Ralph Wilson, ND, MS in Washington

Yoga/FlexAwareŽ Fitness/Rehab

Across from National Zoo. I give you permission to explore your physical movement as it relates to food & life energy. I help you begin to travel mind-body trails inside yourself that you might not know even exist. Finding your own route in health. Enhance your mind and body coordination and flexibility. Learn to both focus and to "let go" for the moment. Adaptable to mobility impaired. Complements your personal program for "food disorders", addictions, self-control issues. If on medication let's talk about what to consider telling your prescriber. RSVP required to welcome you to the group.

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Creating Community in a Mobile World

Welcome. We are an embodied "Post Election" community that donates our time and our attention to each other in non-therapy events. You may be a frequent traveler who longs for someone to recognize your face and to be kind toward you. Commitment: being fully present to our shared experiencing when we are immersed in our chosen activity. Emphasizing: Sociability, Safety. Time to relax around others. We omit: Personal health questions and "political party anxiety.". Extensive speaking optional. Events may include Cinema Therapy watching a film/video or other safe low-impact experience. Service animals accommodated. Around two hours.

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Last Modified: 22 May 2017