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Video Game Addiction Therapists in Baltimore

“Very often, circumstances we experience can begin to overwhelm what we are able to handle on our own. In these times it can be very easy to begin feeling lost, out of control, or simply out of ideas. I have made it my focus to be able to help people not only identify what is happening in these situations, but helping clients develop skills and personal strength which will help them be able to deal with these struggles in an ongoing fashion.
Video Game Addiction
(515) 512-5833
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Michael Freedman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Baltimore
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, MSW, MEd, LCSW-C
“Recovery Counseling Center, LLC has a caring staff of professional and prompt clinicians who work to give you the care that you need without delay. Simply give us a call and you will be in touch with a therapist within one business day or sooner, guaranteed. We work with clients of all ages and each of our therapists has a particular client and issue speciality to best meet your needs. You don't have to wait any longer to get the help that you deserve. We are dedicated to helping you reach recovery and success.
Video Game Addiction
(443) 616-2842
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
Aaron Schneider, Counselor  in Baltimore
“My specialties include working with people who wrestle with depression, anxiety, and addictions.. I also specialize in working with families in conflict and crisis. Finally, I specialize in supporting Jews who are struggling with their religion and identity. I use classical approaches combined with mindfulness, body psychotherapy, and chassidic spirituality.
Video Game Addiction
(720) 310-2861
Baltimore, Maryland 21209
Syed N Kamran, Counselor  in Baltimore
Verified by Psychology Today
Counselor, MA, MS, LCPC, CAC-AD
“I believe that we all have some issues/problems in our lives,These problems keep bothering us, if we don't take care of them. Take first step towards taking care of them by contacting me. At some point, most people need assistance in their lives to deal with their problems, to process feelings, or to make changes in their lives, that stifle their personal growth and ruin their life. We all face challenges in our lives, to deal with life challenges, I can help you get out of problems related to mental health, alcohol and drugs.
Video Game Addiction
(410) 777-8130
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Soul-Renity, LLC, Pastoral Counselor  in Baltimore
“My goal in assisting those who come to me for counseling is to help them find resolution to their problems, purpose for their lives and learning how to live a meaningful spiritual life of their choosing. I believe that everyone has their own spiritual keys, that will unlock their hidden truths. Therefore, it is my job as a therapist to help accompany them on this journey and to search for the answers that are waiting to be discovered and utilized.
Video Game Addiction
(443) 244-9578
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Thinh Nguyen, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Baltimore
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C
“I've been blessed to be able to work in this field for over the last 15 years, 8 as a psychotherapist. Over that time I've been able to work with a myriad amount of problems, ranging from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, ADHD in both adults and children, as well as work with families and couples in distress. I personally take great enjoyment in working with people with anxiety based difficulties, having had the greatest success with this population.
Video Game Addiction
(410) 469-7520
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
Balance Point Wellness, LLC, Treatment Facility  in Baltimore
“Balance Point Wellness LLC, a community based mental health practice located in Baltimore MD, is now accepting clients. At Balance Point Wellness, we believe the client is in control of their treatment. Our licensed professionals will guide you in the treatment process.
Video Game Addiction
(410) 609-6075
Baltimore, Maryland 21212
Eileen A Epstein, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Baltimore
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW-C, LLC
“For 30 years I've been privileged doing what I love: being a therapist to couples & individuals with the courage & determination to make formidable personal changes. I use sensible theories & effective skills to be the right therapist for YOU too. The one you experience as attuned, respectful & responsive to your needs & knowledgeable in how to attend to them. Together we'll work towards YOUR personal goals. Progressing ahead, you'll find relief from initially difficult emotions & life situations, you'll experience transformative resilience in new ways of dealing with others; & new ways of operating in the world.
Video Game Addiction
(443) 863-6205
Baltimore, Maryland 21210
Randi K. Miller, Psychologist  in Baltimore
