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Therapists in British Columbia (BC)

"My goal is to help people manage their problems and pain, and to find ease, gratitude, and joy in life. I work with teens and adults to help heal hurts caused by trauma, poor communication skills, conflict, anxiety, mental health concerns, addiction, abuse and other life experiences. I have a strength-based practice which integrates mindfulness and compassion to allow you to express and rediscover your unique self. My role is to create a safe space for you to notice and grow your own inner ability to be healthy, happy, and whole."
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 2S1
(250) 802-3536
"Life can be hard, each season of it coming with its own set of challenges. My desire as a counsellor is to come alongside you, & work together with you, in those areas where you feel you could use a little support. Maybe you just feel "stuck"...or you know something is not quite right...or you're simply struggling in a tough season, or hard relationship in your life. I can help you unlock these areas, so you can move towards the life & relationships you're really longing for. We have one life to live...let's live it free!"
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 3K5
(250) 763-0333
"I have considerable experience in a varity of areas. In general, I help people with problems of everyday living. I would describe my work as compassionate and experienced."
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 2E7
(778) 433-3822
"At some point, we all hit a wall where self-help books and call-in therapy radio shows are no longer enough. Whether you are finding your way through grief over the loss of a loved one, experiencing a transition in your life, struggling in relationship or career, there is no reason why you have to go it alone. Believing a counselor must work on healing their own issues first, Ihave worked thru my own struggles in all of these areas. As a result I bring that learning to help many others."
Langley, British Columbia V2Y 2K3
(604) 862-7072
"Dr. Fry provides treatment and consultation to promote optimal health, mental health and functioning. She is a Registered Psychologist in the province of B.C., is a Clinical Associate at Simon Fraser University and is a member of the B.C. Psychological Association. She attended the American School of Professional Psychology (APA accredited) in Honolulu and completed her internship at B.C. Children's Hospital. Dr. Fry brings varied expertise and experience to her clients, working previously in Provincial Mental Health Centres, the U.S. military, at B.C. Children's Hospital and in private practice in Vancouver."
"Are you feeling overwhelmed or like you just can't get control over your feelings? Are there days when you struggle just to get out of bed? You are not alone. Feelings of sadness, anxiousness, insecurity, anger, stress or shame can be overpowering. I provide a safe, non-judgemental environment where you can share your story and work to find solutions. I use an integrated approach that adjusts to your individual needs to help you find relief. Using a variety of techniques, I can help you reach your goals and experience a lifelong transformation."
Vernon, British Columbia V1T 3R4
(250) 540-5711
"Everyone needs Hypnotherapy! We specialize in addictions. Why? Because I was an addict, and if I can do it, you can too. Chronic illness (such as Cancer and Hep C) and treatment side effects is also our specialty, as is Chronic Pain. Why? I am blessed to be here to help you, and I have overcome my own chronic pain with Hypnosis! No more meds!!! Are you an addict and can't find your way out? Have you received a life threatening diagnosis? Are you in constant pain? GOOD NEWS: YOU HAVE JUST FOUND THE HELP YOU NEED."
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 0B5
(778) 855-6074
"When you need to start feeling better today...for help with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, relationships, abuse, self-esteem. The decision to seek help is a big one and can be overwhelming. It is important to find someone you not only feel comfortable with but who also has the skills to help you. I work with both adults and couples and the broad range of concerns they face. My goal is to help people move beyond the places where they are stuck or having difficulty and to arrive at a place where they can not just survive but actually thrive."
Port Moody, British Columbia V3H 2A7
(778) 785-6296
Counselor, MA, MA, RCC, CHT
"I provide practical solutions for effective change. I have tremendous success helping people resolve stress, anxiety, panic and phobias. My therapy incorporates your conscious thinking mind and your feeling world to make authentic lasting changes. You will learn how to change unhealthy patterns in your relationships into relationships that work. You will understand that your struggle with binging and eating in response to emotion is not about food, food is the symptom. I will help you resolve the root problem standing in the way of your happiness. If you are an athlete struggling with performance anxiety let me help you put that behind you."
Surrey, British Columbia V4P 1B7
(604) 727-6608
"I believe in a collaborative treatment approach in my work with clients. My primary focus is to assist people to live the life they want by first highlighting their goals and identifying any barriers which may exist to reaching those goals. I am passionate about providing clients with knowledge and tools to actively make positive changes in their lives. Increasing people's life satisfaction and helping them achieve their desired functioning through good times and through challenges are focal elements of my practice."
