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Existential Therapists in Austin

Grant Hudson, Counselor  in Austin
“I believe we all have good intentions. I've been working in counseling for 15 years, and I've found that everyone is trying to do what they feel is right. Unfortunately, the experiences that shaped us and the family and society we came from can lead us to question what we feel is right. That confusion so often leads to depression, anxiety, and sometimes addiction. I love working with clients who know what they want to do and who they want to be, but are struggling to make that happen. Contact me. Let's work towards creating your best, most authentic self.
(512) 948-3426
Austin, Texas 78746
David W Sorrells, Counselor  in Austin
“"David Sorrells is a psychotherapist in Austin, Texas who is experienced in helping others transform their lives. David's professional background has focused on issues that impact the LGBT community, and he serves individuals in healing from the inside out that are from a variety of cultural, racial, and sexual orientation backgrounds. David's kind presence and sense of compassion has been wholeheartedly devoted to helping others understand the variety of parts that make up their personality in service to connecting to the truth in their heart." - M.O., Austin TX
(512) 962-7867
Austin, Texas 78746
Shannon M Mekuly, Counselor  in Austin
“Self-expression is the part of the therapeutic process that allows you to heal, grow and discover new aspects of yourself. The ability to express oneself is a powerful and life changing tool that all of us possess. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist, I will work with you to discover your creative inspiration and develop that insight you need to change old patterns. Working with adolescents and adults struggling to express their emotions, communicate their needs and identify their dreams is a passion of mine. I am also experienced in working with depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues.
(512) 428-8426
Austin, Texas 78702
Ryan Authier, Counselor  in Austin
“Therapeutic conversations have taken place between humans for centuries. We are ingrained with a natural ability to heal when we are in a place that is both safe and comfortable. My aim is to provide an environment that is comfortable enough for personal exploration and safe enough for personal growth.
(512) 271-5066
Austin, Texas 78722
Elena Scher, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I have worked in diverse career fields and different parts of the country. For many years I was employed in the corporate for-profit world before moving to social work. In my present career in social work, I have been able to work in a variety of areas with greatly different people and concerns they are facing.
(512) 337-1852
Austin, Texas 78759
Tom Bolls, Counselor  in Austin
“If you are struggling in your relationship and your best efforts at connecting are not succeeding, I would like to help. My specialties include couples counseling, working with survivors of trauma and sexual abuse, as well as the concurrent treatment of depression and anxiety. My approach is direct and compassionate, getting to the heart of the matter quickly. I work to provide you with practical skills that you can use to cope in more effective ways.
(512) 400-2695
Austin, Texas 78759
Liz Cohen, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, JD, LCSW
“Therapy is collaborative. As a therapist, I am a partner in my clients' self-explorations and a witness to their accomplishments. I provide a serene place where clients can rediscover or develop authentic selves, deepen emotional connections with self and others, recognize how thoughts, beliefs and values affect relationships, consider new ways of being in the world, develop healthier adaptive strategies when facing problems, and work through past and present past trauma, grief, and losses. You have the strengths you need to meet your full potential and achieve a satisfying life. I can help.
(512) 649-0334
Austin, Texas 78759
Katy Adams, Counselor  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MA, LPC, SEP, CCTP
“I work with people who have experienced trauma - this can mean anything from trauma that comes from difficult relationships, to PTSD, war, sexual abuse, accidents, surgeries, and less-than-ideal childhoods. My somatic training also provides expertise in helping those with chronic illness or pain and how this is related to mental health. With couples, my focus is on fostering closeness and re-creating the relationship you currently have in order to build more security and enjoyment together. I also have expertise in helping couples with infidelity issues.
(512) 900-7267
Austin, Texas 78756
Marty Romero Brickley, M.Ed., LPC, Counselor  in Austin
“I provide counseling for Individuals, Couples, Marriages and Families. I also provide Groups and Workshops. I will treat your concerns with the utmost respect and with complete confidentiality.
(512) 354-2813
Austin, Texas 78746
Martha Brandt, Counselor  in Austin
“For over 20 years, I've enjoyed helping people heal, grow, and thrive as individuals and also develop vital loving relationships. Through a warm engaged approach, I address depression, anxiety, and trauma as well as the emotional and stress-related components of syndromes such as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction. I support women in balancing professional and family life and parents in maintaining intimate marriages while raising secure children. "Triune Counseling" focuses on three intimately-connected dimensions of being human - physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. A shift on one level can invite profound changes in other areas of our lives.
(512) 772-5950
Austin, Texas 78746
RJ Garcia & Associates, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Austin
“RJ García is a Central Texan with over twenty years of serving the recovery community. RJ earned a Master of Arts in Addiction Counseling from the world-renowned Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies at the Center City, Minnesota alcohol and drug addiction treatment center. HGSAS offered a unique curriculum that integrates theory, science and clinical practice. RJ is a current member of the American Counseling Association. RJ is bilingual speaks both English and Spanish. RJ has a special blend of experience in addiction services, education and development, business development and public health expertise.
