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Therapists in Minneapolis

Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"I have over fifteen years of experience as a psychotherapist treating children, individuals and families. I have been intensively trained as a child psychoanalytic psychotherapist, which has given me the basis to understand and to integrate diverse techniques during my practice for the assessment and treatment of people with different disorders. I have especially worked with children, helping them through play therapy to overcome problems related to depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, learning problems and delays in psychosocial development. I greatly enjoy working with the Hispanic population and I have a clear understanding and respect of the cultural values and traditions of the community."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
(612) 351-6133
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, LADC
"The people I spend time with are professional, intelligent and usually on the edge of making the next best step towards health, success or a healthy relationship. Often times, the barrier for them is self doubt, behaviors that no longer work (addiction, eating, over-working) and/or "not having enough time." Many of my clients are counselors, therapists or others in the helping profession. I am a strong ally of the LGBTQ community and have many clients who identify within this community."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416
(651) 404-2100
"Do you feel like you have limited choices and options in your life? Have you lost your balance? In my work, I have the privilege to help others explore the choices obscured to them that are often close at hand. Through a combination of talk and experiential approach we will work through multiple dimensions of mind-body to rediscover the well-being innate within you."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
(612) 223-7460
"I think it is an honor to participate with someone who is in the process of making change! I am a licensed psychologist with over 18 years of clinical experience. I view therapy as an empowering and collaborative process. My philosophy integrates existential humanistic ideals with cognitive behavioral techniques. I approach clients with a respectful, gentle and nurturing style that encourages them to identify and focus on their strengths and expand their self awareness."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
(612) 823-2063
"I have been in private practice since 1997 working collaboratively with adults, adolescents, couples and families to help them access their inner resources and achieve lasting change. I work with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, adjustment to loss and change, and past trauma. I also enjoy helping my clients identify strategies that can improve their relationships."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405
(952) 373-0404
Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, MA, LAMFT, LADC, E-RYT
""Are all people like this?" "Like what?" "So much bigger on the inside." - Neil Gaiman. People are so much bigger than the image they present to the world. In my practice, I strive to get to know the authentic you. I welcome individuals, couples and adult families, and am especially committed to serving the geek community, and anyone who considers themselves outside of the mainstream. My style is casual and relaxed, yet challenging. I believe that the bond between therapist and client is more important than any theoretical/philosophical stance. That said, I take a holistic approach to therapy."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
(612) 260-7559
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Huy recognizes that life is a journey through the valleys, mountains, and desserts. His passion is to join his clients on that journey and help them to find their way. He received his Bachelor of Arts at St. Thomas University, and his Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University. He is licensed by the State of Minnesota as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Huy has dedicated more than 10 years, personally and professionally, to working with individuals, couples, and families from different ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds throughout the Twin Cities."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409
(612) 294-0596
Counselor, MSED
"I offer non-judgmental, compassionate and competent counseling services. I help clients to gain insight and learn skills to make the changes necessary to become the person who they want to be. I've been offering individual, relationship and group therapy to adults, as well as consultation and training to other professionals, for 29+ years. I welcome people who may not feel welcome or comfortable in mainstream counseling settings (i.e., because they are LGBTQI, engage in alternative sexual lifestyles, and/or engage in community organizing to address oppression and social injustices.)"
