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Therapists in Effingham County

Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, LADC, CAC
"LIFE IS WONDERFUL! But, we often go through difficult transitions in which our lives become out of balance! I like to think of therapy as a way to find balance among all the dimensions in our lives such as spirituality, family, relationships, financial, emotional, and physical health. When just one area becomes unbalanced, it can affect all other areas of our lives. Learn to deal with transitions: make change by exploring unhealthy patterns in your life! It is important to have good emotional health because it drives behavior and it will improve all your relationships!"
Counselor, M, Ed, LPC, MAC, NCC
"I believe, if you are experiencing any of life's many challenges, including substance abuse, abuse traumas, addictions, relationship problems and others, you can overcome them, grow, and gain life satisfaction and peace, by accessing your own inner power and strength. I support, educate and walk with you, during your therapy process to attain the change and positive life outcomes you desire. Christian biblically based counseling principles are used along with EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral, Brief Solution Focused Therapy,others. At HOPE Christian Concepts Counseling Center, I respect your decision concerning incorporating spiritual support into your therapy and life coaching. I work with all ages."
Counselor, EDS, LPC, NBCC, NBCCH
"In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my clients' individual needs to help attain the personal growth they're striving for. I serve a wide variety of the population from individuals, couples, and families. In addition I provide a variety of assessments such as ADD/ADHD, Academic, Personality, as well as many more. I also provide specialty therapies by way of hypnosis."
Counselor, ThD, MEd, MSA, LPC
"I specialize in marriage and family counseling with a focus on building the family relationship to support the growth of all members of the family. I also work with clients suffering from PTSD and other military service related issues. I hold a doctorate in Biblical Theology and will counsel from a Christian perspective when asked. I am the mother of five children, two adopted as teenagers from Smolensk, Russia. I love what I do and would count it a privilege to help you and your family move forward with your life goals."
"I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has ten years of experience. I am encouraged to work with you as an individual or people collectively. I am confident that together you and I can come up with a plan of success. I am here to help you conqueror those giants that may seem to big to tackle alone. I specialize with working with children, adolescents, and adults that are dealing with anxiety, depression, moods, gender issues to name a few. I would like to provide support and encouragement that will help you as an individual or group on a personal and professional level."
Counselor, EdS, LPC, NCC, CPCS
"As an educator and relationship counselor , I believe we are equipped with powers within ourselves to discover the answers to life's issues. But, only if we are motivated to experience change from a positive perspective. Receiving counseling is the vehicle consumers can use to assist in the manifestation of this inner power."
"Certified counselors in alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and food addiction- depression, anxiety and trauma. Thank you for your interest in Rincon Recovery... It is a privilege to serve our community. My mentor impressed upon me, "we all have our own answers- it's whether or not we are asked the right questions" - As a counselor I always remember I am not the one with the "power". Sometimes having the opportunity to process the experience with a counselor- identifying what has worked and what has not- provides a different direction. Life changes- whether we embrace it or fight it- it's gonna happen!"
"I am a Registered Play Therapist and specialize in working with children with a variety of issues. I counsel clients using different modalities, including equine assisted counseling, play therapy, talk therapy, sand tray therapy, activities based on Theraplay principles and expressive/artistic therapies. I am very passionate about my work and truly enjoy helping individuals express/process feelings, teaching them coping skills and assisting them in discovering who they are."
Counselor, MS, NCC, BCC, LPC
"Thank you for making the time to read this as you consider getting counseling now. You and those you want to care most about deserve to be seen and heard. My specialty is helping children, adolescents, college students, adults, and couples build skills for getting more of what is wanted, and less of what is no longer helpful. I value the training I have received from other experts and will help you build skills related to trauma, couples communication, parenting, workplace frustration, and grief issues."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, EdD, LMSW, CMFSW, CDVC, NCPC
"I am dedicated to helping youth and adults with life coaching; self-esteem building; transitioning issues; parenting support; and parenting and divorce education. I teach the court-ordered anger management classes and I offer state certified family violence treatment programs for men and women. I am CEO/Director of Success for Families and Children Enterprise which provides additional classes for the local court systems. I am also CEO/Director of Success for Children and Families, LLC which offers similar services."
Office is near:
Rincon, Georgia 31326
(912) 452-2085
"Do you need some help getting your life back on track? Sometimes it is hard to know where to turn for help. I believe that the quality of the relationship you have with a therapist is the most important aspect of counseling. I have a diverse background that helps me connect with many different types of people. I am compassionate and understanding. I have worked in community mental health, a nonprofit family counseling center and a private psychiatric practice. I now have my own private practice."
Office is near:
Rincon, Georgia 31326
(912) 289-0725
Counselor, LPC, NCC
"I have experience working with a wide variety of challenges including marital concerns, teen anger management/behavioral modification, adult anger management, addictions, depression, parenting concerns and family conflict. I counsel from a Christian biblical standpoint. My professional experience has taught me much about interpersonal relationships and leadership skills. I have served as a pastor's wife for over 10 years and I am a mother of a toddler. I'm located right off of I16 on Dean Forest Rd. Morning, evening, and a limited amount of Saturday appointments are available."
Office is near:
Guyton, Georgia 31312
(912) 662-0945
"As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I believe that counseling can provide education, support, and a plan for the direction you would like to go. Therapy is a safe place where you can explore many emotions, fears and patterns of behavior that are preventing you from healing yourself and living a life where you are content and at peace. Any answers you need about how to live the life that is going to bring you fulfillment, joy and peace, are within you. Healing requires action. You can heal yourself with some bold and decisive moves. Counseling can provide a plan of action."
Office is near:
Rincon, Georgia 31326
(912) 330-6063
"I work with adults and young adults in individual, marriage and family therapy. My goal is to assist all clients on their journey towards healing, wholeness and harmony in their lives."
Office is near:
Rincon, Georgia 31326
(912) 380-3281
"I always consider primarily three qualities that characterize my approach to therapy with families, children, & individuals: interactive, systems focused, and change oriented. From my perspective, therapy is about working together to develop insight about what's not working right now in your life and developing new strategies or approaches that ease distress & suffering. Because we all live in communities & within family systems, exploring how we relate to those systems and how they relate to us, supports us in better understanding & better navigating our lives in a positive manner. Allow me to be a vessel of wisdom for a healthy lifestyle change. ."
Office is near:
Guyton, Georgia 31312
(912) 330-6115
"I believe that change is a choice that begins with simply asking for help. My counseling approach is client centered and solution focused. My specialties include eating disorders, substance abuse disorders and PTSD. I have experience leading both Trauma Informed Care groups and Substance Abuse treatment groups. In addition, I am a Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher (RYT-200hr) providing clients with a unique blend of stress management and recovery coping skills that are based on a holistic view of counseling. My passion in counseling is to help guide clients through the process of hope, healing, and renewed faith."
Office is near:
Rincon, Georgia 31326
(912) 289-1726
Office is near:
Rincon, Georgia 31326
(912) 330-6108