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"I work with women, adolescents, and children to help them find solutions to present challenges and gain tools that can help them create and sustain well-being throughout their lives. I offer non-judgmental, compassionate support. In working with adults and teens, I utilize a holistic framework that includes a number of therapeutic approaches. Depending on your needs, your therapy experience may include exploring your inner world, getting feedback and support, obtaining clarity and insight, finding direction, or trying on new behaviors and gaining new skills. We will work together to find the approaches that are most effective for you."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"For over 20 years, I have provided psychotherapy with adults that incorporates a holistic approach to wellness."
"In a supportive and non-traditional therapeutic environment Ariele provides mental health counseling and dance/movement therapy services for children, adolescents, adults and families. Her work is driven by evidence-based interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is uniquely supplemented by mindfulness and movement/physical activity. This innovative approach allows clients to reconnect body, mind and spirit allowing for a more comprehensive, long lasting and individual journey towards health. She focuses on building her client's strengths and supports their growth through self-reflection, increased self-awareness, and healthy lifestyle and relationship choices."
"Come in NOW! ADD/HD, Anxiety, Problems sleeping. All ages for MEDS. Fast&easy prescription refills. SKYPE and Phone appointments. FLEXIBLE appt times: Evenings/weekends. DRVARMAMD.COM. Direct access to doctor by email and phone. Personalized care. Small population of clients. Work together to stop struggling. Clients actively participate in their care plan and to move goals forward at a real-time pace. Featured on Fox News, ABC late night, and in the Chicago Tribune for insight. From Illinois and Rutgers Medical School. Residency at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital"
"I work with people to understand themselves more deeply and gain better insight into themselves and their difficulties. By doing this we can create an individualized strategy to overcome the challenges and difficulties that have brought them into treatment. I provide guidance, support, insight, and encouragement in this process as people resolve conflicts and overcome difficult situations in their lives."
"Every individual has innate resilience that can help light the way through the hardest of times. Sometimes in life, it may be hard to remember that this strength lies within. My goal as a psychologist is to help rekindle that light, instilling hope and motivation in clients to use their strengths and build support networks to overcome life's hurdles. Since I respect the individuality of each client, I strive to create a treatment plan that best fits their unique situation and personality, whether that involves incorporating group therapy, art, writing, music, animals, movies, and use of electronics."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Sometimes, we feel stuck in life and don't know what we can do to move forward. As a licensed clinical social worker, it is my goal to help people let go of patterns that get in the way of their ability to live a happy and satisfying life. I create a supportive, safe environment where together we can unravel inner struggles and explore feelings that may have been too difficult to manage alone. People often find greater mental clarity, direction, strength, and insight when working through their problems with me. I work best with adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues."
"Life is a difficult process and we all need some help. Help for yourself, help for a family member, or help for a friend. It can be scarey or anxiety producing to contact a therapist but you will feel better for doing it. I work with children, teens, adults, families and couples on a full range of therapeutic issues. I believe the therapeutic relationship involves team work and trust. My patients have a high rate of success in treatment by learning about their behavior patterns and then adopting change. I offer a comfortable and nonjudgmental place for you to heal."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"My experience as a social worker spans over thirty years. I have worked in a variety of venues with a wide range client population. My six specialties include adolescent and adult substance abuse, anger management, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and stress management. Additionally, I provide therapy for all of the issues, stated in this profile. Furthermore, I provide individual, couples counseling, family therapy, and group therapy. I am very aware that making the decision to get counseling, can be a very anxiety provoking situation. Can I expect confidentiality? What is the therapy experience like? Actually, taking the step to get counseling is a huge strength!"
"Since 1988 I have provided counseling and supportive services to individuals and couples. I have worked extensively helping persons who are involved in life's many transtions such as job loss. Relationships to self and others. Clients who are trying to survive divorce and heal will feel confident with my experience in that difficult time. Mood disorders are another specialty. I work closely with my clients to bring about symptom relief,personal goals and a better quality of life and relationships."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I'm an experienced clinical social worker who integrates Western and Eastern ideas to help you on your journey of healing and personal growth. I work with adults of all ages, helping them navigate challenging life transitions, develop deeper relationships, address parenting challenges and more. Our work will be tailored to address your specific needs. With awareness and compassion, I will help you gain greater insight into your behaviors and how they aid or interfere with your goals. Together we will help you connect with your intuition to live more mindfully and feel confident making empowered choices."
