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Therapists in Kenosha County

"I am a Ph.D. and a Licensed Professional Counselor with an Alcohol and Drug background. I specialize in treating addictions and those affected by addictions, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. I also have a strong background in treating trauma, as well as mood disorders. I also treat gay and lesbian issues, grief and loss, anxiety, domestic abuse, the elderly, dissociative and personality disorders, and impulse control. Primarily I use cognitive behavioral methods with a humanistic and spiritual component. For clients who are interested in alternative methods. I am trained in indigenous healing and transpersonal methods, and I am an ordained minister."
"I am a licensed clinical psychologist with considerable experience. I practice in the states of Georgia, Illinois and Wisconsin. I work with adults, teens and couples. I am flexible with my therapy approaches and effective with treatment outcomes. I can tune into the hurt and pain; agony and helplessness; as well as strengths and assets of my patients and stay connected with them. I facilitate the process of change and provide a safe place for healing and hope."
"I enjoy working with individuals who are motivated to engage in the therapeutic process and allow themselves to transform into the beautiful, worthy person they have always been.....but perhaps have not yet met. I often work with profound trauma, shame, and hurt. The wonderful benefit about having various "tools" in my arsenal means that we don't need to verbally go "into the muck" which can be re-traumatizing. I look at my patients with an open-heart and no judgment; they know they're safe with me during our sessions. That magic gets transformed outside of my office."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, EMDRIA
"I am blessed to study with the best - I studied family systems work with Monica McGoldrick MSW and learned EMDR in 1990 from Dr. Shapiro herself. I have been a senior facilitator for the EMDR Institute and am a consultant for therapists in training. Today I practice family systems, utilizing the genogram - with EMDR as the cornerstone - along with mindfullness and spirituality. I have four children who have taught me about autism, dyslexia, adoption, and assumptions. They are my greatest teachers! I am married to Dr. John Schaut, a master EMDR practioner who works with our combat veterans."
"Learning to live the life you want which brings happiness and joy is not always easy, therefore, having a life coach, a counselor, or a skilled psychotherapist to teach, to listen, to guide, and to empower you to restore romance, find peace, tame anger, discover happiness, and balance your moods is essential. The use of an interactive approach and evidence based therapy modalities, such as, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, DBT, Motivational Therapy, and CBT we can help you find the answers to life's challenges, so that you can live the life you want to live!"
"I have found through 13 years of counseling in a variety of settings that therapy is my niche. I'm particularly well-suited for working with adults individually with a host of presenting issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, grief, PTSD, work stress, and adjustment to various life stressors."
"Therapy should be a positive step toward better spiritual, mental, and physical health as well as stronger, more resilient relationships. Living to our fullest requires attention to all dimensions of health: spiritual, emotional, physical and social. To facilitate healthy life patterns, many challenges and difficulties (such as maladaptive patterns of thought, behavior, and relating) will be considered. At the same time, clients may count on support as they identify, recognize, and use their God-given strengths, skills, and assets in this process."
"I like people. It's hard to not feel compassion for an individual who is willing to bear their soul to find a better out come. I am clinically astute, however, I deliver a warm and compassionate and objective viewpoint to assist my clients. I have a diverse background which allows me to fully empathize with the clients I serve. I am licensed in both Illinois and Wisconsin and provide in home services to Wisconsin residents on Medicaid."
"Come in NOW! ADD/HD, Anxiety, Problems sleeping. All ages for MEDS. Fast&easy prescription refills. SKYPE and Phone appointments. FLEXIBLE appt times: Evenings/weekends. DRVARMAMD.COM. Direct access to doctor by email and phone. Personalized care. Small population of clients. Work together to stop struggling. Clients actively participate in their care plan and to move goals forward at a real-time pace. Featured on Fox News, ABC late night, and in the Chicago Tribune for insight. From Illinois and Rutgers Medical School. Residency at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital"
"I can help if you are currently having problems adjusting to a crisis event such as a divorce, loss of a loved one, or a significant life change. Other areas of specialty include, working with children with adjustment and anxiety disorders, and also working with blended families. Therapeutic interventions are delivered in a motivational non-judgmental style through the use of cognitive behavioral and other behavioral techniques. My clients are encouraged to learn skills that can easily be replicated and become a part of their daily life. I use a prob;em solving approach because I believe in results."
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Kenosha, Wisconsin 53143
(847) 416-0808
"I use short-term focused therapy to help you solve problems, think positively and effectively, manage feelings, have better relationships and make positive changes in your life."
