), including members of their families. I have also worked with First Nations persons and residential school survivors. It is important to me that my practice be gender and culture sensitive.
Couples Counseling
(403) 317-0117
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 0N8
Ken Fierheller Psychotherapy & Life Coaching, Counselor  in Calgary
“Living a life with balance is tough work and often requires building our awareness, confidence and self-esteem to a level where were making wise decisions, inviting healthy relationships into our life and feeling positive about our choices. My approach is a proven process where I will encourage you to pursue your goals and help you to respond to your challenges a renewed sense of certainty. I often guide individuals and couples to create the life they want by helping them overcome limiting belief systems, letting go of bad habits and constructing a life with more purpose and meaning.
Couples Counseling
(888) 981-9671
Calgary, Alberta T3H 2Y3
Chi Q Le, Counselor  in Leduc
“I believe the goal of therapy is to deepen self-awareness and self-understanding by helping clients to cultivate their inner drive towards personal growth. I pride myself in helping my clients come to that "moment" of self-awareness wherein they can take control of their lives, as they move towards achieving a sense of individual wholeness. The journey of therapy may originate as a search for an end to emotional suffering, but it is also one that may continue to develop towards a sense of self-renewal in one's personal and social life.
Couples Counseling
(780) 980-3747 x224
Leduc, Alberta T9E 0R6
Steve Jukes, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“I believe that clients' vast lived experiences contribute to beliefs they hold about themselves and in turn, the roles they play in life. These impressions - positive and negative - affect further thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and are often maintained by various external factors such as family of origin themes. Collaboratively, I help clients evaluate the legitimacy and usefulness of distressing "stories" that present in their lives, encourage new awareness of societal or extended family influences, and facilitate the exploration of new solutions whereby troublesome problems can be disempowered. Ultimately, my goal with clients is to help them access flexibility and new options.
Couples Counseling
(780) 488-7679
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2L9
Joel Wilkinson, Psychologist  in Calgary
“I am committed to helping clients achieve a greater sense of well-being, fulfillment and success through working collaboratively to develop better personal awareness, overcome limitations and implement effective strategies in order to live more inspired and purposeful lives. It has been an honor to work with hundreds of individuals and couples as a counsellor and coach in order to facilitate positive changes which enable greater sense of harmony and happiness. My passions include counselling and coaching people through career, business, sport, and life transitions; effectively managing anxiety and depression; relationship, family, and workplace challenges; and developing communication and leadership skills.
Couples Counseling
(403) 999-2555
Calgary, Alberta T2N 2A1
Bailey Puchyr-Chartier, Psychologist  in St Albert
“I have an interest in supporting individuals in the areas of exposure to trauma, life transitions, mood disruptions, and health related issues (such as chronic pain). I have a strong interest in supporting those who work to enhance the lives of others (e.g. first responders, police, military, child protection workers, nurses, correctional officers) and their families. Working from a client-centred perspective, with a focus on mind-body connection, I endeavor to build a strong therapeutic alliances with my clients based on individual strengths and experiences, which becomes the center point for change.
Couples Counseling
(780) 428-9223
St Albert, Alberta T8N 1H6
Step By Step Therapy, Psychologist  in Calgary
“I really enjoy working with clients like you: clients who have had a lot of challenges and tried lots of things. Now you are ready to work hard, see it pay off, one step at a time. You want to change the way you see yourself, or perhaps, the way that you have been working in relationship to yourself and others. You are really ready to build a life that you consider worth living.
Couples Counseling
(587) 998-5497
Calgary, Alberta T2N 4L4
Lasting Solutions Grief Recovery Center, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“Whether your grief is caused by a death or another loss, incomplete relationships can have a lifelong negative impact on your capacity for happiness. If the resources available to you have not helped with your grief, it's not because of what's wrong with you. Griever's have never lacked the courage, strength, or willingness to recover from loss, they have been given incorrect information on how to recover. The goal of the Grief Recovery Method Program is to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss of any kind.
Couples Counseling
(780) 288-8011
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1S9
Robert Hammel, Counselling Services, Psychologist  in Calgary
“I feel comfortable working with a wide range of psychological, emotional and behavioural issues as outlined on my website: Through the professional skills and abilities I have developed in my education and in my work -- I feel that I can successfully help many people in many different areas of their lives. I truly believe that respect for each individual client and their own unique situation is the key to understanding and helping my clients.
Couples Counseling
(403) 800-0720
Calgary, Alberta T3A 2V7
Renee Jean Meggs, Psychologist  in Canmore
“I offer counseling or coaching and during the day or in the evening. My office offers two entrances and exits for extra privacy. I work with people experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, problems communicating in relationships, and other life troubles.
Couples Counseling
(403) 800-0777
Canmore, Alberta T1W 0C1
Verlyne Christensen, Psychologist  in Calgary
“Welcome. In my work I use a creative and mindful approach to assist individuals and families in working through personal obstacles and identifying the factors that often lead to frustration and a feeling of being stuck. My commitment is to understand you and assist you in developing techniques that will create preferred experiences in your life. I offer psychological services in a wide range of personal concerns to adults, adolescents and children. My process of counseling is tailored to your own personal needs and experience.
