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Therapists in Lawrence County

"LifeWorks Behavioral Health, LLC provides adult and geriatric mental health services throughout SW MO. Services provided include but are not limited to Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management for the treatment of Mood, Anxiety, Somatoform, and Adjustment Disorders; ADD/ADHD, Dementia/Alzheimer's, Smoking Cessation, and Insomnia. Dr. Leclair works in coordination with a team of physicians, counselors and therapists, in order to achieve well rounded behavioral health care. This type of care can only be achieved by providers working together as a team."
"Hello! My name is Shirley Bass. I work with children, adolescents and adults. I work primarily with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Reality Therapy Modalities. Both Individual therapy and family therapy are available. I work with issues of grief, PTSD, relationship challenges, abuse issues (physical, verbal, sexual), depression, women's issues, victims' issues, and domestic violence issues. I strive to hear the needs of each of my clients and then to empower the individual(s) to identify the problem and to determine a possible solution or degree of comfort for a resolution within the self or family unit."
"I practice cognitive behavioral therapy. This framework will allow us to help you to change the way you are thinking about your situation, your behaviors that may be affecting your situation, and to make important life decisions. While I believe in being supportive, I will also challenge your thinking at times to help you to see more options for yourself or your family that you haven't previously seen. Homework is sometimes also used to better assist you with making progress faster and starting the life you are wanting to live."