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Therapists in Brampton

"Reduce anxiety and depression! Experienced Counsellor uses cognitive behavioural therapy, an evidenced base approach to counsel clients with anxiety, depression, addictions and eating problems. I am enthusiastic about helping my clients make lasting positive changes. I work with my clients teaching them effective new ways to cope with life's challenges. Concerns, such as, work, educational and relationship stresses, depression, addictions and eating disorders. It can be very helpful to talk about these hurts with a non-judgmental therapist--confidential and no wait list. Accepting Referrals"
Brampton, Ontario L6W 3W8
(647) 970-4223
Marriage & Family Therapist, RMFT
"If you decide to explore your life with me, I will welcome you to the concept of "Earth School". We will discuss how you came to this planet to grow your soul and to learn about Love. It is a very difficult school, where we all face a variety of tests. You are looking at this site, because you are in a test, and don't know how to pass this course in Earth School. My job is to coach you into a place where you can achieve the heart-opening insight you need to FREE YOURSELF from this challenge."
Brampton, Ontario L6Z 4N5
(905) 843-2600
"There are times in our lives when the coping strategies that we have been using all along don't seem to work. We become stuck in a vicious cycle of always trying to 'get rid' of emotions or feelings or thoughts. What if there was a way to relate differently to your emotions or feelings? As a psychotherapist, I want to help people understand their best potential and sometimes that means being willing to adopt a new perspective on how you relate to your feelings or thoughts. If you are feeling stuck, reach out and let's get to work."
Brampton, Ontario L6S 4V3
(647) 801-0090
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"I am Satvinder Kaur Khurme, Registered Social Worker (M.S.W, R.S.W) with over 16 yrs of experience. The Thoughts is my private clinic , where I assist individuals, couples and families to resolve problems that affect their day-to-day lives within the context of their families, communities and workplaces. I help identify the source of stress or difficulty, make Assessments, Mediate between conflicts, offer Treatment through various Psychotherapy and Counselling, help people of all age groups to develop coping skills and find effective solutions to their problems. Satvinder Kaur Khurme, Registered Social Worker, M.S.W., R.S.W."
Brampton, Ontario L7A 3H4
(905) 581-3796
Marriage & Family Therapist
"Not feeling heard in your relationship? Tired of talking, yet not being understood by your spouse, partner, friend, co-worker or supervisor? These experiences may leave you feeling unworthy, hurt, depressed or anxious. I understand finding the right fit with a person with whom you can speak and trust takes time. It also takes strength/courage to phone a therapist. Through simple conversations we work together to meet you where you are in life to provide fresh insight, hope and strategies to make the shifts needed in this season of your life for long term positive changes."
Brampton, Ontario L6Z 0C5
(905) 488-7755
"Are you Distressed? Anxious, In Loss or Grief, Fear, Addictions issue or your relationship is rocking a shipwreck. Do you have issue with your teenage children? Alfred, will be interested in helping you out of any of these issues or concerns. I have been working with Children, Teenager, Youth, Adult and Families for over 20 years."
Brampton, Ontario L6W 3P3
(416) 523-3649
Drug & Alcohol Counselor
"I am crossed trained in the Addicted Brain; Genes and the Human condition (from Behaviour to Biotechnology); along the Clinical Psychology of Children and Young people. Trained and certified addictions and community work, Psychology and Mental Health as individual components that must be integrative for holistic mental health wellbeing when Substance USE, ABUSE and MISUSE is a factor in concurrent and/or dual diagnosis affecting maladaptive behaviours or coping in an individual's daily living."
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 4W5
(800) 266-8850
"I work primarily with children, adolescents, parents and families having difficulty with stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, parenting challenges and relationship issues. I also work with new Canadians who struggle with adjustment to the North American culture. I offer group therapy for teenagers of immigrant parents. I provide Clinical Assessments and Psycho-Educational Diagnostic Assessments that help to clarify issues related to Learning Difficulties and other school related concerns. I use client-centered approach to therapy. I employ evidence-based strategies, such as Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) as well as Family Systems."
Brampton, Ontario L6W 3W8
(416) 825-2704
"I am a mental health clinician with over 14 years experience. I provide counselling and psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults presenting with a wide variety of challenges and difficulties. I also conduct psychological, psychoeducational and career/vocational assessments. I strive to provide counselling and assessment services in the community that is affordable and in a timely manner. I believe in providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment with understanding, support and respect; a holistic approach incorporating all aspects of the individual; commitment to provide services to multicultural and diverse clients as well as being ethical and professional."
Brampton, Ontario L6X 0Z9
(416) 258-8441
Registered Psychotherapist, MScPsy, Adcpcli
"I am working to provide a non pharmacological resource for the improvement of brain focus ability, attention span, and working memory. Committed to work with my clients, to develop self-regulation skills by reducing impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and anxiety. We work in collaboration with client, to optimize EEG brain wave patterns, by using a non invasive method called Biofeedback in combination of Meta-Cognitive Strategies and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I serve my adult clients including MVA, & WSIB clients, and provide treatment for PTSD, Anxiety, depression, relationship & adjustment difficulties, anger, and optimization of the performance of Executives, by improving stress management strategies."
