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Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
"I help people with their difficult life experiences, from trauma to anxiety or depression in their personal or professional lives. I have a particular expertise in helping those who are experiencing conflict due to cultural differences, either because of sexual-orientation, or acculturation (Immigration)."
Berkeley, California 94704
(415) 886-1852
"I am a licensed psychologist/credentialed school psychologist offering assessment, consultation, and psychotherapy services. With graduate training from UC Berkeley and post-doctoral training from UCSF Behavioral Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine and Kaiser Psychiatry, I provide neuropsychological assessment for children, adolescents, and adults. With over 20 years experience, I provide the client/parent with practical recommendations for accommodations and interventions to address learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral and emotional difficulties, substance abuse, and other issues. I offer parent consultation services, adult and child psychotherapy, and academic coaching to improve achievement motivation, executive functioning skills, test taking and study skills."
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 817-2037
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"I enjoy helping children, youth, parents, and families understand themselves, enjoy each other, and succeed in their goals for health and growth. In recent years, my work has focused on helping children and youth with severe behavioral issues achieve more successes at home and at school. I have worked with children struggling with aggression, property destruction, defiance, and many other behaviors. I also enjoy working with individual adults to help them discover new possibilities and to grow into more vibrant and fulfilling relationships with themselves, with others, and with God."
Berkeley, California 94707
(510) 296-6511
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW
"In my psychotherapy practice I create a space where you can feel comfortable and safe expressing emotions and exploring difficult issues. With compassion and mindfulness I listen to what you say through your words and what you say when there are no words. Together we will decide on the treatment modality that is best for you. I have tended to specialize in two main areas: trauma and relationship issues. My background in psychodynamic therapy offers a strong foundation for understanding behavior and the way we unintentionally get trapped in patterns."
Berkeley, California 94707
(510) 878-4480
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MFTI
"Sometimes it can be hard to identify what's making us feel stuck in our lives. Life can feel overwhelming, confusing and it can be hard to untangle our thoughts and feelings. Together we will navigate your inner world and find out where you are stuck, so you can live with more ease, choice and joy. I am a warm and authentic therapist; dedicated to helping you grow and flourish. I hope to create an atmosphere of comfort and safety so we can begin to explore your inner landscape with kindness and care, inviting and including all parts of you."
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 200-0267
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
"Many people come to see me because they realize they are living the life they never planned on. They are often in a lot of emotional pain and may be feeling depressed, anxious or both. They find they are repeating the same patterns over and over again even though they said "This time it will be different." They feel stuck and helpless to make change on their own. I help people by looking more deeply at these patterns to try to understand what they might be telling us so that a choice can be made to do things differently."
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 584-9434
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I have been supporting clients for the past 15 years in discovering the ways their inner strength and wisdom can make change, transforming crisis into healing and growth. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. I am also experienced at collaboration with alternative health care providers and approach healing from a holistic perspective. I received my Masters in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley and have worked in community mental health and with the foster care system. In addition to accepting insurance and offering a sliding scale. I am a provider with the State of California's Victim Compensation Program."
Berkeley, California 94704
(510) 878-4130
"Hello, I have a passion for working collaboratively with adults, adolescents and children who may be experiencing distress or who simply seek greater fulfillment in life. I believe deeply in the importance of connection among individuals, families, communities, nature, and spirituality towards promoting resiliency and healing. I have worked extensively with young adults, children and adolescents who have suffered anxiety, depression, educational difficulty, trauma and loss. I provide individual and family therapy, as well as comprehensive psychological emotional, academic and intellectual assessments to clients of all ages."
Berkeley, California 94707
(510) 379-9069
"I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 10 years experience working with adults, adolescents and children. I believe that compassion and insight into one's personal struggles can lead to powerful, positive changes in life. I offer psychotherapy and psychological testing services that are relational and collaborative. I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic and Narrative Therapy approaches into my work as a therapist with adults, teenagers and younger children."
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 362-0974
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA
"The main focus of my therapeutic work is on the problems, needs and strengths of adult women from 20 to 70. I am experienced in working with anxiety, depression, relationship and family problems, difficulties with food, issues of loss and grief and spiritual concerns. With over 20 years in practice I have come to believe that human beings have an inborn quality that moves them towards wholeness. There is no problem that cannot be solved once it can be seen in a different perspective and some new ways of dealing with it are discovered."
