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"Sigmund Freud called psychotherapy "The Talking Cure." Perhaps it's better understood as the "Listening Cure" because really feeling understood is fundamental to emotional healing and growth. Whether it is understanding yourself, your partner, or your child, feeling deeply listened to, feeling deeply understood, is a transformative experience. Sometimes, it's about dealing with past experiences that are holding you back. Sometimes, it's learning new ways to be and understand yourself in the present. Most importantly, it is the person you want to become that directs the work we will do."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 549-6260
"Are you looking to find freedom from the anxiety or depression that overwhelms you? Are you seeking answers for your child's behaviors? Are you hoping to find relief from your traumatic past? I have a heart for navigating people through life's obstacles by exploring change and self-awareness as well as discovering coping mechanisms to minimize the effects of anxiety, depression and trauma. I operate from a client-centered, strength-based perspective and believe individuals have the tenacity and strengths within themselves to create change. Unsure if this is right for you? Call me for a free consultation!"
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(586) 554-2279
Counselor, MS, EdS, LPC, NCC
"Lauren E. Holland is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. Lauren's dream is to help child, adolescents, families, couples, and individuals to grow and develop. Lauren has provided play, individual, group, family, and couples/parenting services to her clients. Lauren wants her clients to feel at home and supported throughout their therapeutic journey."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30317
(678) 661-9369
Counselor, LPC, NCC, MBA, LMFT
"Are you feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Are you experiencing life transitions that seem to be out of control? Despite your educational/financial successes, are your relationships seemingly fractured or falling apart? Has your motivation waned? Are you tired of maintaining a fašade? Did you answer 'Yes' to any of the previous questions? Asking for help is difficult but it is a courageous and important first step toward realizing the healing, growth and wholeness for which you're longing. You deserve encouragement while working toward accomplishing your personal goals, support in navigating through disappointments, deeper personal relationships, and achieving meaning and purpose in your life."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(770) 766-4521
"Life presents many challenges. I can help. I am a clinical psychologist practicing in Atlanta, GA. My specializations include stress management, sport and performance psychology, biofeedback, and health psychology. A large part of my practice is also concerned with issues of anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric conditions. If you are seeking either short-term solution-focused therapy or an open-ended depth-oriented approach with a clinician who values a genuine and collaborative relationship, then I hope you will consider working with me."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
(678) 264-6712
Counselor, PhD, NCC, ACS, NBCCH, LPC
"How can I help? Together, we work to resolve problems in relationships, work, family and/or self. Using your strengths we develop creative and well constructed methods to move forward with dignity and self-respect. I utilize an Adlerian approach based on the belief that we are interdependent, cooperative individuals; that who you are as a person is more important than a diagnosis or problem. Problems are abundant in the world, together we work on developing solutions."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
(404) 566-6003
"Ascension is an exclusive outpatient facility for addiction and co-occurring disorders located in Atlanta, Ga. We provide an exquisite healing sanctuary for individuals seeking a luxury outpatient setting and a superior level of service from treatment professionals. Our clients receive the highest level of care in a warm, professional, catered environment where we offer a personalized approach that is tailored to meet their individual needs. Experience the Ascension Difference: Integrated treatment, experienced and credentialed staff, traditional clinical treatments and holistic therapies, individualized treatment plans, convenient location, uncompromising privacy standards, convenient location and a state of the art facility. Ascension offers a wide range of outpatient programs, treatment modalities, and complementary services. Outpatient Programs include: Partial Hospitalization Intensive Outpatient Neurotransmitter Restoration Detox Professionals Program Executives Program Athletes Program Treatment Modalities include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Motivational Therapy Stages of Change Approach. Complementary Services include: Massage Yoga Reiki Meditation Acupressure Nutritional Counseling. Located in Dunwoody, Georgia, Ascension is just north of Atlanta and easily accessible via I-285. A private facility with select on site amenities including Parkway Cafe, Health & Fitness Center, Free Covered Parking as well as a Discrete Back Entrance. A CARF Accredited DATEP Licensed Facility."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30346
(678) 671-3937
"I'm a behavioral therapist and hypnotherapist board certified in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. I practice in Atlanta Georgia working with those that wish to overcome PTSD, stress, panic attacks, phobias, procrastination and fears. Also those desiring to perform better in sports, sales, public speaking, to stop smoking, to lose weight permanently, to quit sabotaging relationships and any other area of behavioral change that would make life more enjoyable. I am now training and certifying hypnotherapists. Check out our other site at"
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
(404) 975-2658
"I am a Licensed Psychologist in Georgia and New York, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Georgia, and an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1999."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
(678) 929-5743
