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"Dr. Sarah Arnett is an Adjunct Professor and past Fellow in Family Psychology in the School of Psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology. She has taught classes in marital and sex therapy, consultation, hypnosis and EMDR. In addition, Dr. Arnett served as Vice President for the Florida Society of Clinical Hypnosis (FSCH). She has served on the teaching faculty for FSCH at its annual workshops. In addition Dr. Arnett served as host and writer for the psychology science minute on WFIT radio. Dr. Arnett is currently not accepting new patients."
"Hello! My name is Cindy Eames and I have over 15 years of experience assisting both males and females in individual, couples and family counseling. It is amazing to see the progress that people make when they are provided a supportive and non-judgmental environment to work through whatever life's challenges they are facing. Stressors such as divorce, death, infertility, illness or issues at work, school or home can be tremendously difficult, but with resources, coping skills and stress management skills those stressors can be managed or resolved."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Today you are one step closer to change, and I would be honored to be by your side as you take those steps towards growth and well-being. I provide a confidential, caring and non-judgmental environment in which you can feel safe, and together we will find positive solutions to your problems."
"I have enjoyed working in the helping professions for over 30 years in both Virginia and Florida.As a warm and caring therapist,I have provided solution oriented counseling services in a wide variety of mental health and criminal justice settings before opening my practice in Brevard County in 1992.My experience tells me that you will very likely leave our first session feeling more hopeful and that we are a team in addressing your needs, problems and dreams.It is quite gratifying to see that many of my referrals are from satisfied former patients."
"Are you concerned about your child or teen's well-being and future? Does your child need help dealing with overwhelming emotions? Today's children and teens struggle with many common issues that I can help with, such as depression, low self-esteem, ADHD, broken relationships, bullying, anger, behavioral issues , self-harm and peer pressure, to name a few. My focus will be to help your child learn how to identify the causes of their distress, help them learn to express their emotions in a positive and productive way, and improve their problem-solving abilities."
"Specializing in children and adolescent issues: school, behavioral, anxiety/mood disorders, special needs, ADHD, Spectrum disorders and developmental delays. Individual and family meetings with play therapy, behavior modification and cognitive behavioral interventions are used. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. My Internship was completed at Devereux Children's Hospital working with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum and behavioral disorders. I have been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 1992, serving adults, children and their families."
"Develop goals to change direction in your life. Learn to develop clear boundaries, self-care, manage mood/thoughts."Navigating Life's Challenges ...You don't have to do it alone"(tm) Help for individuals, couples and marriage counseling. Your emotional well-being greatly affects your physical health. Therapy services in Brevard County, Indialantic, FL. I have found that the healthiest people are the ones who seek help in order to get unstuck and move forward in their lives. Please visit for more information or call @ 321-296-8338."
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"As a licensed marriage and family therapist I work with individuals, couples, adolescents and young children in many areas from life adjustments and stress to academic and behavior issues. I offer an approach that is tailored to the needs of the individual. I strive to provide an environment where the client feels safe, valued, and encouraged to explore and discover within themselves a healthier approach to life's difficulties."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BCBA
"When life gets rough, no one should have to go it alone. Sometimes everyone needs help getting back on a path to emotional health and happiness. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. My therapeutic and behavioral training allow me to offer a wide range of services and can be helpful in treating individuals, couples, and families, including those who have experienced limited or temporary success in response to past therapeutic treatment."
"Are you experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety, or depression? Are these feelings interfering in your relationship with your spouse? Are you a new mother having difficulty bonding with your child? Women are the nurturers of the family, full of compassion and understanding. However, from pregnancy to childbirth, or even after, women face many unpredictable challenges, including postpartum depression or difficulty bonding with their children. These challenges can have adverse effects that reach deep into relationships of all kinds, including those with their spouse, other children, or even work."
"I am an experienced, results oriented counselor. I have been a counselor for 25 years, and in private practice for 12 years. You want to be successful in life. Therapy in my office offers you the tools and skills to take baby steps, walk, and succeed. My therapy is engaging, as well as a learning opportunity to take the steps towards the goals you are seeking. Our work together is a team approach. I have worked with all ages, groups and issues. I am prepared to work with adults, teenagers, children, families, couples, elderly, and LGBT."
"I have worked in the field of counseling for over 17 years. My clients encompass issues revolved around depression,addictions,eating disorders, relationship issues, anxiety/panic attacks and childhood trauma. I help a person learn to manage these disorders and emotions. Subsequently, a person will become happier, managing life better."
"Frazzled? Worried? Overwhelmed? Feeling low? Thinking something might be wrong but not sure what? You're not alone. An empathic atmosphere for all of your behavioral health concerns."
"My primary focus is helping INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES going through challenging, transitional life issues. I work with people who are experiencing MARRIAGE or RELATIONSHIP difficulty, as well as with those experiencing major life change, needing expert help to bring clarity and peace to their lives. I have valuable experience working with issues such as: grief and loss, depression, anxiety, abuse issues and PTSD, as well as major life transition stages such as relationship break up, divorce, retirement or job loss. I offer a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION via phone or at my office in Cocoa Beach."
"I see counseling as a collaborative process and therefore strive to help clients develop achieveable goals that will improve their quality of life. I work with adolescents and adults in the areas of depression, anxiety, and bereavement. I enjoy helping clients build coping skills to deal with the stressors and conditions that impede their growth and happiness."
Counselor, MS, LMHC, LPC, CET
"I provide counseling in office (locally) and remotely in the form of telehealth counseling (also called online or E-Therapy). I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing services that span from therapy for depression and grief counseling to parenting support, couples counseling and beyond. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my clients' individual needs to help attain the personal growth they're striving for. I conduct sessions to address my client's needs and goals holistically, working on improving their mental, social, spiritual, and physical health needs."
"Therapy can be a journey of growth and discovery. Life's most difficult challenges often present opportunities for positive change. If you are dealing with transition, struggling with a difficult situation, or taking a positive step towards healing and personal growth, I am dedicated to assist you on your journey. Each person comes to therapy with their own unique needs and goals. I have no "one size fits all" approach. I am guided by what is best for each individual. Open yourself to new possibilities and begin your own journey to personal growth and development."
"Feeling stuck? In emotional pain? Does the past keep repeating itself? Well you don't have to suffer alone anymore. You've done the hardest part which is seeking help. Making the choice to seek out therapy is scary or new for most of us. I make the process easy by offering an empathic, non-judgmental, and solution focused mind-set to assist you with your difficulties. Together we can figure out whats causing the root of this suffering and move you in a direction that is important to you!"
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT, LMHC
"I work with children, adolescents, couples, and families to overcome life's challenges and live their lives to the fullest."
Psychologist, PsyD, NCSP, ABSNP
"You may be wondering why your child is having a hard time in school or maybe you suspect that your child has ADHD. A doctor or a teacher may have suggested that you get psychoeducational evaluation. A Psychoeducational evaluation will provide information about your child's learning style, academic strengths and weaknesses, and assist in understanding his/her poor school performance, Dr. Elisa Yoho specializes in working with children, adolescents, and their families as a private practitioner."