Sechelt, British Columbia V0N 3A1
(604) 399-0293
"I acknowledge and admire the courage it takes to seek out a counsellor to work through life's challenges. I strive to create a strong, client centered connection, based on openness, honesty, daring and respect. My counselling style is collaborative, and focuses on increasing self-awareness, highlighting personal strengths, honouring one's own insights, and removing the obstacles standing in the way of growth and development. My experience as a counsellor has taught me that in the midst of personal dissatisfaction, individuals often engage in counter-productive, even destructive thoughts and behaviors."
Sidney, British Columbia V8L 4R2
(250) 881-5496
"BLOSSOMING MOTHER SKYPE COUNSELLING: WHERE GREAT WOMEN BECOME EXTRAORDINARY MOTHERS. If you are pregnant or a new mom, navigating the expectations of motherhood can sometimes result in anxiety, overwhelm, fear, disappointment, and loneliness. Society often paints a rosy picture of motherhood. Yet, for many, the quiet truth is their experience is far from that reality. However... with the right support, the transition to motherhood can be a time of tremendous personal growth and evolution. You deserve to feel connected, nurtured, loving, and to live your life in full bloom!"
Osoyoos, British Columbia V0H 1V6
(250) 485-8606
"Feel like you have nobody to talk to that understands or to help process your spiritual or intuitive experiences? Feel exhausted and overwhelmed, running yourself ragged doing for others, but can't seem to find time to take care of you? Struggle with knowing how to stop taking on others' energy? Feel like you have a negative tape running in your head constantly dragging you down and holding back your potential? Want to understand how to get in touch with a positive tape instead? There are reasons those tapes exist, you do not have to be a victim to them!"
"I like to take a holistic and mindful approach to therapy. I believe the mind and body are interconnected and healing happens when we begin to understand our physical/emotional pain. Through our work together it is my hope that you will find balance and reconnect with what makes your life meaningful, gain a greater sense of well-being, and enrich your enjoyment in life."
Kamloops, British Columbia V2C 3J4
(250) 571-3645
"Dr. Lisa Ferrari is a registered clinical psychologist who has been providing psychological services and counselling for over 15 years. In addition to her private practice, she has worked in clinical settings such as child and youth mental health, non-profit child and family counselling centres, and child-centred trauma counselling programs. Dr. Ferrari has also held positions as an Adjunct Faculty member position at the Adler School for Professional Psychology and Clinical Supervisor for community child and family counselling programs. She has also consulted with school personnel, on supporting children and youth with various behavioural, and emotional difficulties."
"Do you feel like your losing yourself or someone you love to the frightening disease of addiction? Or maybe your struggling with co- dependency, low self-esteem, or family conflict? We all have times in our lives when we need some help coping with life's struggles. My personal experience with the above issues enables me to provide a safe, empathetic,and non- judgemental environment, to work together, as a team, through obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward in your life."
Vernon, British Columbia V1T 1L7
(250) 938-5281
"My expertise is trauma therapy (including abuse, traumatic loss, and violence from a romantic partner), anxiety (including post-traumatic stress), depression, and life transitions. I believe that as humans, we are capable of self-growth, healing, and experiencing happiness. I believe that the beginning of working through problems often needs to start with developing affect regulation skills (the ability to gain control over those strong emotions that come on like tidal waves and seem to hijack our rational brain). Once an individual develops the ability to regulate affect, working through their presenting problem becomes more tolerable, and emotional healing begins."
Vernon, British Columbia V1T 9G1
(250) 938-5580
"I have been working as a counsellor for 19 years and my work focuses on addiction and trauma issues. They often go hand in hand but not always as each person is unique. The focus of my counselling work is very respectful as I acknowledge that you know yourself best. Most people seek out counselling because they are stuck in old patterns that they have outgrown yet need help to move forward in a new, more helpful way. I appreciate the courage it takes to reach out and I will work hard to help you make the changes you need."
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 3A9
(250) 591-0991
"Dr. Todosijevic is a registered clinical psychologist specializing in providing individual and group therapy to women and men from diverse backgrounds, who are seeking help for a broad range of problems and difficulties."
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 1Y6
(604) 682-2344 x62457
"Hello. I am passionate about helping people live a fulfilling life, and to see those hurting overcome their struggles and be healed from their pain. Before starting my own practice, I worked at a residential counselling centre offering services to young women struggling with eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, physical and sexual abuse, and self-harm. I have specialized training in Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-E) for eating disorders, which is the leading evidence-based therapy across the full range of eating disorders/eating problems (Fairburn, 2008)."
Delta, British Columbia V4L 2B1
(778) 242-5161