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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, MSW, LCSW, CEAP, DAPA
"I am an active problem solver who employs both EMDR and cognitive/behavioral techniques to offer clients concrete tools to address challenges. My special interests include enhancing relationship communication in both professional and personal circumstances. Additionally, I can assist with conflict resolution, and empowerment of individuals to achieve their full potential, both professionally and personally."
Aviation Professionals
Burlington, North Carolina 27217
(336) 228-0793
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"In my 30 years of clinical experience I have been able to help people from all walks of life find relief from a wide variety of psychological and behavioral problems. My areas of speciality include: anxiety disorders, including obsessive compulsive disorder (using CBT & exposure/response prevention), trichotillomania, compulsive skin picking, other OC spectrum disorders, panic disorder, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, and social phobias; mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder; sexual addiction; situational problems. I have been trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities, incuding cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic therapies, EMDR, and mindfulness approaches to therapy."
Aviation Professionals
Office is near:
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 310-5648
"Tree of Life Counseling is private practice committed to quality mental health care of all people. We are further committed to the philosophy that we exist for the client. Our practice offers individual, couples, marital, and family counseling for a variety of issues. Tree of Life Counselors provides Affirmative Therapy for all LGBTQ clients."
Aviation Professionals
We serve:
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 288-9190
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Counselor, MEd, NCC, LPC, NBCT
"Click on my home page please: Specialties include: 1) Couples counseling for married couples; couples living together; LGBT couples. 2) I have parented four children. One graduated from MSU, one a senior at UNCG, one chooses an alternate path, and one severely handicapped; now deceased, I have much to offer parents traveling this path. 3) Child and Adult ADHD/other sensory learning problems are a specialty in my practice. 4) Depression; anxiety, organization issues are also areas of expertise. 5) Life planning; basic financial planning, conflict management are issues I welcome as well 6)Fees are negotiable"
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 756-7988
"My services take place in the client's natural environment (their home, local gym, or in the surrounding community). Services include individual counseling, therapy, personal training for adults, adolescents, couples, & families. I also offer ADHD coaching, personal coaching, career counseling, and consultation. I'm experienced in treating Mood Disorders such as Depression & Bipolar Disorders, Anger Management, ADHD in adolescents & adults, Anxiety Disorders, Career Counseling, Life Skills Building, Men's Issues, Identity Development, Nutrition & Exercise Planning, Meditation Training. One does not need a serious problem or a diagnosis to seek counseling, as it can be a healthy outlet for anyone seeking better balance in their life."
Burlington, North Carolina 27216
(919) 586-8551
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"My greatest pleasure is in seeing the people I work with grow, develop new skills, and make choices that bring more joy into their lives and into the lives of their families. I employ art and play therapy to encourage young children to identify and talk about their feelings. I consult with parents to improve discipline and strengthen the parent-child relationship. I also specialize in working with adolescents who are trying to navigate the social and academic pressures that come with secondary school, often working with parents and their teens to foster better communication and trust."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 899-7254
"Are you tired of struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting , academic or social problems? Through therapy, we can work together to find solutions that improve your life and increase your functioning. I enjoy working with indivduals and families as they strive to overcome life's challenges. I use a wide range of therapies to assist you in meeting your goals and feeling better. I have 11 years experience working in a variety of setting, including school, agency and a psychiatric hospital."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 939-6940
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Joanna is an experienced, trained clinician who works hard as a professional to commit to initiating change in the lives' of individuals and families by strengthening individual and family health."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 447-1675
"We all experience emotional difficulty and pain that may begin to take control of our lives.There are times when the pain is to deep, when the hurt is to much, and when life becomes to difficult. When we need to reach outside of ourselves to find relief from the pain and suffering that we often try to hide from the world. This is where counseling comes in. It is my goal to come along side of you through this journey of self discovery and finding a path to a more joyful and complete life."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 425-6592
"At Mind and Spirit Counseling I am focused on providing Compassionate and professional care to those who are hurting and feeling lost in today's challenging and rapidly changing world. I specialize in working with women who have experienced the trauma of abuse. Persons learning to cope with long-term illness or disabilities and Persons Exploring gender identity . At Mind and Spirit Counseling I will provide Professional and confidential care to those suffering from depression, anxiety and many other mental or emotional problems In addition to working with women I offer therapy services for couples, teens, and tweens."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 792-4413
