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Treatment Facility, PsyD, LCP
"The Center Of Relational Empowerment helps individuals, couples and families strengthen their core selves, and in doing so, empowers them to strengthen their relationships with others. CORE provides psychological therapy, workshops, groups and psychoeducational seminars. At the heart of CORE is our belief that everyone has leadership and healing qualities - perspective, confidence, compassion, and acceptance - crucial to our highest, most harmonious functioning. While we can't change difficulties of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve current challenges. Understanding problems you face through your own context will help to find the solutions that work best for you. For more information, please visit"
Chicago, Illinois 60602
(312) 470-4302 x4000
"Sometimes our life or development can get a bit off track. When you are looking for symptom relief, psychotherapy is an excellent choice. I work with my clients in a collaborative relationship, exploring together the challenges and difficulties they are struggling with. I work with people who are dealing with a variety of symptoms including life changes, anxiety, depression, mood instability, anger/aggression and dissatisfaction or need for change."
Chicago, Illinois 60610
(312) 614-0826
"I frequently work with individuals involved in life transitions, from emerging adulthood through retirement. My approach can be particularly helpful if you are working through issues related to grief and loss, workplace conflict, interpersonal trauma, relationship concerns, or other issues where anxiety and depression often lurk. Through broad clinical training and experience in outpatient, inpatient, residential, and college counseling settings, I've developed an integrative, collaborative clinical style that is tailored and responsive to the evolving needs of each patient."
Chicago, Illinois 60602
(312) 614-0854
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"My experience has allowed me to work with people from all over the world with both chronic and minor mental health concerns. As a clinician I have worked with people who have depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, (PTSD)trauma and a history of family violence. My approach is primarily cognitive behavioral with a significant emphasis on the person's present. Those who would benefit are people who are looking at moving forward with their life with more deliberation and direction. Moving away from seeing themselves as the result of their circumstances but as the master of their being."
Chicago, Illinois 60603
(312) 961-1462
"My practice is based on the relationships I develop with my clients. How you and I work together evolves out of the process of getting to know one another. We learn to trust, to listen, not judge, and to respect each others' choices. My initial focus is to help you identify your areas of concern and examine those areas. As our relationship deepens, we will focus on what you are ready to work on -- when you are ready to work on it. Today, you are looking at options for change; I can help you consider your path."
Chicago, Illinois 60640
(773) 989-9224
Marriage & Family Therapist, MSMFT, LMFT
"I am a relational, systemic therapist who works with individual adults and couples. I believe most clients seek therapy because their approach to improving their lives is not working. They feel stuck and without direction. I help individuals and couples develop new strategies to improve their relationships, cope with significant pain and loss, and live more fulfilled and satisfying lives. My approach is empathetic, honest, interactive, and direct. I value client insight and recognize the importance of a trusting and open therapeutic relationship to bring about healing."
Chicago, Illinois 60602
(312) 257-3505
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I am committed towards treating individuals and families that are looking to engage in therapy in a meaningful and positive way. As a therapist, my goal is to help my clients discover and cultivate happiness within their own terms. By utilizing a strengths-based perspective and empathetic listening, I help to facilitate lasting and positive changes. I have experience working with children, adolescents and adults in both individual and family settings."
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(847) 906-2593
"My style of therapy is best suited towards clients who hope to develop a meaningful therapeutic relationship that can be used to better understand and address uncomfortable feelings and problematic relational patterns. By helping clients talk about disappointing and hurtful relationships throughout their lives, I have been amazed to see how well clients can make sense of what once seemed confusing and disorienting, ultimately moving forward with greater clarity and confidance. Additionally, I have a deep respect for the healing process that ensues when people can increasingly express their feelings and thoughts free of fear, discomfort, or inhibition."
Chicago, Illinois 60626
(773) 295-7682
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CADC
"Very few people enter psychotherapy who are not in pain or discomfort of some kind. I view my role as your therapist as assisting you to understand what you've learned during your life, what of this learning is useful and what behaviors and ways of relating you may wish to change. My goal is to help you to increase the degree to which you experience the pleasure of being in the 'driver's seat' of your life, instead of feeling like a helpless 'passenger.'"
Chicago, Illinois 60602
(312) 548-6572
"My counseling practice begins with an open, non-judgmental stance. As we explore your thoughts and feelings, closely examining areas of stress, we can begin to gain a greater awareness of what is happening in your body and mind. Together, we can then take important steps towards your wellness. If you or a loved one is experiencing stress related to physical health challenges, chronic pain, injury, disability, trauma, traumatic brain injury, Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease, grief and loss, depression, anxiety or other life transitions, please call or email to schedule a free phone consultation."
