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Borderline Personality Therapists in University - Minneapolis, MN 55403

Joe Groninga, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“I know choosing a therapist can be difficult. I like to provide an atmosphere that is collaborative and free of judgment. My goal is to help people better understand their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I enjoy helping people increase insight into themselves and their relationships. I also like to use techniques proven by research.
Borderline Personality
(651) 829-6040
Office is near:
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Debra Ann Stack, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“I work with people on how to get what they want out of life, and identifying what gets in their way. I'm a Licensed Psychologist who is trained and experienced in treating people with depression, and anxiety & fears. I work with people who have relationship issues and persons whom have difficulty with their behaviors; such as anger or self-sabotaging behaviors. I provide individual, couples and family therapy. I work with adults and adolescence. I coordinate services with other professionals if needed.
Borderline Personality
(651) 560-3941
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Geneva H, Adams, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“When you are ready for change in yourself or your life, I would like to help you achieve your goals. We can develop a plan to proceed in an effective direction for you. I emphasize the importance of identifying and building upon strengths as well as addressing problem resolution. My approach involves addressing the unique needs of the individual or couple, which may include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Some of the therapeutic methods I employ include cognitive-behavioral therapy, clinical hypnosis, relaxation/visualization techniques, self-image psychology, art therapy, philosophy, creative journaling, and psychodynamic theory.
Borderline Personality
(612) 208-6603
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Elaine J Moore, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“As a licensed psychologist I have over 20 years working with couples, families, children, adolesents and individuals. I specialize in anxiety disorders, depression and trauma. I furthermore have extensive experience working with chronic illnesses including MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia,, COPD, diabetes and Lyme's disease. I love working with couples, with complex issues, and working with individuals of diverse culural backgrounds. My work is client centered with a focus on the client's strengths and competencies in the world. My approach is creative and intuitive, with a strong foundation in scientific theory.
Borderline Personality
(612) 294-8370
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Eric F. Boone, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Minneapolis
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
“Psychotherapy is something that happens between and me. It is a process that I expertly and sensitively guide, but it is something that we experience together. Relationships, past and present, may be a source of pain, frustration, or fear...but they are also the key to unlocking your full potential. Together, we will work to alleviate your most pressing problems as well as to develop a fuller understanding of the deeper, underlying issues that keep you stuck in emotional and relational patterns that limit your capacity to more fully give and receive love.
Borderline Personality
(612) 454-9798
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Jenna Hobbs, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“I work with adolescents and adults as a collaborative, supportive partner to improve mental health and overall wellbeing. My therapeutic approaches integrate cognitive, behavioral, and insight-focused strategies. This warm and personal style helps clients work through ingrained and unhealthy patterns that keep them stuck in emotional distress and unfulfilling relationships. I have a mindful and holistic perspective, and emphasize integrating mind, body, and spirit in healing. I address many presenting issues in addition to welcoming concerns about physical and mental health. I am trained in clinical hypnosis, and enjoy working creatively to find effective solutions to inspire lasting change.
Borderline Personality
(651) 433-6404 x555
Office is near:
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Elizabeth Vogt, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“I focus my practice on helping others manage their anxieties, enjoy their relationships, and thrive in their daily lives. I am relational in my approach, meaning I believe that how well I understand and connect with you matters, as does knowing how you have connected with others in past and current relationships. I seek to help my clients develop resilience, self-understanding, confidence, and deeper intimacy and connection with others.
Borderline Personality
(612) 642-1754
Office is near:
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Randi Madden, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Minneapolis
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“When asked if I can set myself apart from other therapists, I can say I still approach things from a client-centered perspective (which is not unique but best practice). What does that mean to me? That means we can address what your needs are and find ways to problem solve, strategize, and other words that describe "getting unstuck". I can work with a variety of age groups including children down to 5 years old. My strength has always been with teens and families but one has to grow to be versatile also as a therapist.
Borderline Personality
(651) 964-3864
Office is near:
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
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Nancy J Arikian, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“During times of transition and stress, we may experience anxiety, depressed mood, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Sometimes we experience worsened physical symptoms such as pain, stomach upset or difficulty sleeping. I provide the opportunity to explore alternatives in managing life's problems, find and build on your inner strengths, and learn new skills that may help you both professionally and personally. I believe that to heal, we must care for mind, body, and spirit.
(612) 354-8114
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Carol Wichers, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Minneapolis
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, LICSW, LMFT
“People usually come to therapy with a longing to be more strongly connected to those they love and to themselves. In therapy, people begin to notice and deconstruct old patterns that unknowingly create barriers to intimacy. It is also an opportunity to make important decisions about one's purpose in life, to prioritize and clarify work, love, parenting and creativity. There is often unknown or unfinished grief or loss that complicates and confuses people. I believe everyone has the capacity to change, to create a more fulfilling life if there is willingness to be open and vulnerable with yourself.
(651) 321-2519
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Kerry Aikman, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“My goal as a therapist is to offer my clients a relationship that is safe, empowering, and collaborative. Together, we will explore and understand your unique struggles and obstacles to greater self-awareness and personal growth. Through the therapy process, I help my clients more effectively cope with the demands of their lives. At the same time, I help them develop a greater understanding of the underlying causes and patterns that contribute to the stress in their lives.
