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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R, CPCC
"My strengths include: -my ability to blend or alternate between counseling and life coaching as needed. -my ability to create a deep connection from heart to heart."
"Counseling is about working together to improve life today. I believe in life coaching approaches and do not focus on the past, which we cannot change. What we can change is how our past affects us today. We need to understand how we got here, but everyone can learn and grow today. It is about our quality of life. If we focus on the positives, build on strengths, use our own goals, then life gets better. We are made with healing within."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LMSW, CCTP, CCFC, -
"I believe strongly in providing competent and compassionate therapy at an affordable cost."
"Author of the upcoming book Seven Ways to Transform Your Life Into the 1 You Want to Live: And What It's Costing You Not to Live that Life, Chris works in helping you to truly recognize your strengths and how to build upon them. Appointments (in-office and occasionally in-home) offer the guidance, support, and objectivity you need so as to develop an action plan that further empowers you and manifests more positive change in your life that translates into your leading the life you want and deserve. Chris works with children, teenagers, and adults alike."
"My specialty is working with clients, who are quite capable, even gifted, but struggle in traditional school or work environments. I strive to help them 1) understand their cognitive abilities and unique patterns of learning, 2) refine their approaches to processing information and, 3) develop skills and strategies that will make them more successful."
Office is near:
Jamestown, New York 14701
(814) 420-2868