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Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
(262) 447-4112
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Healthy relationships don't just happen. With over 50% of today's marriages still ending in divorce, many people are delaying or even avoiding marriage. Offering an approach that is marriage-friendly, I work with all types of relationships, with a focus on setting realistic expectations and practical solutions. I also work with children and teens as part of family therapy. Strengthening the parent-child relationship can be achieved through therapeutic family play and expressive arts. I try to make family therapy fun, meaningful, and goal-directed."
Office is near:
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
(224) 676-9583
"I believe in meeting clients where they are at in their healing process. Assisting my clients in identifying their unique strengths in order to find balance and joy in their lives is always at the core of the therapy process. I provide a straightforward, compassionate approach with my clients and take my work very seriously. I do not, however, take myself overly seriously, so clients feel I am very easy to relate to. I believe that everyone, at some point, can benefit from therapy. It's not only to fix what might feel broken, but also to improve on what's working in our lives."
Office is near:
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53142
(262) 229-2767
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I believe therapy works best when goal setting is a collaboration between client and therapist in a healthy, safe and respectful therapeutic relationship and can be a valuable tool to empower clients to create a well balanced and fulfilling life."
Office is near:
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
(847) 423-8264 x142
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, MSW, LCSW
"Jessica Ford is a highly skilled psychotherapist with a proven track record with couples and individuals who experience relationship distress. Her extensive post-graduate professional training includes couples therapy, sex therapy and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist she is professionally trained to assess and treat a variety of sexual and relationship concerns: low and inhibited sexual desire, pelvic floor pain, ejaculation/orgasm dysfunction, sexual abuse, PTSD experiences, compulsive addictive behavior and a lack of balance about sex, and other issues troubling a person and their partner."
Office is near:
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
(262) 726-4722
"Founded in 1907, Rogers has expanded to provide greater access to care and is now one of the largest behavioral health systems in the country. Our staff has the expertise and experience found only in a stand-alone, not-for-profit behavioral health hospital, such as our own. Rogers provides specialized, evidence- based treatment for children, teens and adults from Wisconsin and across the country. Our specialized treatment teams, led by board-certified psychiatrists, provide many different levels of treatment including: inpatient hospitalization, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient. Support groups are available and family education is often encouraged in order to create a strong support system for the patient, as well as to help transition back into daily life while still using the principles learned at Rogers. It our goal to make every life worth living by helping patients and their families discover hope and healing. Rogers Behavioral Health has locations in Florida, Illinois, Tennessee and Wisconsin and is nationally recognized for its excellence in behavioral health care. Every location has a unique personality and offers comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for each patient."
We serve:
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
(866) 574-8609
"Welcome to Hazelden's Chicago treatment center, home to acclaimed outpatient addiction treatment services, continuing care, family programming, recovery housing, and more. Our clinicians focus on treating the whole person by addressing the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of addiction. And our evidence-based treatment practices and support resources provide you with the best foundation for lasting recovery from addiction."
We serve:
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
(866) 568-7671
"Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, River Shore Treatment Center is a premier provider of medically-supervised medication assisted treatment for men and women, aged 18 and older. Recognizing the importance of offering additional, supportive services that can ensure successful recovery from a heroin or other opioid addiction, this center provides methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, and Vivitrol detox treatments as well as counseling and education opportunities for all who come to this center for care. Each client is assessed individually and treatment recommendations are based on where a person is in his or her recovery process. At River Shore Treatment Center, adult men and women can realize a rehabilitated life that is not controlled by the vicious cycle of an opioid addiction."
"Aurora Psychiatric Hospital offers an ideal setting for individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse problems. Located on a beautiful, 30-acre wooded campus in Wauwatosa, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital has been a leader in behavioral health care since 1884. Our staff includes some of the area's leading psychiatrists, therapists and clinical nurses- all dedicated to delivering evidence-based treatment in a caring and confidential environment. Through our level of expertise and commitment to excellence, our patients benefit from the most advanced and innovative treatment options available. Our continuum of care includes inpatient and residential treatment as well as day and evening programming. We offer specialized programs to meet the needs of each individual and family. For more information, call 414-454-6777."
We serve:
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
(877) 465-7122
"We welcome you to Lake Geneva Wellness Clinic's webpage. We offer action oriented treatment and believe that you are unique. We believe you have the ability to change and that you can achieve your goals. We are HONORED to be part of that process."
We serve:
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
(262) 806-7309