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"I have a small practice in my home, which I share with my cats. My strengths are an informal style and a strong clinical background spanning over thirty years in a variety of settings, including inpatient and psychiatric crisis, residential psychiatric, drug and alcohol, codependent family, and dual diagnosis programs. I have been in private practice in Virginia since 1996. I have two masters degrees: one in East/West Psychology, with an emphasis in Parapsychology and Altered States of Consciousness, and one in Clinical Counseling. I have also done doctoral level work in Family Therapy Research."
Office is near:
Amelia Court House, Virginia 23002
(434) 394-2227
"For most people, asking for help is a very difficult thing. This is even true when asking it of a friend or family member. For that reason, it is important to realize that when someone requests counseling, they have already done a good deal of work on their problem. Therapy needs to be a cooperative venture between the client and the provider. As a cognitive/behavioral therapist, this idea is fundamental to my approach. Using cognitive and behavioral techniques combined with a trusting relationship, clients can learn to better manage troublesome thoughts and emotions, solve interpersonal problems, resolve marital issues and change problematic habits. I have over thirty-five years experience with the VA helping military veterans with psychological problems, much of it involving substance abuse. My 10 years of private practice has involved working with adolescent substance abusers, marital counseling and helping individuals with emotional, interpersonal and spiritual problems."
Office is near:
Amelia Court House, Virginia 23002
(804) 446-5260