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Therapists in San Jose

Robert E. Latimore, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, JD
“I am a skilled professional licensed psychotherapist, experienced in working with individuals, couples and families from diverse backgrounds, providing a full range of powerful techniques for personal change, emotional recovery, and relationship rebuilding. Begin your personal journey with me, learning how to gain control over stress, worry and perfectionism, self-defeating thoughts, and fears. Discover powerful new ways to emotionally heal, relax, refresh and renew your spirits, using my research-proven techniques. Let me help you reach your goals.
(408) 465-9906
San Jose, California 95112
Ashwini Gupta, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
“Namaste and Welcome! Are you looking to earn inner wisdom within yourself or feel like you want more out of life for yourself or your relationships? I can help you deal with the issues that are holding you back from FULLY LIVING by providing you with therapeutic guidance within a non-judgemental, safe and confidential counseling setting. I view therapy as a collaborative process empowering you towards achieving positive growth and over all well-being. I will help get you functioning back to a place where you are truly happy and comfortable with your inner self, interpersonal relationships and your life circumstance.
(408) 622-1596
San Jose, California 95128
Jessica Sorci, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“I have a particular interest in working with new parents who are in the process of adjusting to the role of parenthood and sleeplessness... and all of the surprises that come with having a baby. I have special knowledge in the areas of pre and perinatal psychology, attachment, birth trauma and growing into motherhood/fatherhood. I also have an affinity for working with couples, navigating the unique challenges that come with partnership, including the painful territory of separation and divorce.
(408) 837-0255
San Jose, California 95125
Marilee Ruebsamen, Psychologist  in San Jose
“As we work together, you, or your child and family, will learn better coping methods, reducing the effects of severe stress and trauma. Even the youngest demonstrate remarkable strengths when we engage them with individualized, precise, attention to their developmental levels and awareness, consider their sometimes distorted cognitive appraisal of themselves and others, and their distressing experiences of the world. We co-create new, more accurate awareness, appraisals, healthier understandings, thinking and feelings; new, more hopeful stories to replace repetitive, traumatic, reliving -- within the trust and safety of a predictable, nurturing, skillfully-maintained therapeutic environment - including you and others from their wider social cradle.
(408) 512-3553
San Jose, California 95129
Jessica Farber, Psychologist  in San Jose
“Are you struggling with family issues, symptoms of anxiety or depression, or a major life change? My philosophy for therapy includes an individualized approach based on your unique strengths, needs and goals. My approach is holistic, integrating symptom reduction, physical health, relationships, and spiritual growth.
(408) 680-5423
San Jose, California 95124
Jann M Turner, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
“Life is difficult, laden with pain and suffering. And sometimes it seems to come to a climax, bringing us to a point of questioning so much about what we used to hold so dear and precious. These moments can seem overwhelming, confusing, and, strangely, may also be an opportunity to explore what comes next, with openness and mindfulness. I come with 25 years experience providing compassionate skill in helping individuals and couples deal with issues of being alive on this planet, helping in the process of creating ones life in ways that are consistent with ones dreams and ideals.
(408) 384-8907
San Jose, California 95128
Beverly Floresca, Psychologist  in San Jose
“Life happens. Everything is running smoothly in our lives and then something occurs that throws us off balance: a relationship breakup, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, divorce, or a trauma. Instead of a single event, it can also be the buildup of stress or the accumulation of various events that have occurred. Sometimes we just want to learn more about ourselves. It can even be a wound from our past from which we have difficulty healing. All of us experience obstacles in our lives that can become overwhelming.
(408) 608-1973
San Jose, California 95125
Verified by Psychology Today
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MA, CADCII
“Are you finding your relationships and everyday life suffering due to your alcohol or chemical addiction? If stress is overwhelming, if you are constantly frustrated or angry I can provide a safe therapeutic environment where we can work together to address your addictive behaviors and enhance your interpersonal relationships.
(408) 824-7389
San Jose, California 95128
Deborah Kjar, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
“I believe living a successful life is a process. I have to laugh at the expression,"Expect the Unexpected," because it is so true! In order to navigate through a life of uncertainty, you may need support or guidance during the more difficult stages. I am here so you don't have to go it alone. My goal is to create a safe environment for you to explore your personal needs. I would be honored to assist you with navigating life transitions such as job relocations, marriage conflicts, parenting challenges, major life decisions or empty nest syndrome.
(408) 703-5627
San Jose, California 95120
Clayton C Barbeau, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“My greatest joy is helping the person or couple who come to me feeling his or her situation is hopeless, or that they are trapped, discover their power to re-create themselves or their relationship. I am never more delighted than when the couple in a divorce crisis discover that their pain was merely the birth pangs of the sort of marriage both wanted, or when the individual who was hurting and at wits end learns how to handle the stresses and make a new beginning. More info:
(408) 337-2955
San Jose, California 95125
Sharon C Martin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Are you stressed, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled? Do you feel like you give and give, but aren't appreciated? Do you always put your own needs last? Do you find it difficult to assert yourself? I effectively work with clients everyday who are over stressed, perfectionists, and care-takers. I focus on relieving stress and anxiety, building hope, strengthening relationships, and growing happiness. I specialize in working with copedendency and adult children of alcoholics.
