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Welcome to the Austin Therapist Directory

Here you'll find the most comprehensive local listings of Therapists in and around Austin, Texas.

Therapists in Austin

Rachel Springfield, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Sometimes it can be hard to know where you want to go in life. You feel stuck in old patterns that hold you back from living the life you want. My passion is creating a space where you can feel safe and understood while you explore those areas of your life that aren't working.
(512) 865-4838
Austin, Texas 78705
Elayne Lansford, Psychologist  in Austin
“Having practiced for over 35 years, I consider it a pleasure and a privilege to see those who choose to work with me. I am a generalist who enjoys working with a wide range of people. My main areas of expertise include couples therapy, relationship issues, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, coping with chronic illnesses, grief and loss, life transitions, and trauma.
(512) 549-2023 x101
Austin, Texas 78746
Dave Kaplowitz, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, CGP
“People say that relationships are hard work, but you wish your marriage wasn't this hard. You probably want to improve your relationship, have your spouse be a source of support, and bring back the love and connection that you once had. Maybe there are unresolved issues that you would like to address. You may want to learn better communication skills in order to minimize conflict and to deepen the connection with your spouse. You know that you and your partner need to learn to communicate better so you can regain the love, intimacy, and support you once had.
(512) 814-7127
Austin, Texas 78746
Hilary Miller DeWeerd, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“My style is interactive in helping to identify and resolve your issues. I feel that everyone has positive and negative ways of reacting to stress. I will work with you on finding healthy, creative outlets for your stress.I will help you to detach from unhealthy patterns in your relationships and your life. I believe in working with people from their strengths and starting where they are. I try to encourage my clients to improve their lives and to be happy with the choices they make.
(512) 649-0449
Austin, Texas 78756
Bonnie Carter King, Counselor  in Austin
“Are you feeling stuck or confused? Are you looking for a different life path? Counseling can help you express feelings and focus on life goals in a safe, and non-judgmental environment. You can work through concerns in your life that might be holding you back. In a non-judgmental environment with a trained professional, true growth can occur. Whether you need help with relationships, self-esteem, direction, or other problems of living, you can count on me to provide insightful, and caring counseling services.
(512) 843-8268
Austin, Texas 78746
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LCDC
“I am experienced and skilled in working with clients who have chemical dependency, codependency, depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders, trauma, and/or relationship issues. I see individuals and couples. I also work with parents of adolescents and offer family therapy sessions. I am excited about the good results that can be achieved with EMDR and EFT. Reducing the level of emotional disturbance, can clear the way for problem solving and healing.
(361) 437-0924
Austin, Texas 78746
Chelsea Vaughan, Psychologist  in Austin
“Healthy sleep plays an important role in all areas of day-to-day functioning. If you or your child are struggling with difficulties falling and/or staying asleep, nightmares, sleepwalking, or mood problems related to insufficient sleep, you are well aware of this. I specialize in the treatment of sleep disorders using behavioral treatments (versus medication). Additionally, I provide general clinical child services for problems such as anxiety, depression, phobias, behavior issues, family/peer conflict, and pain management.
(512) 686-2578
Austin, Texas 78730
Sara Gilbert  in Austin
“The decision to go to therapy can often be very difficult and choosing the right therapist can be overwhelming. It's often challenging to know which therapist would be a good fit for you. I tend to work best with individuals who are introspective, are working to better themselves, and are interested in the connection between their mind and body. I believe therapy works best when it is client centered, meaning a nonjudgmental compassionate approach to tailor therapy to your unique values and needs, while also incorporating evidence based techniques to help you create lasting and meaningful change.
(512) 872-5854
Austin, Texas 78746
Bethany Camp,   in Austin
“Therapy is best viewed as an active collaboration between therapist and client. Our work begins where you are. I prefer a direct approach that promotes radical self-acceptance, balance, courage, and increased awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Your therapy sessions will increase your ability to effectively handle symptoms, conflict and stress. I have practiced social work for 11 years and offer a variety of techniques to provide useful and purposeful therapy sessions. For insight into my style please watch my interview for our local NPR station, KUT, "The Hidden Face of Austin's Homeless" by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon.
(512) 943-7246
Austin, Texas 78701
David Garrison, Psychologist  in Austin
“Thanks for taking time to view my information. I try to be what I would look for in a psychologist: someone who is tactful, cares about the person, and responds with both knowledge and compassion. You will find me to be interactive. I will not sit silently or simply reflect what you just said. I will let you know my perceptions and discuss research, making suggestions on ways to feel better. I tend to focus both on your emotions and your thoughts. You will do most of the talking, but you will get a genuine reaction from me.