Berkeley, California 94706
(510) 527-7195
"Psychiatry is the medical specialty that treats psychological/emotional disorders, but I try to see beyond medical "diagnoses" to the existential issues of who we are in this world and how we wish to live our lives. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to the patients who choose me for their care and in my office you will receive both help with your explicit goals and guidance. Another high priority is to do the work as efficiently as possible - to minimize your costs in time and money."
Berkeley, California 94704
(831) 471-5249
"I have over 20 years of experience with a individuals, couples and families. I also have a background in chemical dependency and codependency."
Berkeley, California 94703
(510) 240-1838
"I work with individuals in a collaborative, empathic way, helping you develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. This greater awareness and acceptance allows for making important, lasting changes in your life. I use a variety of approaches in my practice depending on your treatment goals and individual needs. These include psychodynamic therapy (understanding how early relationships and experiences influence your current life), cognitive behavioral therapy (identifying and changing thoughts that may be contributing to difficulties), mindfulness (present moment awareness and acceptance), relaxation training, and emdr (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, which can help heal the effects of trauma.)"
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 371-4973
"I have a passion for working with young adults and adults struggling to find a sense of personal or professional belonging in life--"Where do I fit in?" "How can I be seen and valued amongst co-workers, friends, family?" "Where's my tribe?" I also feel privileged to provide a space for individuals to grieve and work through childhood wounds which have kept them isolated and cut off from this fuller sense of belonging in life."
Berkeley, California 94704
(510) 703-2493
"I enjoy working with people who are looking for a significant shift in how they relate to other people and to themselves. People who who not only want to reduce depression, anxiety or shame but also enhance joy, pride and connection."
Berkeley, California 94709
(510) 221-6638
"If you or your child are suffering from anxiety, depression, the effects of a traumatic experience or the loss of someone you loved, or if you simply want to understand how to make changes in your life, I can help put your experience in context, and collaborate with you to choose the best course of action. I have more than 15 years experience helping adults, kids and teens discover what is holding them back, and how to fulfill their dreams. I am flexible, practical and have broad training, including psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioral, play therapy and EMDR. Se habla espanol."
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 240-5918
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, unsatisfying relationships, or past trauma? Do you feel as though you are wanting more from life and your relationships? I support teens, parents, adults and couples in a compassionate and thoughtful way. By working together in a collaborative process we can explore new ways of dealing with old, self-defeating patterns and develop new strategies for coping with life's twists and turns. Many teens, individuals and couples I've met with over the past 25+ years have expanded their capacity to find answers, understanding and solutions."
Berkeley, California 94704
(510) 648-3202
"SPECIALIZING IN COUPLES COUNSELING: It really hurts when the person you love is focused on "being right", rather than really getting you! Does your relationship create a deep pain or numbness in your heart? When we start to believe that our LEGITIMATE needs for connection will not be adequately met with our partner, it is easy to focus on our personal needs (at the expense of our partner's). A NORMAL human response to this is: nagging, petty repetitive fights, silent-treatments, numbing out, outbursts, being condescending, focusing on being right (rather than really listening). I DON'T PLAY REFEREE!"
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 686-3390
"Having trouble balancing it all? Is stress giving you the blahs? Would you like to have more energy to accomplish your goals? Chronic stress can have profound effects in your life. You may become conditioned to expect bad things to happen. Your mind may get stuck in unhelpful patterns of rumination and judgment. Perhaps you have an overdeveloped inner critic which judges every decision you make or you feel too fatigued to accomplish daily tasks. These patterns can affect your sense of trust in yourself or others and contribute to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness about life situations."
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 746-8191
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, ATR
"I am a second generation South Asian American, passionate about community connections. Therapy can be an opportunity to explore life experiences, find moments to reconnect with yourself and develop tools and self-care strategies to help you feel better. I understand the need to find realistic solutions and move past critical self-judgments and unhelpful behaviors. I work collaboratively with you to identify your goals for therapy as we work together to uncover and make sense of confusing or conflicting desires, thoughts, and feelings and explore relationship patterns that are not working for you."
Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 295-4364