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
(612) 315-8138
"With twenty plus years of experience, I practice with a holistic perspective. Working with a Mind Body approach for relief, change and healing offers possibilities for new understanding, inspiration, self-acceptance, deepened intimacy, and overall well-being. Problems of life, the uncertainties and losses, what gets called stress, anxiety, depression, they all undermine the healthy flow of relationships, creativity, pleasure, and productivity. They play havoc with health in mind, body and spirit. Working with what has words and what does not, through talk and somatic psychotherapy, makes possible change that endures."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
(612) 928-9021
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
"Hi my name is Linda Etim and I specialize in working with women as well as men who are in relationships with "predators of the human kind" also known as psychopaths. My unique approach is designed to help you to detach from and avoid these highly toxic relationships."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55443
(763) 225-1317
"LH-PAC is an outpatient therapy and assessment center located in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN. We offer individual, couples, and family therapy as well as psychological assessments. Our clinicians have a variety of clinical orientations and modalities of treatment."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
(612) 260-4234
"NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. I see clients for individual, couples, and family therapy. I also conduct assessments for Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Memory Difficulties, and Personality Disorders. I frequently have seen clients for Depression, Anxiety, Difficulty with Life Adjustments, Relationship Issues, and Assessments. Populations I have experience with include Adults, Adolescents, Elderly, Couples, SPMI, and Students."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
(952) 314-9008
"I offer an innovative therapy that is affordable, reliable, and structured to your personal needs. As a therapist, I work with individuals of all ages and couples who are struggling with mental health or chemical dependency addiction issues. **Now offering hypnotherapy as an adjunct tool to learn to cope with difficult emotions."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
(612) 501-6807
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PsyD, LICSW
"Psychotherapy involves working together to build connections where safe communication can occur. Most of my patients seek a guide, confidant, teacher, or objective bystander who can help identify difficulties in relationships & devise strategies/build skills to help them cope with struggles in life. I work primarily w/ adolescents/young adults who struggle with "launching" into the adult world of school & work, with adults who have a hard time managing pain & chronic health problems, with people who have struggles related to sexual health, and with people experiencing grief & loss. Contact me directly via my office cell number at (612) 396-6949."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
(612) 223-6436
"I believe that we all are seeking to live lives that are joyful and productive. Sometimes our path becomes confused and we need some help. I work with all ages on identity development and finding a place in the world. We explore addictions, co-occurring disorders, disabilities, ADD, sexuality, trauma and old wounds, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders through cognitive skills, narrative, humanism, acceptance, forgiveness and mindfulness. Together we forge new pathways and find new ways to think about our lives."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
(952) 856-8319
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"My interests in providing counseling covers families, couples, and individuals. I am dedicated to enhancing relationships. I serve a wide range of clients of many backgrounds. I have served people from 7 years of age to 80 years of age. I value diversity of all kinds and work hard to provide awareness and understanding of mental health and relationship issues to the public. I emphasize self reflection and self awareness in order to increase self-esteem and confidence."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
(612) 223-6463
Pastoral Counselor, MDiv
"Do you or your family feel tired, stuck in chaos and ready to throw in the towel? Adoptive families may face unique challenges that require a supportive professional who has personal and professional knowledge of attachment adaptations, trauma responses, anxiety, grief, and the adoption triad. Being an adoptive parent of three, I have faced both the joy and struggle of parenting in an adoptive family. When working with you, I will bring my personal and professional experience using a sensitive, non-judgmental approach as I help you find renewed hope and joy for yourself and your family."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
(612) 284-1622
"Sometimes for all of us, things can be very hard. We can feel inadequate, overwhelmed, trying to do everything perfectly to please everyone at work and at home, and end up losing ourselves in the process. It's easy to get into shameful, negative thinking and start to feel scared, anxious, and/or depressed. It's hard to feel safe and trusting sometimes in a close relationship or even know who is a friend to you. I help people who come to therapy with such issues feel a lot better, calmer, stronger, and more confident in their lives."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414
(612) 260-7716
"Getting help from a therapist can be a difficult step -- finding someone you can relate to, who understands, and who provides help in a straightforward, positive way is so important. I am warm, nurturing, and direct. I strongly believe in the importance of our relationship: I help you to establish goals, and we work together toward achieving these goals. I provide practical advice and assistance in handling the issues of daily life, and with addressing and healing from the struggle and pain of the past."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410
(651) 968-3706
"Are most days a struggle? Heteroflexible Therapy is there to help. Whether you struggle with relationships, addictions, dealing with the loss of a loved one, or past issues of abuse we will work together to meet your personal goals. The practice offers a warm and accepting environment for individuals and couples. Connie Studer, M.A., LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is skilled at recognizing the most effective therapy approach to help you find more satisfaction and joy in life. An open and affirming practice for straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender individuals."
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
(651) 967-7981