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Therapists in 97224

Judy Miller, Psychologist  in Tigard
“I treat sadness. I help people with depression, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder and grief. I use an holistic approach by examining the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, biological, environmental, social, and spiritual parts of a person, couple, or family. Personal well being, relationships with others, and general health may improve by resolving the unique combination of problems among those parts. I consider people their own best experts on themselves and work collaboratively with them. I find people do their best but can become stuck in patterns that no longer work for them. Therapy can help them develop more effective skills to attain inner peace and strength.
(503) 567-2526
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Chelsea Bliss Ward, Counselor  in Tigard
“I work with couples, individuals, and families, working to deepen relationships, find greater depth and purpose in their lives and to feel better about themselves and their overall health. I work specifically with couples on friendship building and increasing communication skills. I see my roll as a therapist to walk alongside my client, to challenge and encourage and provide an alternative perspective and insight. I work from a holistic health perspective which means the whole person is addressed, both mentally and physically. Clients can find a safe space to open up and share their life experience here.
(971) 319-9529
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Susan Butler, Counselor  in Tigard
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MA-MFT, LMFT, LPC, LMHC
“Are you struggling with losing weight? Have you tried and failed many times? Are your frustrated with dieting and could use someone to walk beside you on your weight loss journey? I have struggled with weight my whole life and have lost over 200 pounds. I know your pain. We can work together to discover what is blocking your success and help you find the path to a healthier life. My passion is for helping clients discover what strengths they already possess, and to help them discover tools to cope with life and gain hope towards the future.
(503) 967-0236
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Cynthia Aerni, Counselor  in Tigard
“Do you feel like your stepfamily is IN the blender on high speed, rather than becoming gently and cohesively blended together? Are you struggling with step parenting "yours, mine and ours?" Is your step couple relationship experiencing strain? Are you dealing with difficult ex-partners? There many complexities that often arise when two original families come together. But there is some GOOD NEWS! Many stepfamilies develop strong and healthy lifetime bonds and the majority of them have also experienced being "IN the blender!"
(503) 374-1885 x6
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Michael Mattson  in Tigard
“I try to think out if the box. Most clients that are referred to me have been through couples counseling multiple times with little success. We will determine what does work in the relationship and learn why. Then we will develop creative ways to apply this process to the areas that don't work. As we develop a new relational foundation, we will explore and process through past hurts and relational road blocks so that we can truly move forward and not bring any old damaging relational patterns with us.
(503) 451-6024
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Lesley Alter, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in King City
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I believe successful therapy utilizes clients' innate abilities and strengths to heal themselves. I guide clients to get back on track and to move toward a preferred outcome. I engage clients collaboratively in developing treatment goals. I utilize brief, Solution-Focused treatment and mind-body therapy with children, adolescents, families and adults. I have been in practice for 28 years and am a provider on all private insurance plans.
(503) 567-5701
Office is near:
King City, Oregon 97224
Debbi Flittner, Counselor  in Tigard
“I find that we each contain an innate healing power. Scientific research bears out the potential we have for personal growth over our entire lives. Often when life shifts because of relationship or other problems, the need for change enters. My approach with you is from a holistic view, where one or more areas of your life is calling for attention. The sorting out of our deepest fears and hopes happens best within the confines of a safe, therapeutic relationship, as you move forward into the fullness of life that is your birthright.
(503) 446-4117
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Richard Lee Powell,   in Tigard
“You find yourself struggling to find joy, to care for others, or to be in an intimate relationship. You wonder if this is all life has to offer as you fight to overcome anxiety and fear.You're looking for a therapist who will listen carefully to who you are, what you want, and what you've been going through.
(971) 801-6327
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Kathleen A Zumpano, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Tigard
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Therapy, in my opinion, should feel relatively easy. Not exactly like talking to an old friend, but not like sharing intimate details with a detached stranger. If you don't feel comfortable in an initial session with a therapist (any therapist, including me!), try another. The relationship, and comfort level for my clients is super important, which is why I offer a free thirty minute consultation to make sure we're a good fit moving forward.
(971) 407-5174
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Helen Tuggy, Psychologist  in Tigard
“Maybe you can do it by yourself--and maybe it can be quicker and easier with help. Sometimes you need advice and information, sometimes you need a good listener, and sometimes you just might need cutting edge interventions. Whether the challenges are uncomfortable feelings, difficult things that have happened to you, relationship pain, or other stumbling blocks, we'll work together to figure it out. We'll start with what you want different in your life, and along the way you'll deepen your access to the innate wisdom and knowing inside you, so that ultimately you can end up with more of what you really want and more of the real you.
(503) 520-0912
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Julie Russell Family Counseling  in Tigard
“I specialize in couples, children, teens and individuals. I believe that everyone can reach an optimum state of health, counseling helps individuals and families reach healthy functioning in their relationships with others. I employ an integrative approach with a strong reliance on cognitive-behavioral aspects, emotion focused therapy, solution focused therapy, as well as some Jungian methods, such as sand tray therapy, and child centered play therapy. Sand Tray Therapy is a form of expressive therapy. This non-verbal method of therapy is often used with children, but can be applied to adults, teens, couples, families, and groups as well.
