Joalie E Davie, MD in Santa Fe

Women in transitions starting 6/2017

Repeating the same mistakes? Putting yourself last? Getting frustrated? Feeling stuck? Dr. Joalie Davie's workshop can help you find your essence and the courage within you to release blocks that sabotage your efforts and best intentions. Dr. Davie will work with the group on subconscious issues and blocks to help you be congruent with your new goals so you can achieve them. In this group, we will journal, share and support each other's efforts to overcome the challenges and turn them into stepping stones to success.

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Dissolve your OCD

In this workshop, Dr Davie will help you overcome a compulsion that is preventing you from feeling at ease and comfortable. In a supportive and safe environment, through various evidence based techniques, you will learn to feel more relaxed and let go of the compulsive behavior.

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Last Modified: 09 May 2017