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Therapists in Allegany County

"As a part of Alfred Counseling Associates, I counsel clients in Alfred, Scio, and Wellsville. I assist individuals and families to help them live a satisfying and more joy-filled life. Sometimes you just need assistance in handling life stresses, such as school, work, relationships, grief, or other losses. Other times you may just need someone to vent to. And other times there may be anxiety, depression, fear, trauma, or other issues that are more debilitating that you need to work through. I would love to assist you in any way that I can."
$30 - $60
"Experience is the most direct route to finding your truth. My intention is to help you increase your self-awareness, discernment, and choices in life through close attention to experience. Our work will include talk therapy as well as a variety of other modes of non-verbal exploration. Choices include Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy; eco-therapy in which nature provides the setting for inner exploration; and/or creative and imaginative exploration. My approach is founded on a belief in your inherent capacity for psychological/spiritual growth. My focus is on adults with a broad variety of issues."
$50 - $80
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MFT
"As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I've completed special training to work with couples and families in all of their dynamic complexity. I approach my work with compassion, curiosity, openness and non-judgment. Instead of taking on the role of "expert" with clients, I try to help them access their own internal expert about themselves and their circumstances. I see my work as a creative collaboration, and my role as an informed guide. However, I do not shy from taking a more directive stance if we agree this is necessary."
$60 - $120
"My training and specialization encompasses all treatment of mental health concerns adults, couples and families may face. This equips me with the ability to approach treatment on a multidimensional level. My goal is to help clients find movement and growth during times of emotional discomfort. I do so by building strong collaborative relationships with each of my clients, challenging current ways of functioning that maybe hampering progress and developing deep insight and knowledge of your emotional world to ensure lasting change. My work is collaborative, warm and progressive."
$60 - $120
"Whether you are struggling with your weight, feelings of depression or anxiety, pain, difficulty sleeping or looking for a new approach to improving your relationship; mindfulness offers an alternative or a complement to medication. By calming your reactions and increasing your awareness of body sensations and thoughts, you are better informed to change your habitual ways of responding."
$60 - $120
Office is near:
Alfred, New York 14802
(585) 563-3595