"People come to therapy because they want to feel better. Maybe it's relationship problems or anxiety/depression, but whatever the reason, life has become uncomfortable or painfull. Most people want more understanding of themselves and their situation. That being said change is what we all seek in therapy.Making your life work better is the goal. My therapy will help you alter self-defeating ways, get a more realistic and accurate perspective, gain insight that leads to improving the quality of your life."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(919) 648-0455
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"In the midst of pain and trauma most of us start by asking the "whys." It is the "whats" that give more direction and help. "What can I do to take care of myself now?" "What am I doing that is helping, hurting?" "What do I need to do differently?" "What will help to manage my emotions and make the best decisions?" "What is blocking me from seeking help?" Counseling is a journey with a trained and experienced counselor to help you find the right answers to your discomfort and the "whats" that will lead to the desired change."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 791-0490
"People may seek psychological treatment in response to a variety of problems or challenges in their lives. My goal as a psychologist is to create a warm, caring, and professional environment in which to help patients address the problems which brought them into treatment. I believe in a collaborative and interactive approach to therapy, using my years of training and experience in conjunction with each patient's unique strengths to work toward achieving treatment goals."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(617) 674-1504
"We all strive to find our way in a difficult world. Yet many people find themselves feeling alone and misunderstood. I specialize in helping people with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and legal issues. I work primarily with adults and adolescents and am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 790-5259
"I want to help you reach your personal goals and find a life balance that you feel positive about. When life becomes difficult to manage, reaching out for professional support is a sign of strength. I offer a safe place to explore what brings you to therapy. It is my goal that you will feel heard, understood, valued, and empowered in order to improve your life and strengthen your relationships. I foster a collaborative, open, and empathic environment that draws upon an individual's strengths to encourage and inspire them to develop to their full potential."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 221-3332
Counselor, MC, NCC, LPC, LCAS-R
"****Not currently accepting new clients due to maternity leave. Be back December 2015**** My job as a counselor is to be your guide, teacher, challenger and listener. I am collaborative, flexible, and willing to meet the needs of individual clients. I have extensive experience in using expressive arts like sandtray, writing, and creative play- which is helpful for children and adults who have difficulty with traditional therapy styles. I also provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing and I have advanced training in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 415-3999
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MA, LPC, LCAS, CCS, CSOTS
"Wanda Brown-Ramseur, LPC, LCAS, CCS, CSOTS, is a clinician in private practice Winford Brown-Ramseur & Asso. in Greensboro, Winston Salem and Burlington, NC who specializes in the treatment of attachment disorders and developmental trauma. Wanda is an advanced level trained Clinician in EMDR and specific training in evidence based Trauma- Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Wanda practice EMDR as a comprehensive approach to psychotherapy, particularly as it applies to attachment disorders and relationship issues, self-esteem, complex trauma, aggressive anger, inappropriate sexual behaviors and Chemical Dependence Treatment."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(704) 839-2048
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"Family Solutions is a private counseling agency committed to providing comprehensive outpatient mental health services to the Triad region. Serving our community since 2002, our agency consists of twenty mental health professionals who are fully or provisionally licensed. What does Family Solutions do anyway? We provide therapy/mental health services to children, teens, parents, adults, and families. People choose therapy for a variety of reasons, and here are a few examples: behavioral difficulties and emotional dysregulation, resolving the impact of trauma, coping with school, family, or work stress, managing teen dating relationships, and adjusting to divorce."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 793-5884
"I use various therapeutic techniques to assist individuals, couples, and families take the journey into discovery and healing. Marcel Proust states, "The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Through counseling, it is my goal to help individuals and/or families gain new "eyes" through which to view current or past experiences and to discover how thoughts and beliefs shape our moods, behaviors, and relationships. James Allen states, "The life we lead is created by our thoughts. If we would like to improve our life we will have to improve our thoughts.""
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 505-4554
"Pastoral psychotherapy is my primary therapeutic approach; seeking a holistic and integrative life path. I utilize principles from psychology, theology, and the behavioral, and social sciences with other spiritual resources, dream interpretation, and client strengths in a collaborative journey with clients toward internal peace and wholeness. I also offer life coaching and career consulting that focuses on personality traits, personal values, and life giftedness."
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 397-4951