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Therapists in Cambridge

Jill Colman, Psychologist  in Cambridge
“My focus is the impact of relationships, both past and present, on current functioning. I am a fully licensed and insured psychologist located in Harvard Square. For the past 15 years, I have been practicing psychotherapy with individuals and couples. Additionally, I have two years of Post-Doctoral training in couples therapy from the Psychoanalytic Couples & Family Institute.
(617) 446-3040
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Julie Smith, Counselor  in Cambridge
“Therapy is a process that provides you with professional guidance in identifying and resolving disruptive feelings, emotional conflicts, and distressing behavioral patterns that may be getting in the way of you reaching your goals and living comfortably. I draw from a variety of counseling and therapeutic strategies to help you find your own path to healing. I can provide a supportive, non-judgmental presence that can facilitate this process and help create a relationship that will enable growth and change.
(617) 396-7049
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Christine McElroy, Psychologist  in Cambridge
“My approach to psychotherapy identifies the issues behind your current problem and your inner resources for healing and change. I facilitate this process through biographical exploration, discussion, visualization, stillness, and creativity. I am a highly experienced, caring and pragmatic therapist committed to working with you to increase understanding of self and others, to diminish your suffering and ally with your commitment to new ways of living. I combine tradition with innovation as we work together. I trained at Boston University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Yale Psychiatric Institute, and am solidly grounded in evidence-based therapeutic practices and the medical model.
(617) 661-7530
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
Mary D. Gallaudet, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Cambridge
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
“I provide psychotherapy and consultation to individuals and families with a variety of presenting needs. My practice includes individual psychodynamic treatment, couple's therapy, family therapy, trauma-focused treatment, play therapy with children, and consultation. Areas of specialty include attachment, trauma, loss, child development, eating disorders, blended families, and identity issues related to domestic and international adoption, including search & reunion.
(617) 520-4501
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Bob Childs, Psychologist  in Cambridge
“For over 20 years I have been providing patients with a safe space that is mutually created together through a trusting connection built to hold whatever you bring into therapy. My focus is on longer term therapy that is aimed at achieving real and lasting change in one's life. It is also my experience that once many of the initial issues are worked through, whether they are older emotional wounds or current relationship issues, that ultimately what will emerge are your own unique qualities that will allow you to flourish in all aspects of your life.
(617) 209-4613
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Robin Ohringer, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Cambridge
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LICSW
“In more than thirty years of practice, I have worked with a wide variety of patients to help them better understand themselves and their behavior, and to help them develop new ways of coping,and better methods of dealing with stress. If you come to me for psychotherapy, we will figure out together how your past experiences have led you to form coping strategies which may now be interfering with your reaching current life goals.
(617) 648-9440
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Heidi Barrett-Model, Psychologist  in Cambridge
“My approach to therapy is warm, present-focused, and collaborative. I specialize in anxiety and stress, trauma recovery, depression, and coping with illness. I will work with you to help decrease suffering and increase the quality of your relationships, career and educational goals, and general life satisfaction. In the process, I will help you determine what matters most in your life and assist you in moving beyond unwanted habits or other obstacles and engaging in activities you value. I strongly believe that no one's life is written in stone--that everyone can make positive and lasting changes.
(617) 431-1903
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Discovery Learning Associates, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Cambridge
“Utilizing EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback), therapeutic music and hypnosis, we have a creative approach to individualize a treatment plan for every client. Our practice consists of both children and adults. Primarily the children come to work on ADD/ADHD or autistic spectrum disorders. The adults come for an array of issues: anxiety, depression, migraines, chronic pain and sleep problems. In addition, we work with clients for peak performance, i.e., eradicating barriers from even higher executive, academic, athletic or artistic excellence.
(617) 612-5037
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Anna L Stothart, Counselor  in Cambridge
“I see therapy as method to connect to a felt sense of inner vitality and well-being. As a psychotherapist I aim to provide a creative space where I can help you to discover your full potential and move from integration and wholeness. In this process, I will assist you in becoming more secure in your approach to life and more in charge of the challenges you face.
(617) 446-3223
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Kevin Majeres, Psychiatrist  in Cambridge
“You can develop confidence in the face of anxiety. As we work together, you can learn to experience the sensations of anxiety simply as activation of an alarm. The work in session focuses on learning to tune in and accept the activation that occurs when your mind detects a threat, and gradually you will be able to retrain your mind to experience these triggers, and the activation itself, as safe. Progress can be rapid, with much of the work being done in sessions, and we can together come up with a plan for practice. You can probably thrive without medicines.
