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Marriage & Family Therapist, MSLMFT, NLPP
"I love working with individuals, couples, families of all cultural backgrounds. Some of the greatest joys in life come through the sharing, the caring, and the reprogramming and release work that happens in my office or in teletherapy. Miracles really do happen in the processes of well engaged and inspired counseling. Please feel free to call and explore or just email if you like and let's find out if we have the fit for your life."
"I enjoy working with individuals, families, and couples who present with a variety of problems. I am passionate about helping my clients feel better. I take an integrative therapeutic approach, where I use multiple theories to address my clients' treatment needs. I am respectful and empathic, and believe in my clients' innate goodness and potential. I assist my clients in working through their unresolved issues of the past, help them improve their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, and teach them effective coping skills. I help families strengthen their relationships by resolving unfinished business, and improving their communication and overall interactional patterns."
"Best write up is on our specially designed website at Love what I do and do what I love...come and let's get it done. Michael"
"With the technological advances being made parents are finding it increasingly difficult to shield their children from pornography. Now, in addition to the exposure kids might encounter from classmates who borrowed one of their father's magazines, most adolescents are spending large amounts of time online for homework or entertainment reasons, therefore, it is estimated that nine in ten boys have been exposed to internet pornography. Unfortunately, many of these boys are susceptible to developing addictions or compulsions to these images. Most parents will initially minimize the problem, hoping their child is simply "experimenting". This is very unfortunate because internet pornography is the fast track to sex addiction. It happens so quickly that most parents are caught unaware until it's too late. If you add internet pornography to the moral decay in today's culture then reason with the fact that adolescent's minds are still in the process of developing to full maturity, addiction can happen quicker than we are willing to believe. The problem of pornography and teenage sexual addiction , devastating, and increasing. When faced with their teen's struggle, most parents don't know where to begin to get their child the help he needs."