(512) 649-0271
Austin, Texas 78759
“I work successfully with youth struggling in their everyday lives. Examples include anxiety over internal conflicts, grades, peers, & parents. I enjoy working with adults as they navigate new transitions i.e. marriage, parenthood or experience the challenges of parenthood. I'm interested in helping individuals & families deal with end of life planning trying to answer the awkward question, "So, what do you want to do?" What life saving measures should be taken if you become ill? What relationships need to be repaired? I want to help facilitate this difficult topic with elderly parents or terminally ill youth.
(512) 872-4747
Austin, Texas 78704
Mathis V Kennington, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT
“Are you tired of fighting all the time? Are your attempts to reach your partner met with defensiveness or apathy? Have you finally reached a point where you are ready to walk away, and it scares you? Or are you giving it everything you've got, but no matter how hard you try, the same old fights happen over and over again? Relational distress like this happens when our attempts to influence our partners are met with indifference or resistance, but you don't have to be stuck in destructive patterns that get you nowhere.
(512) 872-3139
Austin, Texas 78746
Anna McElearney, Marriage & Family Therapist Associate  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, MA, LMFT-A, NCC
“Has part of you been longing for a change in your relationship? Wanting to feel prioritized, heard and understood? Sometimes with all the things we have to get done (work, kids, chores, etc.) our relationship/marriage can begin to suffer. Finding time to spend with your partner may be difficult and part of you might be feeling a longing to reconnect, to communicate like you used to. You might be tired of disagreements. Tired of the avoidance that's present in your relationship. Leaving you wanting to fix things but unsure how and where to begin.
(512) 354-1551
Austin, Texas 78759
David M. Wilson, Psychological Associate  in Austin
“I believe that treatment should not simply focus on the problems in your life. Effective treatment should also identify what is working or could work and help you take that to the next level. I seek to empower people with the skills, insight, and wisdom to help themselves. I use a collaborative approach to help people increase awareness of where they have been, who they are now, and where they would like to take their future. I utilize evidenced-based treatments to ensure the highest level of efficacy while tailoring the treatments to the unique circumstances of each individual.
(512) 686-0722
Austin, Texas 78745
Anna Francis, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Are you feeling stuck? Are you wanting something to be different but struggling to change it on your own? I have found therapy to be an effective way to safely explore emotions, transitions and discontent in order to make a new path forward. You may feel overwhelmed or alone, but there is hope, and I can help.
(512) 994-2493
Austin, Texas 78701
Anna Graybeal, Psychologist  in Austin
“I am a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. I establish a strong alliance with my clients through empathy and respect and work collaboratively with them to achieve their goals. Other areas of my expertise include parenting, divorce, health problems such as illness and chronic pain, grief and loss, trauma, substance abuse, low self-esteem and identity issues.
(512) 540-5328 x100
Austin, Texas 78746
Ryan Lynn Foster, LPC Intern  in Austin
“I work with people not diagnoses. First and foremost I want my clients to know that they are not on their own. I first began to study counseling psychology because I enjoy helping people. When a person comes into my office it is usually because they are in need of help. Through the use of various psychological techniques I strive to assist those who seek to find what they are looking for.
(512) 520-0818
Austin, Texas 78753
Fadya Albakry  in Austin
“Studies show the most powerful therapeutic factor is the client-therapist relationship. Most people can tell if their therapist is a good match after an initial face-to-face consultation. I treat addiction, trauma/PTSD, abuse, anxiety, anger and depression. I'm foreign and understand the challenges of cultural differences. I believe the proof of effective therapy lies in the change you experience in between therapy sessions. My approach is to teach you the skills to eventually be independent of therapy.
(512) 589-5897
Austin, Texas 78701
Nate Havlick, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MNLP
“Do you miss feeling close to your partner? Do you seem to be moving in different directions? Are you struggling to figure out where your own life should go? Or how exactly to get there? There are so many ways to feel stuck in life. And often, after struggling to make things better, we start losing hope that it's even possible. Yet my work with clients over the years has shown me a simple fact: that the truth can, indeed, set you free. The trouble is, we often lie to ourselves without even knowing it - believing foolish things
(512) 649-0363
Austin, Texas 78703
Claudia Brewer, Counselor  in Austin
“Besides raising my daughter, working with clients is the most rewarding and challenging endeavor of my life. I have been doing both for almost as long as the other and feel that much of what has contributed to my ability to be such a good therapist stems from what I have learned as a parent. Establishing trust and rapport is the most important part of therapy. The relationship between a therapist and client must be safe, respectful, validating and nonjudgmental. It provides a needed space for the client for self revelation, exploration, and awareness.
(512) 228-8899
Austin, Texas 78738
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