(512) 540-5033
Austin, Texas 78759
Tracey H Mccullick, Counselor  in Austin
“As a psychotherapist I strive to assist my clients in the process of becoming more whole in all aspects of their lives. My primary training is as an art therapist and I use an integrative approach to promote healing. I find that enhancing talk therapy with experiential methods gives my clients the freedom to express their deepest selves. Within the therapeutic relationship we can find the existing internal nuances and textures that make us all unique and valuable. My work includes seeing individuals, adolescents and adults, who have depression/anxiety, past trauma, addiction related issues and middle-aged challenges.
(512) 337-4798
Austin, Texas 78731
Kat Elrod, MS LPC-S, Counselor  in Austin
“Are you feeling overwhelmed with the juggling act of life? Is the pain of the past seeping into your everyday? Feeling lost and disconnected? I understand you're here because you're hurting and tired of the struggle. Your relationships with friends and loved ones are probably hurting too. I want to help you believe in yourself again and learn to cope with this outrageous world in more healthy ways. Your process has already begun by reaching out through this site - I hope you take the next step to connect.
(512) 779-7101
Austin, Texas 78746
Melissa Haney, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, SEP, CDWF
“I offer individual and couples therapy with an expertise in trauma recovery. I also facilitate groups, workshops, and intensive weekend retreats based on the research of Dr. Brene' Brown. I use a variety of theories including Somatic Experiencing, AEDP, EMDR, and Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory, and Shame Resilience Theory. My therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges.
(512) 746-1068
Austin, Texas 78731
Melissa M Greenwell  in Austin
“Unlocking the potential in each person I have the opportunity to counsel is my passion in life. I have come to psychotherapy, at a time when neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology beckon us to recognize the potential for rewiring our brains, for relearning, and for healing our hearts and minds to become more fully alive, engaged in our relationships, and more connected to the world around us. I want the chance to work with you, to collaborate on what helps you, what excites you about your future, and what inspires you to improve your life and ability to have rewarding relationships.
(512) 960-1931
Austin, Texas 78703
William Dubin, Psychologist  in Austin
“I help people extricate themselves from addictive relationships involving substances [alcohol, drugs, food] or activities [gambling, sex/pornography, gaming, shopping]. In contrast to 12-Step programs which advocates admitting powerlessness over a "disease" and complying with an external source of control [treatment provider, support group], I offer tools and methods that enhance your ability to act as you intend during crises of stress and temptation. "The irreversible change required to prevent relapse emerges during a developmental passage that no one can take for you nor spare you."
(512) 607-4504
Austin, Texas 78759
SoCo Counseling, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
“To be fully alive in the 21st century you have to make a conscious choice. Maintaining personal values, staying mentally and emotionally stable, living a life that you choose -- these things take effort. We want to help you realize your version of a rich and balanced life. You don't have to do it alone. SoCo Counselors will provide you with a safe, judgment-free space to bring down the barriers that lie between you and your vision of what life could be. What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail? Let us help you find out.
(512) 402-5694
Austin, Texas 78745
Margery Segal, Counselor  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MA, LPC, RSMT, IDME, PPNT
“I am passionate about the intimate connection between our bodies and psychological well-being. My clients want assistance in recognizing their inner resources and strengths. They are disassociated from self and their body and come seeking an authentic relationship with their body-mind. This often leads to working on recovery from early traumas, because the central trauma is the disconnection to self. This shows up in adults as pain, addictions, depression, autoimmune diseases, staying in an abusive relationship, emptiness and loneliness, and inattention to goals and life dreams. Its time to connect with your wholeness, every life matters!
(802) 529-4732
Austin, Texas 78701
Kristin Vaughn, Psychologist  in Austin
“I truly enjoy my work as a therapist, and believe that therapy is a collaborative process between two people. I see myself as a partner in my clients' journey toward a particular goal. There is nothing more rewarding than to be with a client when he/she makes a major discovery or changes that significantly benefit his or her life. I believe in the human ability for change, and I try to avoid labeling or "pathologizing" my clients.
(512) 640-2330
Austin, Texas 78746
Amber Baldwin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Austin
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“As a psychotherapist, my role is to help facilitate and support you, the client, in discovering, processing, and most importantly, deciding if changing some strategies you may have needed to implement in negotiating your life is a next step in your treatment. It can take time to identify influencing factors at play in the problems experienced in life. Through the development of a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, we will identify issues, if not already clear to you, and take action in the therapeutic relationship itself to develop the relational, emotional, and or behavioral skills you determine need to be the focus of your treatment.
(512) 872-2446
Austin, Texas 78751
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