Jo Colman, CEO in New York
Hi! I run Psychology Today and the team here working on our website and our award winning magazine. Founded in 1967, Psychology Today is America's #1 media-source in its field. There are over 20 million visits per month to (where you are now). Many people come in order to get help from the professionals in our directories (powered by Sussex Directories Inc). Our magazine has a paid rate base of 300,000 copies per issue.
Our network of contributors to consists of over 800 PhDs, MDs and published authors. Like our audience, they have become increasingly international. People often ask how we select our contributors. In short, our editorial values prioritize objectivity, timeliness and original thinking--think 'new empirical research with a twist'.
Before building Psychology Today, I owned and ran Spy, Mother Earth News and Country Music magazines. I'm British (educated at Eton and Durham Univ/Economics) but have lived (on and off) in the US since 1987. Anyone hearing my accent for the first time would be forgiven for thinking I'd arrived yesterday!
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Last Modified: 07 Jul 2016