(612) 223-7505
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Thrace Soryn, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“Are you wishing for enhanced relationships, more fulfilling self-awareness,greater creativity, career satisfaction,revitalized meaning to life and alternative choices to unhelpful patterns? I have 21 years experience working with individuals and couples using a depthful and interactive approach to resolve depression, anxiety and life's challenges.I have extensive experience working with clients who are in the Arts,health care professionals, academics, students ,gays and lesbians and elders.People I have worked with often tell me they wish they had taken the first courageous step toward getting help earlier in their lives. They have found this exploration life-changing.
(612) 374-2194
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Patrick Rhinehardt Perry, Counselor  in Minneapolis
“Would you like to work on relationship problems, chemical dependence issues, improve your self-esteem, manage stress or depression more effectively? I enjoy working with individuals and couples who are committed to improving their life situations . We work together to make desired changes that are present focused and applicable in current life situations. This insures that desired changes are workable for an individual's needs. I provide an atmosphere of respect and trust where one can explore new ideas and techniques. I want my clients to feel better when they leave the office than when they arrived.
(612) 345-9605
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Rowan Buckley, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“Everyone gets stuck. My job is to help you see doors and windows where you once saw walls. People come to see me because they are looking to solve problems, to think about different ways to communicate, find alternatives to frustration. Many come to talk about transitions - those that come from achievement - like a great (but difficult) job, adult kids leaving home (or not!) or transitions necessitated by accidents or illness. They come because healing can be easier and faster when talk therapy is added. People come to better understand their relationships. All stay because they can feel me listen.
(612) 568-0643
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Johnny Phillip Rosier, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Minneapolis
“My interests in providing counseling covers families, couples, and individuals. I am dedicated to enhancing relationships. I serve a wide range of clients of many backgrounds. I have served people from 7 years of age to 80 years of age. I value diversity of all kinds and work hard to provide awareness and understanding of mental health and relationship issues to the public. I emphasize self reflection and self awareness in order to increase self-esteem and confidence.
(612) 223-6463
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Tom Glaser, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“"Tom is a light in the dark and an empowering resource. I have never been more satisfied by conversation than when talking with him." ~a former client. *ATTENDING: So I can fully understand, first and foremost I listen deeply and whole heartedly. *GOAL SETTING: I shuttle between what I hear you saying is happening now and how you want your life to be different. *CHANGING: As you try new behaviors, I help with 1. Increasing helpful thoughts and behaviors--and reducing unhelpful ones. 2. Celebrating successes. My aim is to help you achieve your goals and reach your highest potential.
(612) 564-4289
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Doris Read, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“For over 30 years I have focused my practice on the treatment of children and adolescents with social, emotional, or behavior problems, mood disorders, or problems with underachievement and learning. In addition, I work with couples and families who are struggling with conflicts or patterns of behavior that no longer work, striving to help families stay together whenever possible. If divorce becomes inevitable, I work with parents to create strong co-parenting relationships that help their children thrive.
(612) 260-9855 x3
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Jan Jirak, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
Verified by Psychology Today
Psychologist, MA, LP, SEP, PLLC
“If you are hurting, anxious or stuck, you know that life presents challenges and transitions that can be confusing and difficult. These can be navigated more easily if you have a non-judgmental listener with a well-stocked toolbox. I can help you with a variety of issues: stress, anxiety, many kinds of trauma (childhood abuse and neglect, losses, car accidents, etc), procrastination, the challenges of growing older, the desire to find and follow your passion. I can help you sort out your questions and nourish your strengths. (Please do not send personal information via email, it's not secure.)
(952) 314-5400
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
LeAnn K Hutton, Psychologist  in Minneapolis
“I am a licensed clinical psychologist with experience treating depression, anxiety, relationship problems, reactions to trauma/life stressors, and social/behavioral difficulties. I enjoy working with individuals and families who are committed to improving their life situations. I believe it is necessary to provide clients with a safe and accepting environment. Each client's personal situation is unique and should be respected. I attempt to gain an accurate understanding of my client's views and life experiences.
(651) 252-4969
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
David Swarthout, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Minneapolis
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PsyD, LICSW
“Psychotherapy involves working together to build connections where safe communication can occur. Most of my patients seek a guide, confidant, teacher, or objective bystander who can help identify difficulties in relationships & devise strategies/build skills to help them cope with struggles in life. I work primarily w/ adolescents/young adults who struggle with "launching" into the adult world of school & work, with adults who have a hard time managing pain & chronic health problems, with people who have struggles related to sexual health, and with people experiencing grief & loss.
(612) 223-6436
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
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Look here for help with borderline personality in 55403, BPD issues or for 55403 borderline personality disorder. BPD treatment or BPB counseling may include dialectical behavior therapy or DBT Therapists in 55403). DBT has been developed as a form of counseling specifically to treat BPD. Antidepressant drugs and mood stabilizers may be helpful for depressed and, or, labile mood. Antipsychotic drugs may also be used when there are distortions in thinking. See Borderline Personality. Try a 55403 BPD Therapist, 55403 facility or 55403 treatment program. Therapists also help with therapy for teenagers in 55403, or 55403 adults and seniors who suspect they have a borderline personality disorder.

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