(408) 335-0760
San Jose, California 95128
Roberta Corson, Psychologist  in San Jose
“When you come to me for therapy, we sit together in a quiet office and both listen as you share the difficulties you are facing. Underneath depression, anxiety, relationship problems, life-transitions, grief, and other presenting issues, something profound within is usually crying out to get our attention. As a depth psychologist, my work is to hear the voice of your psyche through your words, dreams, symptoms, artistic expressions, insights, intuitions, thoughts, and feelings. Usually as what is unconscious comes into awareness, you experience a new sense of wholeness, renewal, and hope.
(408) 465-9995
San Jose, California 95117
Seeking Wellness Counseling, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Jose
“I enjoy working with adults who want to see change and improvement in their life circumstances and the challenges they face. This doesn't mean overnight change, but one of unfolding and reaching a deeper self-understanding. I place great emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and am aware that it has the power to change and heal. My office and my professional approach helps provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment.
(408) 217-1569
San Jose, California 95126
Tricia J Mlnarik, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Are you or your child struggling with a life change or loss? Counseling and psychotherapy can help ease the grief, anxiety, and pain that accompany life transitions such as divorce, abuse, and the death of a loved one. When faced with these difficulties it is often hard to cope, attend to relationships and feel good about yourself. I can help you find your way out of your pain and on your path toward health. In my psychotherapy practice, I integrate practical, cognitive and behavioral strategies with interpersonal approaches to address the unique needs of each individual and family I treat.
(408) 520-0886
San Jose, California 95126
Harry Motro, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PsyD, LMFT
“Need a therapist who SPECIALIZES in COUPLES? My clients select me because I am dedicated to couples therapy, have developed an extensive set of practical relationship tools, have undertaken specialized couples training at the Master's and Doctoral levels, have real life experience (married 29 years), and offer scientifically-validated techniques consistent with Biblical principles. Working with a couples specialist gives you the BEST CHANCE to heal your relationship so you can feel safer, more trusted and more loved.
(408) 824-7367
San Jose, California 95124
Melanie J Cauble, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“If you're feeling the weight of life's challenges, experiencing a general sense of dissatisfaction or struggling to find a balance in your life, I'd like to offer my support. Creating a time and space to focus on you is a great first step to increasing satisfaction and happiness. With a holistic based training, I will work with you to increase awareness of choices to experience a greater sense of freedom. Everyone's path in life is unique, and together we can explore what is right for you, to improve your connections both with others and with yourself.
(408) 560-2735
San Jose, California 95125
Roberta M Faust, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“If you or your child is struggling with depression, social relationships or having trouble coping with other difficulties life has thrown at you it is time to ask for help. You can get comfort and learn the skills to cope with anxiety, grief, social fears etc. Talking to a therapist can be the first step towards a more joyful and satisfying life. I work with children, teens, and adults, couples, and families. Child therapy sessions involve play therapy and the use of creative art materials. Sometimes just having someone to listen can make all the difference.
(408) 681-8696
San Jose, California 95117
Diane Patton, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Relationship issues? Do you suffer from anxiety? Does low self-esteem get in the way for you of having the life you really want? Maybe you are seeking insight into why you can't let go of past events that have impacted you. I can help. I believe strongly in the idea that everyone has the ability to heal themselves and at times may need additional support or guidance along the way. At the core of my therapeutic style, is the belief that a foundation of mindfulness and cultivating a healthy relationship to self is where healing and wholeness begin.
(408) 260-5008
San Jose, California 95128
Danielle Hanchett Friedman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Jose
“We all have moments when we struggle with emotions and stressors that seem overwhelming at the time and take us away from enjoying all that life has to offer. Utilizing my more than14 years of experience and training, I will work hand in hand with you to understand and address the problems that have prompted you to seek help. I create a safe and non-judgmental environment to support you or your family as together we discover a path for your healing, growth and change.
(408) 335-0153
San Jose, California 95126
Janelle Schmidt, Marriage & Family Therapist  in San Jose
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
“In our busy lives, it is easy to lose direction and feel disconnected from yourself or others. You may feel you deserve a happy, fulfilling life, yet struggle because your important relationships are not working, or you do not know how to communicate your needs, or do not know how to make changes in your life. Perhaps your children act out and you do not know what to do. My focus is to guide you through your journey by trusting and believing in your inner wisdom with respect and compassion, giving you practical tools for every day life.
(408) 637-5630
San Jose, California 95124
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