"I enjoy working collaboratively with individuals who are looking to make positive changes in their self-esteem, relationships, and effectiveness in the world. I look to help them understand the context in which their unhealthy behavior patterns emerged, and then use this understanding to make practical, lasting improvements. I tailor my therapeutic approach to each client based on their personality, needs, and goals. In my 20+ years of practicing, I have seen the life-changing work that can be done by a well-matched therapist and client."
"At some point in our lives we may find ourselves struggling with emotional distress,self esteem issues, indecision, fears, depression, relationship problems, chronic pain or other potentially life altering events. We can feel alone, scared and have no where to turn. At Envision Psychological Services, PC I can help you through the storms of life and teach you some of the skills to better manage any future adversity. Let me help you navigate lifes turbulent waters so that you can ENVISION and ACHIEVE "The Calm after the Storm"."
"We are a facility that offers detox, rehabilitation and sober living. We accept all major insurances and offers a very low self pay rate for those without insurance. We are a small intimate facility treating substance abuse with, or without, mental health disorde"
"I believe that a positive therapeutic experience is rooted in feeling accepted, understood, and truly "heard" in a safe, nurturing space. Creative, empathic, and interactive, I will partner with you to develop a personalized treatment plan, individualized strategies, and practical tools tailored to your unique needs and goals. As an experienced clinical-health psychologist, I specialize in working with people struggling with: Food & Weight Issues (binge eating, weight-loss surgery, weight management), Life Changes & Transitions (job, relationship, divorce, health, parenting), Substance Abuse/Addiction Recovery, Stress Management, Anxiety, and Depression. I look forward to working together to create lasting, positive change in your life!"
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"My 30+ years of experience with children, adolescents, adults and families gives me a broad perspective on the challenges encountered in home, school and workplace and my knowledge of the community enables me to work as part of a team when it is best to do so. Relationships can be very complex and parenting can be daunting. I hope to collaborate with my clients in identifying strengths and challenges, focusing on personal goals and developing plans. It is my goal to establish a non-critical environment in which to develop greater self acceptance, self understanding and self-esteem."
"Specializing in Diagnosing and Treating Depression, Attention Deficit Disorders, Nutritional Needs, and Learning Differences in Children and Adults. The Portrait Health Way - Our Philosophy Portrait Health Centers are multi-specialty clinics that employ the most cutting-edge and proven assessment protocols and treatment options available, believing that an Effective Treatment Depends On An Accurate Diagnosis. Individuals should not have to "play doctor" by researching available treatments and then self-selecting which of these treatments has been scientifically validated and would be most appropriate for themselves or their family. At Portrait Health Centers, we provide a comprehensive and multi-specialty assessment to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and incorporate an appropriate treatment plan."
"Maggie Dunne is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC). She has worked extensively with adolescents exhibiting high-risk behaviors. Prior to joining the Behavioral Health Center in September 2013, Ms. Dunne spent more than 15 years at OMNI Youth Services as an Intake and Crisis Coordinator. She is currently accepting adolescent and adult patients."
"Elaine started her career in healthcare 25 years ago as a clinical and research pharmacist with a specialty in understanding the mind-body interaction on human health and recovery. As a Professional Counselor, Elaine's approach is holistic and consultative where she provides emotional support for individuals, families, and groups dealing with problems associated with social and complex medical problems. Elaine's expertise has helped client's restore their lives from addiction, bipolar disorder, abuse, depression and despair. She provides medication consultation with individuals and professionals with an emphasis on providing up to date information needed for individual treatment decisions."
"I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Barrington, Illinois, with more than 20 years of experience working with adults of all ages, adolescents and families. Whether discouraged or overwhelmed, therapy can help improve the quality of your life. I work with clients who are struggling with anxiety, obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors, academic and occupational problems, depression, relationship issues, and the challenges of life transition. With a background in health psychology, I also have expertise in helping clients whose illness or pain interfere with daily living, (e.g., migraine and IBS as well as other chronic illnesses such as cancer, fibromyalgia, diabetes and heart disease.)"