Robyn Strelitz, LMFT-A, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Austin
Are you struggling with transition, grieving a loss, or feeling overwhelmed with changes occurring in your life? Or are you feeling stuck and unsure how to go about making a change? Are you experiencing conflict or feeling disconnected from others and yourself? I can help you define yourself and your relationships so you can better navigate life's challenges, free yourself from problematic patterns, and make genuine connections.
I offer confidential, goal-oriented therapy. Therapy is a partnership, and I hope we can build an atmosphere of trust, openness, honesty, and safety. I encourage clients to ask questions, voice any concerns about the therapy process, and take each session as a step.
I work with clients of all ages who have experienced a range of issues, including trauma, grief, chronic illness, and family conflict. I work as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Associate at the Austin Family Institute.
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  • License No. and State: 202452 Texas
  • Supervisor Name: KENNINGTON, MATHIS VILA
  • Supervisor License: 201883
Last Modified: 23 Apr 2016
Robyn Strelitz, LMFT-A, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Austin

Robyn Strelitz

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, LMFT-A