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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and my passion is helping clients to find relief from distress and to overcome obstacles that interfere with a satisfying, fulfilling life. I believe that everyone has truth and answers within themselves. A key ingredient to successful therapy is a trusting, comfortable relationship with your therapist. In a supportive, reliable, nonjudgemental setting, we can find solutions and strategies for transformation, as well as explore deeper causes of your behaviors and emotions. I look forward to helping you on your journey toward personal change."
$20 - $120
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02110
(617) 892-4433
"By practicing for over 12 years, I have found that people change by feeling motivated and by seeing the benefit of making a difficult change. I provide psychotherapy that offers motivational treatment to utilize your strengths and help you decide what changes to make and how you will go about it. Using a solution-focused method of treatment, I see the work of a therapist as a collaborative partner in the process of change. I am equally committed to couples and family therapy; to help initiate new cycles of interaction, and foster a safe and supportive bond between partners."
$20 - $150
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, USTA, USPTA
"I am currently facilitating a CO-ED RELATIONSHIP GROUP which meets EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT, from 7-8:30 at 299 BROADWAY in ARLINGTON, MA. . The fee is $20. There is no obligation to commit right away, though I am looking for people who would like to come weekly. In my Practice as a whole, I do Individual, Couples, Family, and Group Therapy. I have two other groups on Bereavement and Substance Abuse/Recovery Issues. I have a lot of experience with children and teens of ALL AGES. I believe in STRENGTH-BASED COUNSELING. I focus on producing results and achieving goals."
$20 - $150
Hosts group in:
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
(781) 888-4067
"Everyone can benefit from better self-understanding. Sometimes our anxiety, depression, and internal conflicts can affect our relationships with others and the world in which we live. By creating a safe environment for expressing thoughts and feelings, I am able to help those who enter into a therapeutic alliance with me improve general satisfaction in interpersonal relationships and life."
$30 - $70
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
(248) 636-2327
"I work with clients across the lifespan and with a variety of conditions to improve their overall health, well being, and life satisfaction. My training in clinical psychology, health psychology, neurofeedback, mindfulness, yoga, and hypnosis allows me to use an integrated approach to help the people that enter my office. Additionally, I fully believe that collaboration and the ability to listen are two of the most important characteristics of a good therapist. The occasional dash of humor also helps."
$30 - $100
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
(978) 381-4298 x20
"Each of us has the potential to thrive but encounters obstacles to living freely and fully. These obstacles may be situational, environmental, emotional, or may be the consequence of habits acquired under stress. Sometimes you may just feel alone or stuck, unable to live the life you imagine for yourself and unsure why this is. I believe that you deserve enjoyment, love, and satisfaction from your life. A therapeutic relationship offers a safe context for discovering and understanding the sources of suffering that hold you back, and exploring new solutions together."
$30 - $150
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
"I have been in practice as a Clinical Social Worker for the past 10 years and have worked with adults across a variety of settings. I enjoy working with people as they navigate through serious life changes and the adjustment-related difficulties that often accompany them. By implementing a person centered, strength's based philosophy, I help clients realize and recognize coping strategies, identify and utilize natural supports and develop practical self-care plans. I employ a holistic, supportive, non-judgmental approach to treatment and view my client as the expert in her/his life."
$40 - $60
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"A compassionate, experienced Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) licensed in the state of MASSACHUSETTS. I am passionate about creating meaningful, long lasting change in the lives of others. I integrate my international experience, training, and expertise to help others achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. My years of professional experience, both domestic and international, and my academic background have provided a strong and diverse foundation for working with clients from all walks of life."
$40 - $200
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, BA
"I am currently specializing in consulting work with children and families involved in DCF and DMH services. I provide counseling to parents attempting to reunify with their child who is in temporary DCF custody as well as with families struggling to gain the appropriate mental health, academic, and psychological services for their child who is experiencing a difficult time. I also have extensive experience working with foster and adoptive families. Additionally, I have worked with many biological fathers attempting to gain custody of their children to improve their parenting skills."
$40 - $200
"Selecting a therapist is a very personal decision, if you have any questions please feel free to call or visit my website: I have education and experience treating children, adolescents and adults with additional education in the area of early childhood and maternal mental health."