Chicago, Illinois 60625
(872) 213-0083
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I believe therapy is a collaboration between client and therapist, working together to understand and shift patterns that may not be working for you anymore. I understand the strength it takes to face challenges and the sense of vulnerability that goes along with it. I believe the relationship that develops between client and therapist fosters a comfortable space where honest dialogue can happen. My approach is straightforward, encouraging and comes with a bit of humor as a way to remind ourselves that life is supposed to be enjoyed."
Chicago, Illinois 60615
(708) 274-7122
"I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in and is passionate about working with individuals who struggle with eating disorders, depression and anxiety, including obsessive compulsive disorder, and non-suicidal self-injury. I received highly specialized training in these areas in various eating disorder treatment centers throughout Chicagoland."
Chicago, Illinois 60654
(773) 661-4913
"Do You Need Help? Perhaps you are having difficulties sleeping or concentrating because you can not stop thinking about your problems. Maybe you feel confused, depressed, and angry because you are stuck in unhealthy relationships or patterns of behavior? Do you find yourself asking how did life get so complicated? We all struggle with finding answers for some of life's challenges. Psychotherapy is one of the many ways we can examine our lives and look within ourselves to find our unique attributes and strengths to overcome adversity and thrive."
Chicago, Illinois 60615
(773) 280-8289
"I enjoy working with a wide range of clients from adolescence through late adulthood. I view therapy as a collaborative process in which the relationship between therapist and client is of primary importance. To this end, I focus on providing clients with a safe environment where we can explore their experiences and feelings. Frequently, a client's current difficulties have developed over a long period of time, and during the course of therapy a deepened understanding of the roots of these problems increases the client's potential to experience positive change, increased (realistic) self-esteem, strengthened confidence, and more satisfying relationships."
Chicago, Illinois 60601
(708) 277-6940
"Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Dissatisfied with your relationships? Not feeling great about yourself? If any of these apply to you, please let me help you feel better and become the person you want to be. Therapy is a great way to take charge of your life and begin to make changes in yourself and your relationships. Don't go it alone. Call me today at 312-595-9547. I want to help!"
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 595-9547
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, AM, LCSW
"The decision to enter therapy is a difficult one and indicates a serious commitment to improving and changing your life. My job is to join you in that commitment, and in doing so help you develop a sense of what you need and where you want your life to take you. For some this means establishing goals and priorities, for others it means figuring out how to achieve them. For each of my clients the focus and plan for our work together will vary depending on your individual needs, goals, and situation."
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 883-9939
"Everyone experiences challenges in their personal and family life. Therapy can dramatically improve the quality of your life and relationships. We focus on working with individuals and families who are experiencing stress, sadness, anger, or distressing feelings related communication, work/life balance, career/school, relationship struggles, parenthood, and family difficulties. We specialize in working with children and their families and can work with you, you partner, and your young child to improve things in your home. We can also help your child with navigate peer, school, and behavioral struggles. We also work with couples to improve their relationship satisfaction."
Chicago, Illinois 60618
(773) 524-6887
"Hello. Are you an adult, 18 years or older, seeking a safe, judgment-free space to talk out your concerns? With 10 years experience as a therapist, I've devoted my life to understanding and supporting wellness. We all know life can be isolating and unpredictable at times. Are you experiencing *Adjustments to Significant Life Transitions *Feelings of Stuckness or Despair *Identity Related Concerns *LGBTQIQA Concerns *Management of Racial & Cultural Tensions * Challenges with Boundary Setting *Anger Management *Conflict Resolution *Grief/ Loss *Career Related Concerns *Managing Family Related Responsibilities *Mindful Living *Issues with Anxiety or Stress Management?"
Chicago, Illinois 60604
(872) 216-3241
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MEd
"You may be able to "go it alone", but the good news is, you don't have to. Kate Romey helps adults, children and adolescents manage current challenges and cope with past experiences to create a more hopeful and fulfilling future. Whether you are facing a specific problem or can't quite put your finger on it, exploring your concerns in the safety of a therapeutic relationship can truly help."
Chicago, Illinois 60605
(312) 800-1567
"Research shows that the client-therapist relationship is primary for therapy to be successful. In this regard, I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment wherein you can be heard, understood and respected in terms of your emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs. Within our alliance you will have the opportunity to discover the emotional tools needed for feeling confident in your ability to cope with life's challenges. For more than 20 years I have successfully assisted clients through this therapeutic process."
Chicago, Illinois 60646
(773) 683-2981