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"Couples Counseling Associates can help if you are looking to improve your relationship. You can find ways to reconnect, improve communication and restore hope. We have a problem-solving approach that combines education, coaching and counseling and is based on the latest research on what makes couples succeed. Our associates have extensive experience to help couples. Call to find out what's different about CCA. Please visit our website containing blogs, newsletters and FAQ. You can also find good tips on choosing the best couples counselor."
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 488-1968
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I believe therapy is a collaboration between client and therapist, working together to understand and shift patterns that may not be working for you anymore. I understand the strength it takes to face challenges and the sense of vulnerability that goes along with it. I believe the relationship that develops between client and therapist fosters a comfortable space where honest dialogue can happen. My approach is straightforward, encouraging and comes with a bit of humor as a way to remind ourselves that life is supposed to be enjoyed."
Chicago, Illinois 60615
(708) 274-7122
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"English translation after this paragraph: Necesitas apoyo? Problemas personales, conflictos en tu vida, experiencias dificiles. ¿Se siente fuera de control en algunas áreas importantes de su vida? ¿Ha sucedido algo que fue simplemente demasiado? Estoy con Ud para ayudarle a aprovechar su potencial, superar sus problemas y ser mas funcional en su vida diaria y con sus seres queridos. La terapia se centra en su bienestar, empoderamiento y crecimiento personal."
Chicago, Illinois 60604
(773) 295-0215
"I treat older adolescents, adults and couples in psychotherapy. I use an interactive, psychodynamic approach in which I help clients understand how problems in their early relationships with their parents and siblings affect their current intimate and work relationships. I help individuals discover and work through underlying issues which are causing anxiety, depression, or other unwanted behaviors, such as eating disorders or relationship disturbances."
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 409-5665
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"My experience has allowed me to work with people from all over the world with both chronic and minor mental health concerns. As a clinician I have worked with people who have depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, (PTSD)trauma and a history of family violence. My approach is primarily cognitive behavioral with a significant emphasis on the person's present. Those who would benefit are people who are looking at moving forward with their life with more deliberation and direction. Moving away from seeing themselves as the result of their circumstances but as the master of their being."
Chicago, Illinois 60603
(312) 961-1462
"My practice is based on the relationships I develop with my clients. How you and I work together evolves out of the process of getting to know one another. We learn to trust, to listen, not judge, and to respect each others' choices. My initial focus is to help you identify your areas of concern and examine those areas. As our relationship deepens, we will focus on what you are ready to work on -- when you are ready to work on it. Today, you are looking at options for change; I can help you consider your path."
Chicago, Illinois 60640
(773) 989-9224
"I offer engaged, purposeful therapy on relationships, work and school-related issues, life transitions, and stress management. I specialize in working with adults as they navigate increasing responsibilities at work, while also managing life transitions such as dating, marriage, parenthood, and losses. Many of my clients describe feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed. I integrate current research and traditional approaches: many benefit by learning skills for emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness; others explore bigger-picture issues related to values and sense of purpose."
Chicago, Illinois 60601
(773) 530-2633
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Trying to find the right counselor or therapist during challenging times can be overwhelming. I assist individuals, couples, and families to understand what type of therapist will be most helpful for them. I then match them with a licensed counselor/therapist in my referral network that has expertise in their problem area and is a good fit for their personality and therapeutic needs. In addition to referrals, I now also provide ongoing counseling for individuals experiencing life transitions, and pre-marital counseling for couples that want to prepare for a long, happy life together."
Chicago, Illinois 60657
(773) 372-4111
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, BA, CADC
"I provide private, customized counseling and Recovery Coaching for men, women and adolescents struggling with alcohol, and drugs (prescription and recreational). I am a licensed substance abuse counselor, recovery coach, and life strategist. My many years of working in the field of addiction treatment, as well as my personal journey, have led me to develop an individualized, solution-based, and gentle approach to recovery. I do not just sit back and listen during counseling sessions. I will hear you and heed what"
Chicago, Illinois 60647
(847) 857-7551
Psychiatric Nurse, MSN, RN, PMHNP
"It is not uncommon to find ourselves somehow off track and disconnected from who we thought we were. Our relationships may seem stuck and deeply unsatisfying. We feel lost and unsure of our place in the world. This may be accompanied by feelings of depression, anxiety or as physical problems. It can be experienced as a deep alienation, sadness and suffering. When we are called to make a change and resist, it can cause havoc in our lives; this can happen whether the change is in the outer circumstances of our life, our inner attitude, our world view, or some combination."