$50 - $80
Office is near:
Boston, Kentucky 40107
(270) 775-1431
"I truly believe our minds control how we feel. If we constantly think negative we feel negative. If we change how we think, we can change how we feel. I am a personal believer of positive thinking. It is not easy but, it is possible."
$50 - $100
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02136
(781) 328-6323
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"Whether on a journey seeking personal awareness, understanding and growth or dealing with major life transitions, traumatic events or relationship issues, my purpose is to help people achieve an improved quality of life."
$50 - $120
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"Welcome to the Boston Social Therapy Group. I'm Evelyn Dougherty and the director of BSTG. I've been practicing social therapy for 20 years. It's a powerful group therapy that has helped thousands of people transform their lives, creating new possibilities for themselves, their families, and their communities. Sometimes, we find ourselves in emotional pain and don't know how to challenge our circumstances, how we feel or those close to us. Social therapy can be very useful at these times to help you grow emotionally and create new choices."
$50 - $140
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02132
(617) 446-3083
"Are you tired of being tired, constantly feeling miss-understood, disabling negative thinking, just existing rather than living? If you are looking for a a counselor who will partner with you to challenge your thinking and change these behaviors " walk the talk". Then please give me a call. I am a cross cultural,client centered, licensed mental health clinician, marriage and family therapist, alcohol and drug counselor,with over twenty years experiences. My colleagues and I specialize in the prevention, and treatment of thinking and behaviors that prevents people from being in control of their lives."
$50 - $150
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, LADC, MPH
"For 40 years I've been helping people overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable. I have special expertise in substance abuse, mindfulness-based therapy and emotional issues related to physical illness. My background in both Public Health and Social Work enables me to help people with combined social, emotional and health problems. I'm a strong advocate for family and community support when acceptable to my clients."
$50 - $150
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"Psychotherapy can be invaluable in helping people recognize and change painful patterns of behavior. I work to create a space in which clients can face life's internal and external challenges with grace and humor. I offer over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist working with a very wide range of adults and couples. I have worked in community mental health and hospital settings and am comfortable treating serious mood disorders. My office is conveniently located in Brookline between Allston and Coolidge Corner. Please call me at 617-739-1619 for a free phone consultation."
$50 - $150
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02134
(617) 299-7320
Counselor, MA, LMHC, RYT, CEAP
"Sometimes life brings challenges that affect living a balanced life. I focus on wellness counseling offering you customized guidelines to return to your natural state of well being. You will learn cognitive, behavioral, relaxation techniques, holistic, and integrative approaches to improve your overall health. Your body and mind have a natural ability to heal itself thru access to the right treatment, approach, and support. The guidance and techniques you will learn will help your body and mind achieve that state of well-being you are seeking. I show great passion in providing health and wellness tips."
$50 - $170
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
(617) 420-7071
"Synergy Solutions Today is catalyst training for the athlete's mind. SST offers individual,team and clinics to improve sport performance and life skills. DBT and CBT skills are utilized to enhance daily training and growth for athletes who would like to advance their game to the next level of competition.Two elements make up every great athlete, the body and the mind.Being an active athlete requires more than just physical strength, it requires just as much mental training as well. Mind Mechanics is a method that can develop your mind to make it as strong as your body."
$50 - $200
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02130
(508) 915-4254
"We all deserve to have satisfying relationships with ourselves and others. Sometimes however, things get in the way. We may be unaware of the motivations behind our actions. I specialize in facilitating a safe environment in which these motivations and emotions can be expressed, understood, and worked through. This gained self awareness can lead to improved relationships to oneself and others, while working to achieve one's full potential in life."
"Hi! I'm a Life Coach and Relationship Facilitator. My practice is to help people gain greater happiness through self awareness. I can assist in feelings of conflict, areas of life choices, self esteem and relationships. I believe that our relationships with people and events in our life are mirrors in which to see ourselves better and to gain an understanding which helps us achieve more fulfilling lives. We will use these "mirrors" to help you gain clarity and direction."
$60 - $90
Office is near:
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
(617) 381-4039