“My ideal clients are people who are depressed or anxious because they believe that they aren't good enough. They are people who are dissatisfied with their interpersonal relationships, feel disappointed with life, or feel stuck. The ideal client is someone who recognizes that he/she doesn't feel good enough, important enough, or special enough. I like working with people who know they have to like themselves first but who don't know how. My ideal client is someone who wants to become empowered, who wants to take control of his/her life, and is brave enough to change.
Video Game Addiction
(443) 687-9848
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
Margaret Hawk, Treatment Facility  in Baltimore
“Recovery starts with hope. We can start you on your way. Whether it's manifested within one of our patients, motivated by their loved one or cultivated through time in one of our residential treatment programs, hope is the first step to manifesting a healthy, clean and sober life. American Addiction Centers facilitates hope and instills the tools within an addict to learn, grow, heal and transform his or her life without the crutch of substances or compulsive behavior. Our evidence-based treatment has helped thousands, and it will help you too. We not only provide the hope to imagine a better life is possible, but the right tools to make that better life a lasting reality.
Video Game Addiction
(443) 955-6669
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Avi Feldman, Counselor  in Baltimore
“Finding the right therapist is a personal decision that that can have a life changing impact. For that reason, my goal to create a safe and secure environment where a person can feel comfortable opening up and sharing their innermost concerns and feelings. We work together as a team to ensure that your growth and positive changes are priorities while building up and elevating your self-esteem and self-image. If you or your loved ones are struggling with addiction, depression, anger or the complicating issues that are associated with abuse, I can help you turn your life around.
Video Game Addiction
(443) 219-1166
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
John Knight, Counselor  in Baltimore
“Welcome! If you come new to counseling, you may feel uncomfortable with your step toward hope. I will work with you using well tested techniques to promote your wellbeing. Through Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, and other modalities, I promote healing in a stable setting. We will develop goals and a treatment plan drawing from your strengths and values. Working together, we will address emotions and behaviors to help you find a balance that includes acceptance and resiliency. I am currently accepting individuals, couples, and families starting at the age of 8. Some Saturday appointments available.
Video Game Addiction
(443) 737-4365
Baltimore, Maryland 21212
EMDR & Psychotherapy of Greater Washington DC, Counselor  in Baltimore
“Your treatment has a beginning, middle & end. Although some issues can be resolved with almost any method, others require a specialized approach such as EMDR, Brainspotting or CRM. I will work directly with you to develop a customized treatment plan that is effective, healing and attainable. My many years of experience as a psychotherapist & former paramedic help my clients create positive change. Healing occurs in a caring, attuned & therapeutic relationship. To this, I add growing knowledge of how to help the brain heal, regulate and restore itself.
Video Game Addiction
(410) 656-4348
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Referral Service,   in Baltimore
“The Referral Service can help you find a therapist who meets your specific needs. Our on-call clinician will work with you to find a therapist from a select group of highly experienced clinicians representing many specialties with offices throughout the Washington and Baltimore metro areas. The Referral Service is ideal if you are looking for therapy with a focus on understanding yourself to attain greater emotional freedom. We give you access to therapists who provide psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, marital therapy, child/adolescent therapy, psychoeducational testing and psychiatric evaluations.
Video Game Addiction
(301) 485-6744
Baltimore, Maryland 21209
Abigail Quish Barberio, Counselor  in Baltimore
“Therapy can be an amazingly effective vehicle for personal change. Developing insight, building solid self-esteem, and fostering a true understanding of yourself and your meaningful relationships... these are ways to live a happier, fuller, more fulfilling life. Finding peace with the things you cannot change and taking effective action toward the things you can is a worthwhile endeavor in a busy, hectic world.
Video Game Addiction
(443) 231-0375
Office is near:
Baltimore, Maryland 21250
White River Academy, Treatment Facility  in Baltimore