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(847) 849-1867
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW, ACSW
"I have been practicing for over 20 years and have found those clients willing to examine themselves and accept responsibility for the choices they have made have the most success in creating and leading the lives they wish to lead. Difficult situations, loss and trauma can be managed with the strengths each human possesses. Pain points to those areas where we need to grow."
Chicago, Illinois 60657
(734) 259-2846
"We are the experts of our own lives, but life can put a distance between us and our wisest, happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled selves. I work with people who want to close this gap. They may be: in major life transitions; feeling stuck in patterns of living that are no longer rewarding; having difficulty moving past traumatic experiences; struggling with difficulties in work, health, and/or relationships; or are coping with loss, depression, anxiety, or other mood difficulties."
Chicago, Illinois 60618
(312) 883-8722
"I am a licensed clinical psychologist who provides therapy for adults, adolescents, couples and families. Through a warm, respectful and collaborative approach, I encourage my patients to be an active part of their treatment as we work together to achieve your desired goals."
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(847) 906-2579
"Have you tried to make changes in your life, but nothing seems to work? Are you satisfied with your relationships? Do you feel depressed or anxious? Do you have a crisis on your hands? Do you feel stuck? I help you find the strength to take new approaches to identify, confront, and change patterns in your life. My approach is caring, knowlegeable, and supportive. I help you develop skills and personal awareness and I am there with you on your journey. I am interested in helping you reengage in life in a happier, healthier, meaningful way."
Chicago, Illinois 60640
(708) 325-4221
"Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Dissatisfied with your relationships? Not feeling great about yourself? If any of these apply to you, please let me help you feel better and become the person you want to be. Therapy is a great way to take charge of your life and begin to make changes in yourself and your relationships. Don't go it alone. Call me today at 312-595-9547. I want to help!"
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 595-9547
"E.E. Cummings once said, 'it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.' Beyond times of distress, there comes a point in everyone's lives when engaging in self-introspection can be very useful. It takes incredible courage and hard work to do so and I work collaboratively with my clients to create an environment that makes this journey a meaningful experience. I encourage my clients to engage in in-depth exploration of life experiences combined with practical approaches influenced by Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help navigate life transitions and challenges."
Chicago, Illinois 60604
(312) 883-9967
"I help people to improve their lives by building on strengths, teaching new skills, and increasing self-awareness. By carefully listening to you, and understanding both your situation and who you are, I tailor an approach based on your unique needs. I have 20+ years of clinical experience. My primary expertise is with personality and personality disorders, having written three books in these areas. In addition, special training in behavioral medicine lets me help people who have medical conditions reduce their symptoms, and cope with physical problems."
Chicago, Illinois 60603
(312) 380-0450
"I enjoy working with clients who want to undertake the often rigorous but ultimately rewarding journey of psychotherapy towards self-evolution. This is through the reflection and interpretation of defenses, -blind spots-, that are obstacles to best living. My strengths are working with people who take responsibility for their lives but are struggling in moving forward due to painful or distressing life situations, whether past or current. My approach offers no magic remedies, but through conversation based on respect and straightforward comments, together we aim to improve your quality of life."
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 818-5367
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"As a staff therapist at the Center for Mindful Living, I am dedicated to helping clients reach their full potential throughout the therapeutic process. My clinical practice, which is client centered and goal driven, is focused around the confidential treatment of sexual constraints. I believe in a strong and collaborative client-therapist relationship, and strive to meet my client's needs in an inviting therapeutic environment. I firmly believe in a holistic approach to treatment, and utilize a large network of healthcare professionals in order to provide my client's with the best treatment possible."
Chicago, Illinois 60657
(312) 800-1581 x3
"Research shows that the client-therapist relationship is primary for therapy to be successful. In this regard, I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment wherein you can be heard, understood and respected in terms of your emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs. Within our alliance you will have the opportunity to discover the emotional tools needed for feeling confident in your ability to cope with life's challenges. For more than 20 years I have successfully assisted clients through this therapeutic process."
Chicago, Illinois 60646
(773) 683-2981