"I believe we each hold the insights and resources we need to experience life fully, heal wounds, and manage pain. Over 20 years of experience has afforded me opportunities to explore, study, and practice ways to manage life's challenges. I embrace an eclectic style, allowing for each individual's needs. I believe I can help if you experience feeling overwhelmed, anxious or hopeless; lack confidence; relationship concerns; difficulty making decisions; or depression. I see counseling as a collaborative experience where we will identify your concerns and needs; you identify and utilize your resources and strengths, and I provide the professional guidance, direction, and support."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 566-5052
"I have 24 years of clinical experience working with adults who are experiencing relationship problems, have difficulty controlling anger, suffer from depression including pre and post partum depression, and those who experience anxiety including OCD and PTSD. I also work with couples who want to enrich their relationship or who are deciding the next step. Having been a corporate psychologist for 11 years I am also well qualified to coach managers and executives as well as their families."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
(404) 994-3425 x204
"If you could create positive change in your life through clinical counseling, would you be willing to take on this endeavor? Maybe you have been struggling with addiction, a painful relationship, anxiety or wish for greater overall health and well-being. If you are just beginning the journey or are returning to therapy, know there is support to navigate these roads."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(404) 800-6489
"Would you like to find new ways to cope with life's obstacles? I would love to help with challenges such as accepting and embracing LGBTQ identity or sexuality, managing anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. My goal is to discover creative options as you build a solid foundation for the future. I start by uncovering your strengths and motivation, which can foster new ideas and solutions. At the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders (ACE) since 2013, I have successfully treated individuals and groups while under supervision. Together, we can find the right approach for you and explore alternatives for self-nurturing, healing and optimal growth."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
(770) 464-5194
"I've been in practice in Atlanta since 1989 helping adults with relationship problems. I have extensive training and experience in couples and sex therapy."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(770) 450-6023 x12
"Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Feeling stuck? Relationships have you going in circles? Do you have a history of family conflict, trauma, mental illness or alcoholism? Have you grown up in a dysfunctional family? We really are a sum total of our experiences! In therapy, you can examine how your past experiences have influenced the way you think, feel and act in the present. Throughout my career, I have helped many people like yourself make great changes to improve the quality of their lives. It worked for them, it can work for you too."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
(404) 800-6454
"I am Online or Telephonic Only! It is imperative at this juncture that if YOU are your enemy, together we will begin to reflect on the things that are deterring you from reaching your place of greatness because GOOD can be the enemy to your best! There are two main barriers to living an extraordinary life; ineffective communication and poor emotion management. It is paramount that you ensure these to barriers to your success are torn down. Together, we will reflect heavily on your strengths, as we also build on your weaknesses. Let's begin the work!"
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
(678) 929-5225
Counselor, LPC, MS, EdS, NCC
"Living life is a guarantee of change, which is often difficult to navigate through on your own. My therapeutic style is interactive and direct. I counsel individuals and couples facing a variety of challenges. Some issues addressed include addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, grief, relationship issues, anger management, and sexual identity. Peace of Mind Counseling and Wellness is a safe place for honesty and openness. Therapy is a collaborative effort, and my approach is to not only help you understand your problems, but also to teach you effective solutions which assist you in developing a more fulfilling and enriching life."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(404) 994-2970
"I am a Board Certified psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, mania, ADHD and various forms of psychosis, such as schizophrenia. I have a traditional practice, tailoring psychotherapy to each client's needs. Also, as a psychiatrist, I am able to recommend, prescribe, and monitor medications when needed to aid in treatment. For those clients who have failed medication trials, or are reluctant to take medications, I also offer TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy, serving as the medical director for the Atlanta Center for TMS. This is a non-invasive, FDA approved treatment for refractory depression."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(404) 949-0344
"Many people have discovered the benefits of psychotherapy. Some may be dealing with life transitions, others with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders, while some just want a safe place to express their thoughts and work through their feelings. Rebecca Johnson, Psy.D., provides clients with a neutral, judgement-free environment where they can learn and grow without social pressures. Concierge therapy at it's best, Dr. Rebecca will provide in-home and mobile therapy to residents of the Atlanta metro area, allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30312
(404) 620-4773
"The pain you are feeling and thinking is not your fault and it is not a sign of weakness. You do not have to suffer. There is help AND there is hope. Our first hour together is free and you have time to ask questions, to see if you feel safe and comfortable working together. If this is your first time and you are a bit hesitant (as I was), or you feel therapy did not work before, I am here and happy to sit with you and answer your questions and help you find some peace."
Aviation Professionals
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(678) 929-6411