Pete Williams, LPC, PhD, Counselor in Atlanta
As both a Licensed Professional Counselor and a certified Jungian Psychoanalyst, I work with adults and couples facing a variety of emotional issues. One of my primary areas of concentration involves mid-life issues of change, transition and loss. My former career as a business executive affords me unique understanding into problems related to mid-life transitions and other career-related challenges. I have also worked extensively with both individuals and couples facing difficulties in relationship transitions such as divorce and separation. Depression, anxiety, hopelessness and grief are all symptoms often related to difficult mid-life transitions and significant life changes.
In addition to counseling and psychotherapy, I am also trained as a Jungian Psychoanalyst. While the primary goal of psychoanalytic intervention is to alleviate emotional distress and suffering, psychoanalysis has the additional goal of helping individuals to deepend their understanding of themselves and to embrace who they are as unique individuals.
In many instances, people entering into psychoanalysis are emotionally healthy and well functioning individuals who are seeking to find greater meaning in their lives by deepening their sense of self-awareness. The task of finding meaning and purpose requires increased awareness of aspects of our personalities that are unconscious and unrecognized.
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  • Years in Practice: 10+ Years
  • School: Kent State University
  • Year Graduated: 1998
  • License No. and State: LPC003456 Georgia
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Pete Williams, LPC, PhD, Counselor in Atlanta

Pete Williams

Counselor, LPC, PhD