Brampton, Ontario L7A 2K7
(416) 910-1421
"I provide counselling/ therapy to families and individuals facing challenging or traumatic life situations. It can be very distressing for individuals during these times. If you are feeling helpless,alone, confused and overwhelmed with your situation, I am familiar with these debilitating pain and overwhelming emotions. I would like to help you to get through this and be empowered. Parenting is another challenge. Parenting a strong willed child with challenging behaviours can be frustrating. Parents need support and someone who will help them to guide the child in turning those negative behaviours into positives.I am committed to affect change."
Brampton, Ontario L6P 1C5
(647) 891-6656
Registered Psychotherapist, Ed, MA, RP
"Currently, my days are filled with providing counseling related assessments to children with special needs and therapy to adults with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-- Motor Vehicle Accident related. I specialize in the following issues: bullying, workplace harassment, abuse, depression, anxiety, grief, career goals and aspirations, family disparities and relationship issues. I use the therapeutic approaches of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Guided Imagery and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to transition clients from one state of consciousness to another."
Brampton, Ontario L6W 4P7
(647) 639-3400
"When you want to find alternatives, bring improvement, clarity and transformation to your life, you want to do it sooner rather than later. CLEAR MIND offers short-term therapy, and if you work your program, fast results. I am well trained in treating trauma, grief, family turmoil, and other negative situations. I am a Master Counsellor and Registered Psychotherapist, have a diploma in professional counselling, a BA in psychology, and have full membership with the CPCA (with membership based on counselling competency), and am registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario."
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1R2
(289) 271-0737
"I believe sometimes life sucks! Heartbreak and personal chaos is an inevitable part of the human condition . My first goal is to get you to relax and to understand there is hope. My second focus is to let you know after you tell me your unique story I understand. I will encourage you by noting that you are very brave to identify an issue and to ask for help. If your situation warrants it we will develop a strategy for the next 24 hours. After a complete assessment I will be solution focused, practical and your personal cheerleader."
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1K4
(905) 454-5788
Psychological Associate, MA, CPsych, Assoc
"I enjoy working with clients who appreciate that in getting to their best health we must look at their whole health. It's hard to tackle challenging life issues when we aren't taking great care of ourselves physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or mentally. Learning how to DO things differently matters given that just wanting and talking about change simply isn't enough. I encourage people to understand how some of their seemingly unhealthy behaviors may have started out serving a constructive purpose but that adopting new more effective ways of coping/behaving ultimately results in greater quality of life."
Brampton, Ontario L6X 1A5
(416) 356-1899
"I am a certified Gestalt Therapist. Gestalt is the German word for "whole." I work with each of my clients as a whole-being (mind, body and soul) using a self-directed, in-the-moment approach to psychotherapy (in many cases fewer sessions are necessary). I help my clients through guided dialogue, observation and intuition in order for them become aware of their behaviors that are keeping them stuck in negative patterns. The best client / therapist sessions happen when my clients are willing to do their personal work. It is life changing!"
Brampton, Ontario L6V 1K4
(905) 457-2661
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW
"Are you feeling down, anxious, worried or stressed? Is your life less enjoyable and satisfying? Having relationship problems? Perhaps you are going through a difficult time due to a painful situation or life changing event. Let me provide you with a safe and supportive environment to not only process your difficulties but to create and develop tools, insight and self-confidence to lead a happier and healthier life."
Brampton, Ontario L6P 0B7
(647) 714-8250
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"You can learn to feel better and live a more rewarding life/lifestyle, just as you have learned to feel negative, worthless, angry, or depressed. How we feel is learned and may be passed down to us from the people who influenced us most in our lives or through the life experiences that we had. But we have to do this together, just as when you go to your doctor, if you don't follow through with the recommendations, most likely you will not get better. I'd like to help you learn the process to live up to your potential."
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 4T8
(647) 291-5755
"Mcdowall Counselling & Consulting Group is comprised of registered psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and consultants who are dedicated to providing professional helping services to individuals, couples, families and organizations in Toronto. Our associates are committed to assessing your current situation and collaborating with you to develop a plan that will best suit your unique needs. Our shared counselling goal is to help empower you to be actively involved in the process of change. Whether you talk to one of our psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors our intention is to assist you in feeling motivated to live your best life!"
Brampton, Ontario L6X 0G9
(416) 485-5555 x1
"I have been working for 34 years in a variety of counselling environments with various populations of people or on specific client issues. I work with my clients towards their goals. It is not my job to tell people what is right or wrong in their lives but I will bring different perspectives, information about research, suggest strategies for change, books, use my experience and training to support my clients in moving towards resolution of their unique challenges."
Brampton, Ontario L6Z 4N5
(416) 988-3206