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Therapists in Boulder

Kate Macqueen Marshall, Psychologist  in Boulder
“Whether you are experiencing distress in your relationship or want to feel better about yourself and your life, therapy can be beneficial. Therapy can empower you to be more effective and feel happier. Whether your pain stems from old traumas, poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or mood problems you can regain balance. Distressed couples and partners struggling with conflict and fear learn to increase safety, trust and love. Shared security and mutual support can be reestablished that will lead to satisfying communication and effective conflict resolution. True empowerment means that therapy doesn't stop when the session is over.
(303) 720-7915
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Sara Cohen, Counselor  in Boulder
“I work with issues that come up during life transitions: anxiety, depression, grief, feeling stuck, doubtful, overwhelmed or alone. My training with Brainspotting and with Emotionally Focused Therapy has revolutionized my practice and, I hope, your life. My approach is warm, direct and practical. We'll work together to develop a plan and to identify the steps needed to get there. Benefits to you are: feeling effective, respected and challenged to live your potential. Make your life make sense again.
(303) 900-5119
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Teri Dillion, Counselor  in Boulder
“I specialize in helping women and men who struggle with relationship issues and intimacy, addictive or compulsive behaviors, difficult moods, trauma and low self-esteem. Together, we can identify what beliefs, experiences and behaviors get in the way of the life and relationships you most want, including your relationship with yourself. While listening closely to your life experience, and offering reflection, support, and guidance, I will help you identify how to find clarity and trust in your life.
(303) 720-7997
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Mary Ann Bolkovatz, Psychiatric Nurse  in Boulder
“I believe that creating a satisfying, meaningful and happy life is a worthy goal. Sometimes there are obstacles in the way. Getting help to identify and deal with those obstacles is one of the goals for therapy. Therapy is a collaborative process at its best and one in which the therapist uses skills and expertise as a consultant. That is my goal in providing therapy. I seek to understand and assist clients to achieve living their lives to the fullest with a deep sense of satisfaction and realization of a life well lived.
(303) 747-4974
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Karin Dremel, Counselor  in Boulder
“First and foremost I want to meet you - all of you: The Good, the Bad, the Brilliant, and the Ugly. We will share the gift of mindfulness, work with awareness of body sensations, insights, and illuminate your potential. Alongside that we emphasize how you can self-regulate trauma based activations. Through relational resonance the therapeutic 'dance' will become a template for the growth of neural pathways which differ from those of the past. This process gradually will integrate traumatic fragmentation and allow for choices, different from what you ever may have imagined possible.
(303) 578-1211
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Jo Graybill, Psychiatric Nurse  in Boulder
“I am currently accepting new patients into my practice and look forward to speaking with you soon! I welcome the opportunity to discuss creative strategies for engaging with life challenges and strongly encourage individuals to be involved in therapy. I am mindful of both the risks and benefits inherent in the practice of the art and science of psychopharmacology. Through supporting a wholistic approach to the management of situational or biologically based problems, I believe that healthy solutions can be found. I recognize that the process can be intimidating but it is just as frequently full of joy and discovery.
(720) 523-0264
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Kelley M Day  in Boulder
“Live Your Life On Purpose! It's not uncommon for us humans to move through the world feeling stuck & trapped by old habits and patterns, confused & lost amidst life changes, or disconnected & out of place in the world. I am passionate about guiding you in discovering and connecting with the deeper truth of who you really are and supporting you in transforming the habitual limitations and ties that bind, as you step into your own power and freedom to live authentically & on purpose. That essence is in each of us and our world needs us to truly be here now.
(303) 625-7455
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Beanne O. Rothenberg, Psychologist  in Boulder
“I have worked as a psychologist for 25 years, and have successfully used a cognitive behavioral treatment approach with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, PTSD, eating disorders, relationship problems, and chronic pain, among other presenting problems. I strongly believe in a person's capacity to make meaningful changes in their lives, and I am happy to facilitate this process with my clients. If you are looking for someone with professional training and a wealth of experience to draw from, please contact me to schedule an initial session. There's no time like the present to work toward peace and happiness in your life.
(315) 496-5476
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Does your child have worries and fears, social anxiety, or reluctance being away from you? Do you or your child experience intrusive anxious thoughts or engage in ritualistic behaviors? Do you worry too much or avoid situations that make you uncomfortable? Anxiety is very common in children, teens, and adults. Two out of ten children experience anxiety that is significant enough to interfere with their lives. Exposure therapy, a type of CBT, has been shown to be the most effective therapy for anxiety. Learning and practicing mindfulness skills can also be very helpful for children, teens, and adults with anxiety.
(303) 502-5206
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Josh Medley, Counselor  in Boulder
“Life difficulties can be challenging - but very positive outcomes can come from facing them. Transformation and healing truly do happen. They come from new experiences and insights, and getting support to try new behaviors in a supportive context. The wholeness of you is capable, unafraid, dynamic and alive - as you get more deeply in touch with your wholeness, things move. Compassion, understanding, and new growth arise.
