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"Mickey Parsons and his coaching partners help their clients develop leadership potential, and become catalysts for change in their organizations, businesses and personal lives. They also help build effective teams, and teach "leader-as-coach" principles to boost performance, while supporting health and career management for big picture results. In short, their Mission is to provide strategy, structure and solutions that inspire, encourage and equip people and their organizations for success in an ever-evolving world. You may be asking "Is 'The Workplace Coach' right for me?" If you find yourself asking the following questions, the answer is YES!"
Atlanta, Georgia 30360
(678) 905-7896
"Heart to Heart Counseling is a private practice committed to addressing life's transitions with authenticity, compassion and a desire to connect with people at their core-their heart. Through exploration, empowerment, and modeling my goal is to assist client's in cultivating the lives they deeply desire."
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
(404) 594-2314
"Life is full of challenges. We all face transitions at some point in our lives. It is my goal to help you overcome these obstacles and live a psychologically healthy life. My treatment approach is Person-Centered and Cognitive-Behavioral. Simply put, I provide a non-judgemental, safe and comfortable environment allowing us to focus completely on you. I also explore and help you focus on your thought patterns and how this affects your outlook on life and your specific situation. I view the Counselor-Client relationship as a team approach, encouraging you to work with me throughout the process."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 645-0550
"I work with individual adults and couples; my therapeutic focus involves helping you gain insight into limiting self-perceptions and behavior patterns to manage stress, create new meaning, and to achieve the clarity, balance and interpersonal effectiveness that you're seeking. I approach therapy collaboratively, using mindfulness and meditation as central tools for awareness-building and transforming moment-to-moment experience. I am EMDR-trained and incorporate this modality into sessions for accelerating the healing process."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 382-5822
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Feeling stuck? Wondering why you keep finding yourself in the same struggle, experiencing the same pain or relationship issues, yet again? I work with clients to explore how unresolved issues from the past impact the present. I strive to create an open and safe environment where clients can express and explore authentic feelings and lost aspects of self often censored in general society, toward greater personal insight, growth and change. I believe that an accepting and validating therapy relationship can be a key element in the healing of old wounds and opening up of possibilities for new and better experiences."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 341-4745
Pastoral Counselor, DMin, CPSAS
"I work with men struggling with sexual addictions and couples wanting to build a strong Christ centered marriage. For men struggling with addictive behaviors, I've worked with hundreds of men wrestling with porn, affairs, strip clubs, massage parlors, escorts, same sex attraction and numerous other forms of acting out. For couples I provide a Biblical view for developing a strong relationship. I am also called on a lot to do public speaking regarding sexual integrity issues."
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
(678) 685-9296
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"You can live a happier, more meaningful life. Right now, you may be depressed, unable to enjoy the things you used to, feeling sad, numb, or lost in darkness. Maybe anxiety is keeping you up at night, making it difficult to perform at work or feel comfortable in social settings. Perhaps you're struggling in your relationships, finding it hard to communicate, feel close, or find someone who really understands you. Or, you might feel stuck because the things and people you thought would or should make you happy just aren't."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 793-8966
"I provide assessment and treatment for emotional and behavioral disorders. I specialize in developmental and psychoeducational assessment for developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Learning Disabilities. Additionally, I am highly trained to treat children, adolescents, and adults struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and/or anxiety. I also have experience and formal training in general psychological evaluations. By using up-to-date assessment and treatment methods, I will provide quality care in all areas. I promise to work with you to coordinate high quality treatment services to address your mental health needs."
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(770) 457-5577
"Are you struggling as a mom with a long to-do list, little time for yourself, and keeping your cool when the kids are losing it themselves? Are you tired of yelling, nagging, counting 1-2-3, and resorting to coercion or bribes to get your child to listen?! I can help you discover new ways to embrace parenting and bring peace and harmony into your family life. I like to teach and coach baby steps--small shifts in how you parent--that can produce BIG RESULTS in reducing conflict, meltdowns, and defiance."
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
(678) 853-5591
"Have you struggled with drug or alcohol addiction most of your life? Re-lapsed off and on, and feel frustrated with recovery in general? Allow me to help you on your journey to recovery."
