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Therapists in Hillsdale - Portland, OR 97201

Anne W Bryant, Counselor  in Portland
“Do you long to make some changes in your life but don't know how to begin? Counseling can help you change your perspective, which can improve how you feel. I help individuals and couples cope more effectively with negative thoughts and feelings. Imagine how it would be if you could achieve greater balance in your life, find a direction or purpose, and create or improve relationships. My training and experience includes methods to help you become more in contact with your truest self, by learning to notice, without judgment,what your body, mind and heart are saying.
(503) 446-6227
Portland, Oregon 97201
Roger D. Carlson, Psychologist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Psychologist, PhD, MDiv, SCEH, ACS, ABS
“I work with persons who are having adjustment difficulties, and who experience stress and anxiety while making life transitions. I treat sexual difficulties or lifestyle issues from a sex positive perspective. I work with wishing to change specific habits (smoking, overeating, etc.); or to reduce stress and anxiety. I also work with those who have culturally unpopular or unsupported life styles, and who experience conflict, marginalization, or disempowerment.
(503) 567-4859
Portland, Oregon 97201
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, ACSW
“Since 1987, Gender Identity Counseling--working with transsexuals and crossdressers--has been the focus of my 50-plus-year career in social work. Appointments are usually available within a few days for appropriate clients. The clients I have seen after their gender change say they're happier now than they've ever been; their only regret is not having dealt with this issue sooner. I welcome new clients.
(503) 406-9291
Portland, Oregon 97201
“Small changes can lead to big improvements. My warm approach helps you clarify your goals for our work together and helps you identify changes that will be most meaningful for your quality of life. This might mean discussing new ways to handle parenting challenges, or it might mean trying new things that can lead to positive steps forward in your ability to manage a current problem or concern in your life. My professional experiences in pediatric psychology led to expertise in maternal-fetal mental health as well. This includes helping women and men with issues related to infertility, miscarriage grief, and infant loss.
(503) 305-3549
Portland, Oregon 97201
Terrie A. Lyons, Psychologist  in Portland
“I work with clients to look more deeply to touch the roots of their fears, doubts, and depression. By fostering trust in the client/therapist relationship I seek to help clients uncover patterns which are no longer adaptive and create new paths from those old fear filled places. I see the foundation of creating meaningful lives to be based in love and attachment, meaningful work or interests, a connection to the spirit (in what ever form that may take), and the interaction between mind and body. My clients and I work where ever their foundation is shaky.
(503) 221-8764
Portland, Oregon 97201
Judy P Chang, Psychologist  in Portland
“I will work with anyone and am every other week in NYC or Portland and every weekend in Seattle; licensed in NY, OR, WA, HI and CA. I do double sessions and am available by phone and Skype between visits. I visit HI yearly and am available for intensive work while there, followed up by phone or Skype session. I will be in the Honolulu area May 11-18th. Treatment is very focused, short term, holistic therapy for a wide variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions and relationships. I work with individual, couples or families of all ages.
(646) 600-5030
Portland, Oregon 97201
Jessica Tolleson  in Portland
“Are you feeling down? Anxious? Stuck? Maybe negative thoughts or worries are impacting your work or even your relationships? At times it can feel like these patterns will never change and yet therapy provides a safe space to process thoughts, feelings and patterns. I create a safe environment through mutual trust and understanding. This opens a space for self-exploration, growth and development. I believe that, in working collaboratively, we can identify problems and I can personalize your treatment direction. With the right skills, each individual has the capacity to accomplish their goals.
(503) 536-1225
Hosts group in:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Laura Gadzik, Psychiatric Nurse  in Portland
“As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP), my work is grounded in a holistic approach to well being. This means that in addition to considering your medical status, I also evaluate how emotional, social, and environmental factors may be influencing your current state of health. I work primarily with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families.
(503) 444-9687
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
John Benassu, Counselor  in Portland
“What is meaningful in your life? How do you create joy in your relationships? How do you find relief from distress, sadness and anxiety? How do you heal from past traumas and wounds? These are questions that we all face during the course of our lives. Finding your own answers is what leads you to a full and satisfying life. In therapy, we take the time to examine and explore these questions in depth. It is your time to find your answers to these fundamental questions. I honor your courage in reaching out for help.
(503) 567-2833
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Bridget Fanning-Ono, Psychologist  in Portland
“My approach to therapy is practical, result-oriented, and emphasizes empowerment through the building of insight and self-awareness. In an atmosphere of trust and collaboration, I will work with you to understand the meaning of your symptoms and rediscover your capacity to make meaningful choices that are right for you.
