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"We all experience difficult times in our lives - loss of loved ones, divorce, illness, job loss. Events such as these can lead to anxiety, sadness, and even hopelessness. Often these feelings can be caused by life's little everyday concerns - children, marriage, health, finances. For kids it may be homework, friends, and the stresses associated with just being a teenager. I can help you understand what you are feeling and provide support and non-judgmental positive regard as we work together to develop and maintain your own plan for a healthy mind and spirit."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"My ideal client is one who does not feel/believe things may never get better with whatever circumstance they are dealing. I have provided services to children age 4 to 18, their families and adults.I always believe my clients lives and well-being will improve, this is my motivation and passion. I am best suited to deal with depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mood disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and reactive attachment disorder."
Office is near:
La Center, Kentucky 42056
(270) 906-9656
"Dr. Becky Nastally is a nationally board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) licensed in the state of Kentucky, Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) and has over 10 years of experience treating children with autism and other developmental disabilities, their families and the schools in which they attend. Her primary expertise lies in the treatment of autism and behavior addiction. She runs a private practice in Paducah called Bloom Behavior Therapy providing behavioral intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorders. She received her doctoral degree from Southern Illinois University. Dr. Nastally has authored 14 peer-reviewed scholarly journal publications, one book chapter and over 20 professional presentations in the area of applied behavior analysis."
We serve:
Wickliffe, Kentucky 42087
(270) 944-3742 x1