John S Shealy, PhD, Psychologist in Louisville

Mindfulness Training Programs

Offered in several formats, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs offer comprehensive small-group training in mindfulness meditation, mindful movement and healthy lifestyle practices. Participants learn to stay present to each moment without the usual overlay of judgment or reactivity. By cultivating non-judgmental awareness, skillful response replaces conditioned reactivity, allowing a natural movement toward healthy lifestyle choices and more moments of restorative stillness and peace. All programs offer a powerful approach to coping with physical, psychological and interpersonal stress as well as pain, illness and addiction. Healthy Relationships programs add a focus on using mindfulness to transform our intimate lives.

Group Details

Issues: Chronic Pain, Coping Skills, Relationship Issues
Treatment Orientation: Mindfulness-based (MBCT)
Age: Adults

Session Cost

$40 - $70


Various Locations in Greater Louisville
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Louisville, Kentucky 40214

Last Modified: 07 Jun 2017
John S Shealy, PhD, Psychologist in Louisville

John S Shealy

Psychologist, PhD