“White River Academy is an environment that is small and family directed. Assisting your adolescent in the "change of heart" process is what will assist in making the decisions you always hoped he would. Putting others before self shifts the focus of the teen to one of "what can I do to be productive" rather than "what can others do for me". WRA individualizes academics so that each students needs are met. A high level of commitment to academics has resulted in most students seeking a college education post WRA. Many students have gone straight from WRA into a University or trade school. And some have even qualified for scholarships. You as a parent believe that your teen has potential that they aren't currently living up to. We, too, believe your adolescent has the potential and we want to help them find it. Your struggling teen can and will make permanent changes within and for the better here at White River Academy. White River is a private pay boarding school. We also offer programs that accept private insurance available at our other treatment locations, call today to learn more about our Adolescent, Young Adult, and Adult programs.
Video Game Addiction
(801) 512-2585
We serve:
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Reflections of Margate, Treatment Facility  in Baltimore
“Reflections Treatment Center, LLC utilizes an integrative medical model and affiliate agreements with other providers for linkage, referrals and overlay services. Reflections Treatment Center, LLC will be established and maintained that will ensure accessibility to a full continuum of services for persons in need. Mental Health Services: Every patient within our program will receive therapeutic services during the entire course of treatment. As an agency, we treat not only the surface issues. We delve beyond the symptoms, and address the overall underlying causes of the symptoms. Our focus is on treating the entire individual, in order to ensure a more productive life and long-term success. Psychological issues / topics that we address include but are not limited to:
Video Game Addiction
(561) 413-9914
We serve:
Baltimore, Maryland 21206
Nathan Alan Sharer, Psychologist  in Baltimore
“I appreciate the quote, "You don't have to be sick to get better." As a solution-focused therapist, I'll work with you to identify strengths that can be applied in unique ways to help alleviate current struggles and put you back on the path to the best version of you. This approach is effective for both long-standing issues such as chronic anxiety or depression, as well as more acute issues including relationship problems, life changes/transitions, and trauma. I enhance this approach with mindfulness, coping, and relationship skill building to add tools to your life management toolbox.
Video Game Addiction
(240) 466-5163
Office is near:
Baltimore, Maryland 21231
Sovereign Health Mental Health Treatment DE, Treatment Facility  in Baltimore
“Sovereign Health Group is a leading residential Addiction, Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health Treatment provider with multiple treatment locations in the US. We offer evidence based treatment, individualized treatment plans, cognitive testing and rehabilitation, individual and group therapy sessions, and many other treatment components We invite you to review our website, chat with us online, or call for a free confidential assessment to learn more and discuss how Sovereign Health can be a solution for you. We ACCEPT MOST PPO insurances and offer private pay options.
Video Game Addiction
(302) 248-8562
We serve:
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Sovereign Health NTR Brain Restoration Rapid Detox, Treatment Facility  in Baltimore
“What is Brain Restoration+ (NTR) Neurotransmitter Restoration Therapy or BR+ is a Natural IV therapy used to help those detox from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The IV therapy utilizes a co enzyme called NAD to saturate the brain in nutrients. The nutrients directly result in the decrease of withdrawal by 50% or more. The therapy eliminates cravings from the drug or alcohol by the end of treatment with a full brain restoration. The NAD process heals damage that has been done in the brain and corrects the chemical imbalances. In just 10-14 days, BR+ will improve fatigue, anxiety, and depression caused by the substance use.
Video Game Addiction
(302) 504-6366
We serve:
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

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Video Game Addiction Therapists

The current DSM doesn't recognize video game addiction as a diagnosable addiction. But the patterns of behavior can make parenting a kid or teen who's video gaming difficult.

Get help form a Therapist in Baltimore with a teen or child who's patterns of behavior of include:

1) Craving more game time, no matter how much they've already played.
2) Chronic dry eyes.
3) Friends stop calling and coming by to hang out.
4) No shower or change of clothes for days.
5) Gets upset if someone suggests they might have a problem with video games.
6) Rarely leaves the house because they feel like they're missing out on something that might be happening in the video games.
7) Spends entire allowance on video game hardware and software.
8) Lies to parents about how often they play games or video games.
9) Skips doing chores to keep video gaming.
10) When not at the computer, they're irritable and snappy.

For more lots more on on video game addiction, see Unplugged - a video game addiction blog

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