(503) 451-6250
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Leslie Carter, Psychologist  in Tigard
“Everyone needs a place to be respected and heard. I use cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and other treatments to support clients who like creative practical suggestions to make significant life changes. I provide respectful and supportive therapy for people facing challenging life changes, anxiety, panic, depression, loss, stress, troubling relationships or adapting to chronic medical illnesses. I help with evaluations for learning differences, applications for Social security (SSI/SSD), clarifying diagnoses including ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Depression and Anxiety. I work with people recovering or living with chronic medical problems including chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, brain injuries, and chronic medical illnesses.
(971) 319-9505
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Diana Kilinski, Counselor  in Tigard
“My counseling and coaching philosophy is based on the New Positive Psychology that focuses on your essential strengths and Positive Possibilities. I help you move out of feeling stuck. I help you break old patterns, behaviors, and thinking that hold you back from the life you want. Studies from the field of brain science show there may be alternatives to the medical approach for depression and anxiety. My approach is based on this scientific research. I help you develop the skills and strategies of healthy thinking and lifestyle known to help alleviate feeling down, anxious and worried.
(503) 395-1702
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Dr. Jessica M Evans, ND,   in Tigard
“The mind, body, and spirit are inseparable. Therefore, there can be physical circumstances underlying mental health disorders, and vice versa. A person may be experiencing unknown food allergies, inadequate nutrition or vitamin deficiency, environmental toxicity or have genetic factors that lead to suboptimal function and disease. I have been very successful working with patients with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disturbances using an integrated naturopathic approach. My treatment plans include diet and lifestyle modifications, nutraceutical and herbal interventions, counseling, physical medicine, and prescriptive medications. My approach is holistic and goes beyond the benefits of talk therapy alone.
(503) 444-8537
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Coleen C Moreno, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Tigard
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSSW, LCSW
“I am a therapist who believes in the power of discovery and healing. A therapeutic alliance based on safety, respect, and mutual collaboration can create client-driven opportunities for positive change. Using compassionate inquiry to reevaluate core beliefs and life decisions allow the client to look at long-held patterns. Whether the goal is to reduce stress, fear and resentment, or to encourage resilience and autonomy, the journey may be explored together and supported in multiple ways. Finding self-acceptance and the ability to 'live life on life's terms' can be attainable goals.
(503) 980-3118
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Gloria J Ramberg, Counselor  in Portland
“Seeking help is often a big step toward improving one's life and health. I am a licensed professional counselor with 20 years experience helping individuals with anxiety, depression, life transitions and relational problems. I believe that each of us has the ability to increase personal awareness through therapy and to set and attain goals in a way that will enhance our wellness and increase our ability to interact in the world. I would enjoy helping you in that process. I work in both short and long term modes depending on the needs of the client.
(360) 320-6963
Office is near:
Portland, Oregon 97224
Holly Shumway, Counselor  in Tigard
“I help individuals, couples, and families achieve a sense of integrative wholeness by creating healthy connections for mind, body, and the emotional self to work effectively together rather than in opposition to one another. I help create pathways to foster awareness and understanding to make space for effective change that supports a more positive sense of self. Often, the overlooked, the unspoken, and the unaccepted pieces of our inner selves prohibit our ability to experience a sense of wholeness. Personal challenges often become more manageable and approachable when the unknown is met with compassionate understanding.
(503) 766-5491
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, LPC, MAC
“Providing compassionate and comprehensive therapy is essential. For twenty-five years I have worked in the field of addiction medicine as well as its related counterparts, i.e. grief and loss, codependency, family and couple issues, depression and anxiety, and life stage transitions. My background in Jungian psychology and recovery work has given me the tools to explore family of origin issues as well as the spiritual dimensions which consciously or unconsciously determine our day to day adaptation to life circumstances. Group work and half-day seminars help my clients focus on specific issues.
(503) 766-4803
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Jennifer Moore  in Tigard
“Do you feel alone? Depressed? Worried? Stressed? Unable to make decisions? There are solutions! The decision to enter into therapy is a courageous one. If you are considering taking this step, chances are you are dissatisfied with one or more of your life circumstances. I have a special interest in helping those who feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed. Often, those feelings are coupled with anxiety, depression, self-esteem or relationship problems. I work to create a safe, accepting relationship that allows clients to explore all facets of their problems with compassion and honesty.
(503) 406-9158
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224
Barbara Cope, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Tigard
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Are you feeling confused, hopeless, alone? Do you find yourself worrying often about the future, or things that are outside of your control? People seek counseling for a variety of reasons including overwhelming life circumstances, broken relationships, unresolved past trauma, parenting concerns, and difficulty managing the stresses of everyday life. It is natural to feel anxious, depressed, or unsure at times. In the midst of our struggles it's often hard to believe that we have what it takes to deal effectively with the challenges we face.
(503) 308-4283
Office is near:
Tigard, Oregon 97224

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