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(770) 406-6793
"I have worked in the field of Pastoral Counseling for over 14 years in the area of Relationship Building, Marital and Pre-marital counseling, Depression and Grief and Loss; the area of Mental Health for 4 years with experience in IFI and Core Services. I am experienced in conducting bio psychosocial assessments. My Therapeutic modality includes Person Centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family systems."
Atlanta, Georgia 30340
(704) 586-9009
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
""Do you want to create a life of more contentment?" I believe that psychotherapy is a journey towards that - a journey of self-discovery, understanding motivation, hidden conflicts, reflection and awareness. This can result in long-term change and improve people's relationships with others and themselves. Therapy can help people find solutions to everyday problems such as: making tough decisions, managing uncertainty about staying in a relationship or identifying stumbling blocks getting in the way of reaching one's goals. My areas of interest include: personal growth issues, women's issues, trauma, depression and anxiety."
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
(404) 566-5514
"Individuals, couples and families come to me when they are experiencing pain, feel lost, disconnected or stuck. Initially, we process multiple aspects of your whole being. Through this journey we determine which area or areas of your life are in need of more balance and fulfillment. I strive to take into account the whole person with a style characterized as gentle, warm, engaging, empathic and thought provoking. Our therapeutic relationship is diligently attended to as we work together to create new ways of thinking, feeling, relating and therefore being in the world."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(678) 355-8333
"Learn strategies for creating and maintaining healthy and satisfying relationships that work! Expand your ability to live fully and joyfully! We are married psychotherapists in private practice in the Dunwoody area of Atlanta for over 20 years. We use teaching/coaching for teaching and practicing advanced relationship skills Though it is ideal to have both partners in the sessions, we have developed a system that produces positive relationship changes with only one partner in the session. We focus on strengths and solutions and breaking destructive behaviour patterns rather than becoming stuck in blame and analysis (as in some traditional therapy). We use mind-body methods designed to cultivate inner peace and self esteem and relieve anxiety and depression. We give clear, concise and practical guidelines and tools, as well as practical homework between sessions, assisting clients in dealing with stress, anxiety, phobias, grief and loss, anger issues, addictions, weight management and smoking cessation. . ."
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
(770) 450-5030
"Have you just lost someone you love? Or have you been struggling in your relationship? No matter what you are going through, you already know that you're searching for guidance. The question is, "what do I do now?" You do not have to be alone in your grief and heartbreak. I can help you through the process with the information and guidance you need to find a sense of emotional completion instead of avoidance and isolation."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 953-5918
"Reaching out for help, often time is not easy; whether you are an individual, couple or family; however, it can be the best decision you can make for your life and your relationship. Having a safe place to process your feelings and move towards becoming a healthy whole person can make have a tremendous impact on your life. It would be an honor to join you in the process of finding healing through life's challenges."
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(678) 540-1913
"Congratulations! Today you are one step closer to being empowered and on a positive path to growth and wellness. Through research based counseling, psychological evaluations, and training services, Peak Development Group offers personalized approaches for children, adults, and families. Our staff is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of highly trained professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive services designed to help our clients reach their goals."
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(678) 466-7397
"Perimeter Therapy Associates provides psychological services for children, adolescents, adults, older adults, couples, and families experiencing life transitions, relationship difficulties, depression, post partum depression, anxiety, grief, parenting concerns and other mental health issues. Our approach to therapy is tailored to the unique needs of each client, facilitating positive change in a warm and caring environment. We assist clients in making fundamental changes in the way they think and act thereby improving their ability to solve problems, cope and communicate effectively. We also provide supervision for LAPC's working toward LPC licensure."
Atlanta, Georgia 30346
(678) 824-2031
"I specialize in the treatment of trauma, PTSD, loss, stress, anxiety and depression. I utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), combining empirically validated clinical practices and mind/body methods. I am founding director of the Mindfulness Center of Atlanta, where I teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training in corporations, schools, private and community organizations and health facilities. I teach in the Graduate Division of Theology at Spring Hill College, Atlanta. I offer individual and group spiritual direction, retreats and workshops on spirituality."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 369-8679
"Most people who seek treatment feel that they do not have control over their lives and are not getting what they want out of life. My goal as a therapist is to give my clients the tools to achieve the kind of control that lets them be in charge. This is the only true path to happiness and fulfillment. I help my clients deal with a variety of issues that may be interfering with life such as depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, loneliness and excessive worries and preoccupations."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(678) 653-1875