(888) 464-1800
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Julia Hale, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Cambridge
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
“Are you feeling stuck? Or like something is missing from your life and you can't figure out where, why or what? Do you feel misunderstood and like no one else gets it? I have extensive experience in guiding clients through answering all of these questions. While the decision to seek treatment can be daunting, it opens the door to self-preservation and the "taking back" of one's life. Together we repair and build upon the existing foundation from which you approach such questions while constructing your inherent "wholeness" which is not only possible to achieve but also sustainable.
(508) 630-3048
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Jason Evan Mihalko, Psychologist  in Cambridge
“Change comes in many forms. A chance encounter, random event, or every-day experience all holds a moment in which the impossible can become the possible. Psychotherapy provides a focused way to pay attention to the moment to find the possibility held in every moment. Some start their journey with a desire to understand a problematic relationship. Others seek solace while facing a dark night of the soul. Some start when they no longer can manage experiences of depression, anxiety, or panic. Still others, tired of just surviving, start with a wish to learn how to thrive and grow.
(617) 491-0326
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Robert Weber, Psychologist  in Cambridge
“If you are a baby boomer, ages 50 to 68, and wish to address the transitional challenges that accompany this time of life, then I may be the therapist for you. Together we will explore and seek answers to the physical, psychological, emotional and relational issues you are facing. Known as the generation of seekers, the spiritual dimension has also been important to us baby boomers, so, our work will incorporate and integrate the spiritual as well as the psychological if you like.
(617) 860-3501 x3
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Maya Hanelin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Cambridge
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
“We all need a safe and supportive place to feel heard, move through challenges, and develop insight. I support my clients in this therapy journey to embrace their strengths, integrate new skills, and be true to him or herself. Individuals come to me around many different issues including relationships, life transitions, anxiety, and depression. I also have a specialty in working with LGBT individuals.
(617) 701-7527
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Arash Ansari, Psychiatrist  in Cambridge
“Dr. Ansari is a Harvard-trained board-certified psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist. He is an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and teaches psychopharmacology to medical students and residents. He is cautious and conservative in how he approaches the use of medications for the treatment of psychiatric illness and believes that medications are best used in conjunction with talk therapies.
(617) 981-7984
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Marcia Weiss,   in Cambridge
“You can make life better! See change for the better through working together. My approach is dynamic, collaborative and humanistic whether I am providing Psychotherapy, Life Coaching or Career Counseling Let's team up to tackle your issues and goals. Want to improve your relationships? Handle feelings more effectively? Building your career? Manage money better? Improve your health, self-confidence, child raising? Find creative fulfillment? Achieve other goals you yearn for? Let's talk about how we can collaborate to help you grow. Call or e-mail me. I'm looking forward to speaking with and getting to know you. Let's get to work!
(617) 454-4221
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Vivian Garcia, Counselor  in Cambridge
“I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in working with adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, eating disorders, self harming behaviors, and relationship issues. My down to earth warm approach focuses on helping clients find their voice, express themselves in healthy empowering ways, and create fulfilling meaningful lives.
(781) 399-0039
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
David Raniere, Ph.D., Psychologist  in Cambridge
“My practice is devoted to creating a reflective space where individuals can make fuller contact with who they are and actively stretch beyond the limits of what they can do alone. Attention to one's inner life requires respect and courage, and fosters greater understanding, healing, growth, and the making of a more fulfilling life. The changes my patients seek to make include several dimensions. Improvements are often sought with respect to painfully familiar habits of thought, feeling, and action (or inaction). These are often longstanding burdens that one has carried for quite some time.
(617) 682-9107
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Caleb Englander, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Cambridge
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
“My goal is to provide a safe, accepting, reliable space in which you can begin addressing the issues that brought you to therapy. Together we will explore and seek to understand the feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that may be underlying the stress in your life. I hope to help you practice new ways of being and relating that can lead to personal change and growth in all areas of your life.
(617) 231-7327
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Dolan Power, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Cambridge
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD
“You may feel badly but not fully understand why. Perhaps you can't put an upsetting experience behind you, or you feel alone, or you have lost someone close and can't seem to get past it. You can imagine the life you want but somehow can't get yourself there. I believe the therapeutic relationship offers a safe place where we can understand what is preventing you from fully living and enjoying your life. I am a down to earth person and easy to talk with but can also raise important, sensitive issues in a caring and professional way.
(617) 229-6953
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
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