(503) 883-8756
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Kelly J Washam, Counselor  in Portland
“Welcome! I provide support, compassion, and expertise to guide you in the process of self awareness. I provide a warm environment that encourages you to realize your full potential. I believe we all have the capability to create the life we want to live. I will help you discover what blocks your life's development. Counseling is an evolving process, which does not happen along the same path for each individual. However, most clients strive for the same thing, "to be happy." I work in a collaborative, strength's based fashion to help you improve your life and your relationships. Life truly can be Content.
(503) 451-6077
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
K. Emilei Kim, Psychiatrist  in Portland
“I help adults understand and change long-standing patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cause them to feel stuck in their professional, personal and/or family life. Feelings of anxiety or depression can arise from, or at least are made worse by, underlying issues that have never been explored or addressed. I believe that understanding and working through these issues allow a greater freedom from the past and help people to live more fully.
(503) 336-9974
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Cedar Hills Outpatient Services, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
“Cedar Hills Outpatient Services welcomes adults seeking outpatient intensive treatment for either mental health, chemical dependency or co-occurring disorders. We accept most insurances including Medicare, Tricare and self pay clients. Our main treatment modality is group therapy; however, based on individual needs, clients may also engage in family, couples, or individual counseling on site to further support therapeutic gains. There are two levels of care including Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient. At each level of care clients may meet with one of our psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, or a certified addictionologist for medication management.
(971) 801-7479
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Cassandra Mitchell, Psychologist  in Portland
“My approach to therapy is based on the belief that everyone has an innate capacity for healing and growth. As we adapt to life's challenges, however, we sometimes get stuck in long-term patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving, or relating to others that ultimately limit our growth and leave us feeling sad, lonely, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, or fearful. I work collaboratively with clients to help them identify, understand, and change these patterns that keep them feeling stuck so that they can to move towards a life that is more passionate, creative, and fulfilling.
(503) 476-9617
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Megan Devine, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCPC
“I am a licensed psychotherapist, writer, and grief advocate. I'm also well-acquainted with out-of-order death, and the reality of living with grief. Whether you're new on the grief-path, or have begun to tentatively explore your new life, support is powerful. With a combination of validation and practical tools, I help you live the life that's asked of you - with as much peace, grace, and integrity as you can. I help people who have had a life-changing loss, illness, or injury find ways to live with their grief. If that's you, let's talk.
(207) 518-7453
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Shadee A Hardy, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Are you feeling that, despite your best intentions, you find yourself engaging in the same behaviors that keep you stuck? I believe the foundation of individual mental health is a positive relationship with self. The relationship with self impacts almost every other aspect of life. I believe that clients show up already possessing that which will ultimately help them heal; therefore, I do not subscribe to a pathology-based system. My intention is to create a supportive environment in which my clients can explore their emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit their full potential.
(503) 400-7235 x17
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Martha Blake, Psychologist  in Portland
“As a licensed psychologist and Jungian analyst, I gently proceed at your pace as we explore what is happening in your life--experiences and your feelings about them-- in search of meaning and the potential for the transformation of depression, anxiety, and relationships. Finding meaning opens an individual to self-acceptance, transformation, authenticity, and renewed energy for life and relationship.
(503) 404-3601
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Phelps Witter,   in Portland
“I work with creatives such as authors, painters, designers, musicians and entrepreneurs. Creative work can be highly rewarding and empowering. It can also lead to frustration and a lack of direction. My goal is to aid you in better utilize your creativity. Our work will focus on improving your ability to solve problems and lead to personal growth and accomplishment. If interested feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute consultation. If we click we'll go from there.
(971) 247-4477
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Linda A. Carroll-Barraud, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
“I see life’s struggles as opportunities for deepening and my practice attracts motivated people who want a blend of quality, depth, and practical-oriented psychotherapy. The current focus of my practice is couples in all stages of relationships, of any sexual orientation .I also work with parents of challenging adult children, adoption issues from all perspectives and individuals in vocational, relationship and spiritual transitions. I make use of an extensive blend of communication skills training, traditional psychological theories including understanding family patterns, merged with a transpersonal perspective. Although understanding is essential, change is the outcome I help you achieve.
(541) 241-7168
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Diana Groener, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LPC
“I aspire to help alleviate suffering in my fellow human beings. Some of you are facing new challenges, some are working through more chronic issues. I am honored to be your guide to building greater connection and meaning in your life. I work with individuals and couples on issues of sexuality, intimacy, and emotional expression. I also work with first responders on issues of vicarious trauma and burnout. I can help you reduce the conflict and stress in your life, developing greater resilience in the process.
(971) 229-1797
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97201

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