Couples Counseling
(403) 254-1623
Calgary, Alberta T2E 5B2
George Lucki, Psychologist  in Edmonton
“Hi! If you found my profile you are looking to talk to someone who can help... For over 30 years, as a clinical psychologist I have been working with people who are overcoming the difficulties they experience, improving relationships, changing themselves.... More and more the focus of my work is with people who experience challenges in their lives that are complex, longstanding or have been very difficult to resolve.... When you're ready, we can work together in safety and trust... striving to assess more thoroughly and go more deeply toward the greater understanding, meaningful change and healing you seek.
Couples Counseling
(780) 428-9223
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1C5
Sorin Becheanu, Psychologist  in Calgary
“Our health, growth and happiness come from meaningful and satisfying connections with ourselves and with others. What is keeping those interactions repetitive and unfulfilling? What pain, fear or unfair beliefs are holding you back? What gives you hope, meaning and purpose?
Couples Counseling
(403) 605-5804
Calgary, Alberta T2T 3S9
Julie Curley, Psychologist  in Edmonton
Verified by Psychology Today
Psychologist, BEd, MA, R, Psych
“Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Julie Curley and I am a Registered Psychologist. I work with a diverse clientele of individuals, couples and families to facilitate the positive change that enables my clients to live a life full of all the possibilities that they imagine. Through positive change, clients set and achieve their goals, build coping skills, become more attuned to their own needs and the needs of others. They are empowered to accept and choose to live their best life.
Couples Counseling
(780) 705-6463
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1R7
Joelle Osowski, Psychologist  in Calgary
“I have consulted with and treated many people dealing with injuries that have resulted from motor vehicle accidents and sport injuries. My background in the areas of injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, and achieving excellence in athletics, forms the base of my counselling/clinical work with clients.
Couples Counseling
(403) 437-9757
Calgary, Alberta T3E 7V3
Michelle Neustaedter, Counselor  in Airdrie
“Do you desire lasting change? Relief from stress, anxiety, or depression? FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. It is my goal to equip, empower, and inspire you. Our work together will energize, rejuventate, and enhance your life: No matter what issues you are facing. I have advanced training in working with Children and Parents,Eating Disorders,Loss and Grief,Suicide Prevention,Family Violence,Dealing with Depression and Anxiety,Addictions, Working with Couples,and Effective Co-Parenting, and much more. I work with Individuals, Couples, and Families; Adults, Adolescents, and Children.
Couples Counseling
(403) 800-1186
Airdrie, Alberta T4B 3C1
“Encouraging growth for adults, adolescents, couples and families. Individuals have powerful strengths and resources. I help people tap into those resources to help them heal, overcome life obstacles, and find the personal growth they are looking for.
Couples Counseling
(780) 975-0444
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2L9
Frank W McGrath, Psychologist  in Calgary
“For 35 years I have provided Individual, Couple, Family, and Group Therapy. Generally, I see people as experts on their own lives and responsible for achieving the lives they would prefer to live. Narrative, Solution-Focused, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, EMDR, and Hypnotherapy are practiced. Many of my referrals are adult men where I am guided by the knowledge that vulnerability and openness often are a challenge for men in our culture and negatively effect their domestic relationships. Women’s Therapy is guided by the knowledge that women’s compassion is often exploited by others.
Couples Counseling
(403) 270-9779
Calgary, Alberta T2M 1E2
Linda Rae Crockett,   in Edmonton
“As a Registered Masters Degree Social Worker with 25 years of experience, I worked with thousands of individuals & families through a wide variety of life circumstances. This includes bullying: all ages, professions, and cultures. I have worked with all forms of abuse (verbal, psychological, physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse). Addictions (substances, food, and shopping)and I have also worked with people suffering from physical illness for example: cancer, chronic pain, fibromyalgia. I am skilled at providing support & guidance to those experiencing grief & loss as a result of dying and death, suicide, job loss, and many forms of loss.
Couples Counseling
(780) 965-7480
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1R5
Beatrice M. E. Breitling, Psychologist  in Calgary
“You are taking a very important step in finding someone to assist you in your journey. You are showing great courage to overcome by acknowledging that you can expand your ability to deal with life circumstances and master life challenges. I am Dr. Beatrice Breitling, Registered Psychologist, holistic counsellor, psychotherapist, educator and life coach. I work with individuals, couples and families to alleviate personal, relationship and parenting issues.
Couples Counseling
(403) 852-2108
Calgary, Alberta T3G 1Z4
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Couples Counseling Therapists
If you're looking for couples counseling in Alberta (AB) or for an Alberta (AB) couples counselor these professionals provide couples counseling services in Alberta (AB). They include counselors for couples.

Note: Counselling (with a double 'l') is the more traditional spelling of the term in Canada and the UK, so the same terms might appear as couples counselling in Alberta (AB) or for an Alberta (AB) couples counsellor who provides couples counselling services in Alberta (AB). They include counsellors for couples.

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?
Therapists in Alberta (AB) have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of issues.

For example, if you're seeking a marriage counselor in Alberta (AB) you'll find that most therapists are trained in marriage counseling or couples counseling in Alberta (AB) and couples therapy. And they welcome families for family counseling in Alberta (AB) or family therapy in Alberta (AB).