Ralph Wilson, ND, MS in Washington

Creating Community in a Mobile World

Welcome. We are an embodied "Post Election" community that donates our time and our attention to each other in non-therapy events. You may be a frequent traveler who longs for someone to recognize your face and to be kind toward you. Commitment: being fully present to our shared experiencing when we are immersed in our chosen activity. Emphasizing: Sociability, Safety. Time to relax around others. We omit: Personal health questions and "political party anxiety.". Extensive speaking optional. Events may include Cinema Therapy watching a film/video or other safe low-impact experience. Service animals accommodated. Around two hours.

Group Details

Issues: Anxiety, Life Coaching
Treatment Orientation: Coaching
Age: Adults

Session Cost

$20 - $30


Washington, District of Columbia 20008

Last Modified: 22 May 2017