(720) 336-4920
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Jennifer Abbott, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Boulder
Verified by Psychology Today
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MA, LPC, CAC-III, EMDR
“Hope is not something that everyone has, but it is something everyone deserves. I work successfully with adolescents and adults to overcome difficult problems including addiction, substance abuse, trauma, posttraumatic stress (PTSD), relationship problems, and overwhelming emotions. It is common to struggle with more than one problem at once. My expertise in both psychotherapy and addictions counseling allows me to help people resolve compounding problems though an integrative and effective approach. My passion is working with complex trauma, extremely intense emotions, and addiction. I am committed to helping you feel better, uncover your potential, and achieve meaningful goals.
(303) 872-9846
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Helena Unger, Counselor  in Boulder
“Are you facing a life crisis? Are you in the midst of a divorce, dealing with addiction (your own or that of a loved one), or struggling with another deeply emotional time in your life? I can help you to find better ways of coping, supporting your journey to a healthier, happier life.
(303) 536-3445
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Carolyn Aibel, Psychologist  in Boulder
“I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience. I work with a variety of issues affecting children, adolescents, and adults. I have a particular speciality in helping girls and women who are having difficulties adjusting to major life changes. My areas of expertise include eating disorders, relationship issues, and social and school adjustment.
(720) 636-9223
Boulder, Colorado 80302
John W. Steele, Psychologist  in Boulder
“Stressed out? Anxious? Discouraged? Depressed? Overwhelmed by relationship problems or chronic pain? With the right kind of help, the change you are looking for may come more quickly than you think. Do you want to work with a therapist who listens well and offers direct feedback? Are you open to exploring new ways of looking at your issues? Do you need to be nudged to try out new behaviors? As a seasoned psychologist with expertise in therapeutic applications of mindfulness, I can help you rediscover your strengths and mobilize internal resources to promote deep healing and lasting change.
(303) 500-3081
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Shara Brun, Counselor  in Boulder
“Often times, the part of us that we close away for safe keeping --the messy and unpredictable part of us, the vulnerable part of us-- it is that very part that holds the key to our self empowerment and expression. When we feel cut off or lost from ourselves as a result, feelings of anxiety, depression, frustration and loneliness can be overwhelming. My work is to find and meet you where you are verbally, historically, emotionally, and energetically. Then together we explore what that "place" is, how you got there, and the possibilities of where to go from there.
(720) 263-4595
Boulder, Colorado 80302
James B Rainwater, Psychologist  in Boulder
“My goal is to help you become the person you want to be by changing mental and emotional difficulties into sources of strength and self-knowledge. I offer an approach that promotes health and personal development by emphasizing here and now issues. Mental health care often focuses on symptoms, syndromes and disorders. I treat mental and emotional distress as an opportunity to change for the better. This is a traditional psychoanalytic style that has proven to bring about lasting positive changes. A second area of expertise I provide is cognitive-behavioral treatment for insomnia, CBT-I.
(303) 747-4982
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Rob Leach, Psychologist  in Boulder
“My goal is to help you find healthy ways to feel better and reach your potential. Depending on your needs, I can help you develop effective ways to address relationship difficulties, self-defeating behavior, or bothersome feelings, such as worry, sadness, irritability, and fatigue. I provide dependable support and guidance as you find positive ways to respond to life’s challenges – whether that happens to be relationship problems, academic pressures, employment issues, health concerns, grief and loss, or some other matter.
(303) 747-4305
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Maxine Gower, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boulder
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, NCPsyA
“"Talking is Strong Medicine" - When we talk in therapy, we come to know ourselves intimately and we are able to discover what is at the root of painful thoughts, feelings and actions. Feeling seen, heard, understood and accepted is key to restoring hope as well as alleviating pain and suffering. Deep and abiding change is possible because an authentic relationship with a caring and skilled therapist allows one to explore, with another, that which can be too painful, scary or obscure to explore on one's own.
(720) 288-0937
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Kristin Ewing, Counselor  in Boulder
“As a therapist, I am passionate about creating a safe, accepting environment where clients of all ages are free to discover, explore and live out of their most authentic selves. It is my desire to support both children and adults in their journey toward growth and healing so that they may find balance and joy in their lives.
(303) 536-3855
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Ben Cohen, Psychologist  in Boulder
“Do you and your partner have the same arguments over and over? Are you struggling to find joy and satisfaction in your relationship? If you would like to restore your love and intimacy, I'd like to help. If you are single and seeking help finding and maintaining the love and life you desire, I am also here to help. I teach core relationship skills that will greatly enhance your communication, deepen your connection, and help you understand your core issues. Learn to manage anger and reactivity to make effective communication possible. Have the life and relationship of your dreams!
(720) 316-9947
Boulder, Colorado 80302
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